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So I convinced hubs to pick out some other names and he agreed.  We now have a narrowed down list to agree upon, and Jinxy's reaction was golden, so I thought I'd share.

Josef Heinrich (I actually think this one's going to win, but we'll see)
Heinrich Ludwig
Henry Louis (The english version of the above name, which is Lou Gehrig's first/middle names flipped)

Names that LOST the narrowing down process

Han Solo (my suggestion)
Ben Kenobi (also my suggestion)
Walter Thomas (his ADAMANT suggestion)
Tom Jones (his suggestion)
Clark Griswold (his suggestion)
Nigel Tufnel (our mutual, yet silly suggestion)
Peter (any middle name)  Lost because our last name is Cotton, and Peter Cotton is too easy to finish with Cottontail.

So.  Jinxy says drop the Nazi references and we're good to go!! (something I was also worried about, the whole Heinrich Himmler thing, but dammit I just like Heinrich!  We'd planned on calling him Ricky)
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Pictures of the baby's room! )

Now I am going to rest and take the rest of my pregnancy off, since I did all the work getting both the nursery and hubs' computer room finished with painting, new blinds and all kinds of other shit a 7 month preggo should not be doing.
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Well, went to the obgyn today, completely harmless visit (read NO invasion of my womanly areas).  Got an ultrasound and followed up with my dr.  We were supposed to find out if it was a boy or a girl today, but the tech said not to buy any clothes or paint just yet.  She snapshot what she thinks is probably a penis, but with no point of reference (no butt cheeks or legs) it was really hard to tell if maybe it wasn't a stray hand in the way or if it really was a little wienie.  So at this point, we think it's a boy.  I will hopefully know for sure in 3 weeks because I have to go to the hospital and have a super extra mega ultrasound done, because they couldn't get the measurements they wanted from this visit.  So hopefully by next time I will have a positive ID on the baby's sex.  But for now, it appears I have a bouncing baby boy on the way!

Pictures?  why yes, I do have them!
SJ's ultrasound visual aids )
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I have decided to wait on the conversion of my garage to a room.  This is beased on the new knowledge that my mother in law probably only has 6-12 months left before she checks out, kicks the proverbial bucket, passes into the great beyond, or as she calls it, goes to Hawaii.  So, knowing that I will still probably have an infant on my hands when she goes, and knowing that child needs a place to sleep, I have decided that I will just have to move my computer out of my bedroom and put it in the same room as my husband's, and then put a crib where my desk sits currently.

What this means in the long run (or at least until I can move my desk back out of hub's room) is that I will not be able to write, watch hentai and/or other harmless anime, google serial killers (my hobby), or do any of the things I am accustomed to doing.  More than likely I will be forced to play whatever video game is hot at the moment among hubs and his friends and I won't have any privacy.  That is of course if I'm not constantly feeding the baby and sleeping when it sleeps.  I know my life will never be the same after my pup is born, but I have no idea how much everything will change...  add to that mess a probable funeral and ridding the house of someone elses belongings and I know I will be ready to run screaming.

is it normal to feel kinda bittersweet about the future like I am?  I'm so excited to meet my pup but I'm not looking forward to all the hubub that will no doubt follow her birth...  especially since I'm not much of a people person.  I can see myself snarling and growling at people if they get too close to me and the kid...
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So I got some kind of hellacious head cold, probably was a sinus infection with a side of Bronchitis.  I asked my sister (who is 8 months pregnant) what I should take over the counter, because I get this shit every year and I'm not going to a dr. everytime it freakin happens.  She says anything Tylenol makes is okay to take.  So I start taking the super severe sinus decongestant.  I tell my pharmacist friend what I'm taking and he says NO! don't take that it's got phenylephidrine or something like that in it, take Mucinex instead!  So now I don't have any idea what to take.  I ask the pharmacist at Walgreens, he says buy a netipot and wait it out.  The pharmacist at Kroger says take Sudephed, which I thought was a big no no.  My obgyn said the tylenol was okay but don't take the severe formula, take the normal strength... 

I am still taking the severe formula because I am simply miserable and this has to end soon.  I've been sleeping in a chair at night because I can't lay flat, and I don't want to keep my husband up with all this coughing.  I have only been sleeping like an hour or so at a time, because I sleep then my lungs get full of crud then I spend 30 minutes coughing it up and then 30 minutes blowing my nose, and by then I'm not tired anymore...  Last night I coughed so hard I threw up my dinner.  I'm so damn miserable.... I had to cancel my birthday and I can't go to my sister's baby shower more than likely this weekend.  And what's the deal with everyone saying to take different meds? shouldn't there be a definitive list that everyone gets?  it seems like it's all guess work when it comes to OTC meds.

Sorry to whine I know you guys have your own problems.  Hope the butthurt goes away, sometimes people are just asshats who don't have anything better to do than stir shit up. 

OH! while at Walgreens bickering with the pharmacist, I picked up this pee test called Intelligender.  It says it's 80% accurate, so we'll see if it's true or not, but according to that test, I'm having a girl.  I really hope it's a girl.  We should know in about 6 more weeks for sure what it is. 
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Isn't this about CUTE!?? and it changes every week! I posted it also in my profile

a couple of weeks ago it said "I may be small. but I already have more brain cells than Paris Hilton!" XD
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So Saturday I will be 7 weeks, and the Pup will be the size of a blueberry! That's so cool!!

Also according to this website my sister keeps bugging me to join (but refuse ebcause they having spelling/grammar nazis posting there) I can expect my uterus to start expanding starting with week 8. Unless of course I'm carrying twins, in which case its already expanded a little. I keep having dreams about twins, and the first week I kept shaking out twin Flinstone vitamins. My mom says I'm worrying too much. Well mom, it's kinda what you do when you have panic disorder, you WORRY about everything!

Anyway, I really wish I could get my writing mojo back... I wanna finish Shuffle but not sure what direction to move it in. I have stuff written down but I can't seem to make it work with my theme and just wondering if maybe I should scrap it. Hence the drawing phase lately. I wonder if the pup is sucking my brainpower too. It doesn't help I'm sure that I'm a narcoleptic now. I guess she's sucking the oxygen from my brain in an effort to fuel her own O2 needs. I guess I'll head on to bed now. Get in some more sleeping on my stomach while I still can. One things for sure, once I start getting bigger my dog that sleeps in the bed is definitely going to have to find a new place to sleep. Alright internet, I'll be back tomorrow. (Actually I'm gonna get on muh blackberry and read some fanfics to help me get to sleep. Who needs a kindle when ya gots super awesome fanfics to read??)

OH! I need some help with some boy names. My husband likes Alexander Thomas... Me, not so much. Here's some ideas I have:
Robert Joseph or Joseph Robert (his dad is Robert and my dad is 'technically' Joseph, but there are other family members with those names)
Joseph Alexander (again, my dad's 'technical name' and his dad's middle name)
Robert Scott (My step-brother's name, but not chosen for that reason, his dad's name and what my dad goes by, his middle name)
Thomas Walter (hubs name is Walter Thomas, and I LOATHE Jr. names, this was a compromise)

Girl's name was easy: Josephine Elizabeth (or what I really wanted, Josie Beth, but that's kinda country... but then again so is Jenny Lynn, MY name!)
it's made up of his mom's middle name and my grandma's middle name. I wanted to use family names, but not directly name the kid after someone.

alright I'm really goin to bed now :P
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So I've known I am pregnant for five days now, though I have prolly actually been preggo for about 3 weeks.  The whole experience reminds me of when I was about 10 yrs old and saw that first black hair sprouting from my nether region.  (I actually thought a dog hair got stuck in there like that one time in between my toes and I tried to pull it out but it hurt, so I asked my mom to and she told me to leave it alone lol)

I'm still having acne like HORRIBLY bad.  I am washing my face twice a day with the Neutrogena pack that has the soap, the oil absorbing lotion and the moisturizer.  It's a little better, but not much.  All I can do is continue to stay on it though.  I'm sure once I get it under control it will get better eventually, but man, looking like Pizza the Hut is not cool.  Another change I noticed in the shower today...  My nipples are... I dunno, different.  Like I'm one of those women who don't get hard nipples when its cold or whatever, I only get that if I'm taking a shower or swimming.  Water must be the trigger I guess.  When, you know how they bud up on ya?  well, my buds are...  bigger and softer looking than they used to be now... like...  I dunno, they look more like those nursing nipple on those Playtex bottles.  And one of them looks like I put orange spray tan on it.  So freakin weird...  

My sex drive is completely gone.  I had what I considered to be an overactive libido before, and now I feel like I'm a puritan or something.  Let's put it this way, I am in the habit of watching porn when I"m not sure about a position I'm writing about in one of my stories.  I have a great free site that is virus free and they have a HUGE variety of things to look at so I can write better scenes.  Usually I watch 3 and I have to excuse myself from the computer and find my little toy.  Last night I couldn't find what I was looking for, watched different clips for almost an hour and NOTHING.  Not even a tremble in my girl spot.  It was like I was researching bean curd or something.  I'm hoping this will change, but I don't know if it will.  We'll see though.

And I'm soooooooo tired all the time.  All I wanna do is sleep.  I haven't been sick or anything (THANK THE GODS) I just want to crawl into bed and sleep all damn day.  Like right now?  I am barely keeping my eyes open, and I didn't get up til about 8:30 and it's only after 11 now.  And WTF is up with these stupid MOOD SWINGS!!  I got from a blubering crying mess (Without You by Motley Crue was playing and all I could think about was the Pup and I was BAWLING) to screaming at people in rush hour traffic, to singing and dancing to the next song on the radio, to crying again...  Maybe that's why I'm so sleepy, it's a coping method LOL.  Gah, and now I'm ramblin'.

Bonus: because I'm kinda on the fat side to start with, maternity shirts look REALLY good on me, so I am wearing my first one.  The little girl that sold it to me was a freakin hoot.  Ok that's enough, I'll shut up now lol.


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