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and I fangirled so hard I think I may hurt myself

I want one for every alchemist named in the manga and also team Mustang and team Briggs and I just have a thing about dog tags okay?
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[ profile] missyquill is my best friend and I was telling her that I was trying to get Jeremy Inman to come to the next anime con here in Louisville, because he does the voice for Braeda and I was going to pay him to do a voicemail message for me.  Here's where our conversation went XD

this single best conversation I've ever had about Madame Chris and Braeda XD )
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Five favorite anime (in random order)

1.  Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
2.  Blood +
3.  Trigun
4.  Mushishi
5.  Deathnote

Twenty questions under the cut, with pics and vids.

Titty Sprinkles )
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I updated the photos again.  Here's a linky!

This video was from the 15th during Vic's Q&A panel, and because I'm such a huge Star Wars nerd, I had to film and share this.  I also made the tryouts for Greggo's Game show: Chain Reaction, and I got to sit next to Vic there!  The video hasn't posted for that yet, but if you haven't seen any of Greggo's shows, go check them out, they're awesome and fun and you get prizes!  I didn't win the round, but I got a Panty and Stocking wallet as a consolation prize!  I have more videos but youtube takes for fucking ever for me to upload (this video took over an HOUR to upload....  Anyways, I had a great time and I'm so sad to go back to work tomorrow because most of the awesome people I met were not from Louisville :(  The Roy I met, she and her 'Ed' friend said they'd gathered up a few friends over the net to almost do a fullcast LARP of FMA, and they added me to their stable. 

Things I learned: a comfy pair of shoes is a must, even if they don't exactly go with your cosplay.  Speaking of cosplay, it's nice to have more than 1 so if the 1st one gets dirty you've got another.  In my case, it wasn't just that the fur on my coat got dirty, but also the spanx I had on for hours and hours was uncomfrotable as hell and made it hard to go pee.  Bringing snacks is a must!  I had like zero time between panels, so the first night I ate a bag of combos throughout the night and brought those crystal light water bottle koolaid packets for my drinking jug.  The second day, I bought a big pack of peanut butter crackers from the dollar store and that was all I ate apart from breakfast and dinner (which was White Castle... it was the only thing within walking distance and I had a great parking spot I didn't wanna give up!).  Oh, also bring a working pen.  Never know when you'll need that.  And I'm glad I brought my camera charger too because I ran out of juice midway through.  While sittig in a panel I was able to recharge the battery and not miss anything. 

Oh, and I can't cosplay as Madame again for a long while because....
I cut Madame's Mane off.  Too damn long and too damn hot.  Sorry Chris, but it'll be grown out plenty for next year!!! (but I'm totally going as Kaede from InuYasha next year)

I wish....

Sep. 11th, 2012 01:16 am
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That Mushishi, Rurouni Kenshin, and Blassreiter had some kind of real fandom.  Like I've read/been a part of some real deep character discussions concerning FMA characters as well as InuYasha characters (and I know Bleach, Naruto and Soul Eater have a fandom that does this).  Mushishi, despite ahving only 2 reocurring characters, I think could do it.  The one time only characters are full of discusability (is that a word? did I just make a new word? XD)

RK.  OMG.  Kenshin's dichotomy alone is enough to fuel many message boards many times over.  Sano's too.  You have this orphan slave boy who is rescued from certain death and raised by his savior to be quite possibly Japan's most deadly assassin.  You watch as he slowly begins to spin out of control and then is reigned in again by a woman whose fiance he personally murdered.  But when you see Kenshin in the series and not the OVA...  The rurouni that wanders into Kamiya Kaoru's life is NOT the deadly Battousai.  Exploring how he got from point a to point b would be so rich and rewarding.  Maybe I just don't know where to look...  And Blassreiter, I don't even know how many people even know this anime exists.  I think I like ti so much because it's like a mecha version of Blood+ (which is another shortchanged fandom!)

Anyone involved in any of these and if so where are the wonderful groups??
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So Madame Christmas!  I can't remember how I got to thinking about her, or her name in general, but I was struck with understanding and I just felt like I'd figured out some great mystery afterward!

CHRISMUS=phonetic spelling of CHRISTMAS

Madame CHRISTMAS actually = Madame CHRIS MUS(tang)

The addition of her title only reinforces in my mind that she really is a whore and not a hostess club owner, although admittedly I don't know anything about hostess clubs in Japan, so maybe they have the same moniker? idk.  At any rate, in 1910's there was no such thing, only brothels.  And that's my head canon and I'm sticking to it!

Etymology for the win!? I think so!
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Here's a run down of all the stuff I got for my b-day:

Pictures for your viewing pleasure! )

Walt said he got me one more thing but it hasn't come yet in the mail... I wonder what it is and wonder where the hell it could be!!!
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Fucking Mary-Sue fics.  Everytime I go to look up some good Blood + fan fic, it's all freakin Mary Sues or poorly written fangirl squee fodder.  Example: When Saya goes to sleep, suddenly it appears she's not the last queen after all.  OC wakes up and finds Haji, and then miraculously Solomon comes back to life and Haji and Solomon double team OC and pretend Saya doesn't exist, although they both were madly in love with her before she fell asleep.


Saya doesn't sleep for thirty years, she sleeps for (3, 5, 10, 15, 20) years.  When she wakes up, Haji is there and they have sex right away.  And then they go back to get the twins (whom they take to raise as their own) and the girls are like YAY! new parents! instead of Wait, who are these people and why do they want to take us away from our daddy?  Oh and Kai and Mao work things out and she's pregnant and they already have like 5 babies because all they do is romantically fuck all day long while who knows watches the kids and runs the bar.

........Blood + fandom is terrible.  That is unless of course I'm simply not looking in the right place.  I mean head canon stuff is fine, but there's some things that just don't make good sense and are illogical.
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Title: On Moonbeams and Cloud Bursts
Author: SonjaJade
Genre: A little H/C, a little Romance
Rating: PG
Character(s): Kohaku x Sessmom
Word Count: 843

Warnings: Un-beta’d, please forgive my horrible tense errors, I tried to catch them all, but I’m sure I missed a few
Summary: Masami sometimes longs to indulge her demon instincts…
Prompt: Missing Out



He chuckles as he thinks himself like a flea. )


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This was my first shoop mixing the screens I took from Darker Than Black and FMA:B.  I think it turned out fairly well!  The fan on the wall was a photograph from google, Roy's body if from the second episode of DTB, the villain whose payment is arranging those rocks (I forget his damn name!!).  The bonzai tree is from 1st episode and the background is from I think episode 11... it was the first one with Gai and the otaku girl.

Anyways, this is the illustration/shoop for my [ profile] fma_fic_contest  entry "Space Cadet Blues".  Here's the fic in case you missed it!

Title: Space Cadet Blues (Or, Children Sell the Darndest Things!)
Author: Sonja Jade
Series: Brotherhood
Word Count: 997
Rating: T
Character(s): Ed, Ling, Roy, Braeda, Havoc
Summary: Kimblee’s weirdness is just too much for the Tres Amigos.  Goes with the Answer That! stoner series [ profile] seatbeltdrivein   has been writing and I’ve been illustrating.
Warnings: Language, drug use/sale, a little racist (but not in a mean way, and Ling says the things himself)
Author's Notes: I have no excuse for this other than it makes me all sentimental about my youth.  And I guess since SBDI started this, it must give her the same feeling XD


It's um.. Bob. I'm here uh, about the uh... the dandelions. )
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Ganked from [ profile] seatbeltdrivein 

List your top ten (10) favorite characters from a single book/film/tv programme, etc, and answer the following questions.

I am choosing: InuYasha, because I need to show them some love XD

In no specific order:

1 - ♥♥♥Miroku♥♥♥
2 - Sesshomaru
3 - Sango
4 - Kikyo
5 - InuYasha
6 - Rin
7 - Inupapa
8 - Byakuya
9 - Jakotsu
10 - Renkotsu

Things you may or may not care to read X3 )

-__- guh

Apr. 20th, 2011 11:49 am
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So I'm working on [ profile] evil_little_dog 's gift exchange fic...

I have started the damn thing 3 different times because I get half way through and then think 'this is dumb'.  I've kept bits I like from each one though...  I just need some time without Joey in my arms to really get back to work on it.  And I have a feeling this is gonna be a long fic.  Not that that's a bad thing, just I haven't written a long fic in a long time.  Definitely not since Joey's been born, and even then I think the last completed chapter fic I wrote was for InuYasha, and I'm burnt out on that fandom right now (unless it involves dogform!Sesshomaru and mate mark sex I'm done!!  Well... maybe some filthy Miroku action 8D)

I guess once I finish this I might step back from writing for a bit.  I've got some banners I need to work on for adult swim's message boards, and unfortunately, Jakotsu's hand isn't going to finish itself.  I'll have to work on the bridge a little too, and find a background.  And I have to find a background for doxie's foreground that doesn't have clouds in it...  Mt. Hakurei episodes, here I come to pull green hills from you.  Also still going through my Darker Than Black screens so when it's time for more shoops for the stoner series they're ready.

hn.  better get to work I suppose ^_^
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Title: Out of the Blue
Author: Sonja Jade
Pairing/Characters: Havoc/Sciezka, Braeda, Falman and Feury later on
Genre: Romance/PWP
Warnings: 2nd and 3rd parts are smutty, though 3rd part is also hilarious
Rating: 1st part PG13, 2nd and 3rd M


Part One )Part Two )Part Three )



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