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I just did a smut RP with a Maes Hughes whose death was faked and was separated from Gracia because she was really upset that he'd faked his death and didn't tell her about it.

Maes bottomed.
I feel dirty and strangely on board with this.  He went so far as to tell his 03 Ed and Al sons that Daddy didn't find them a new Mommy but rather another Daddy.

Oh, and there's a Riza that wants Braeda, Rebecca wants a threesome with him and Maria or him and OLIVIER (omfg), and there's a person playing as Maka Albarn's mother (from soul eater) who's infatuated with him, and a genderbent Jean Havoc who is BEGGING for a smut game.

If Braeda were Jiraiya, his tumblr picture may look like this
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Here it is! Casa de Braeda!  Headcanon says he lives in an apartment building called Clover Creek, he has both a front and back entrance, and he really likes to garden in his spare time.  That's why there's plants like EVERYwhere.  Enjoy this glimpse into his life.  (Notes- Sims2 didn't have some things that I would have liked to put in there: an old timey phone, old table style radio, a brass bed, etc.  So some things are not completely accurate, but you can get a feel for it all with these images.)
Cut for lots of images )
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Am I supposed to be this emotionally invested in this already!??!?  Like omg, I'm playing as Braeda on the make for Madame with RPer who plays Madame, and the conversation I'm having with her... When did I switch genders and BECOME Braeda??  Like I'm so worked up and nervous because HE'S worked up an nervous!  And she gives the best damn answers and he gets all excited and I'm like SOOO happy for him when it's an answer he wants and I WASN'T PREPARED FOR THIS!!!

Do I have my shipping goggles on too tight? What's happening to me? Are you there God? It's me, SJ...
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I have good days and bad days with it, but I've branched out and started talking to more and more characters and I have 79 followers!  I also have a ton of great reaction pics (hard to do with a minor character... And does anyone know what episode Braeda goes to Marcoh's place? I don't remember and I want to cap some scenes).  Here's a quick little convo between me and a Winry!
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