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I just did a smut RP with a Maes Hughes whose death was faked and was separated from Gracia because she was really upset that he'd faked his death and didn't tell her about it.

Maes bottomed.
I feel dirty and strangely on board with this.  He went so far as to tell his 03 Ed and Al sons that Daddy didn't find them a new Mommy but rather another Daddy.

Oh, and there's a Riza that wants Braeda, Rebecca wants a threesome with him and Maria or him and OLIVIER (omfg), and there's a person playing as Maka Albarn's mother (from soul eater) who's infatuated with him, and a genderbent Jean Havoc who is BEGGING for a smut game.

If Braeda were Jiraiya, his tumblr picture may look like this
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So I forgot the camera AGAIN -___- #  But here's an artist's rendition of the afternoon's events. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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Can't you see it?? He's got his daddy's goofy, pervy traits but his mommy's seriousness and diplomacy!
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This is for [ profile] gaia_lulia, whom I recall asked for food porn during the last fma gift exchange XDDDDDD

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I'm out of ideas now lol.  Gimme your suggestions and I'll make em!
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LOL just a little something I whipped up for InuYasha, Sesshomaru and Miroku
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So I convinced hubs to pick out some other names and he agreed.  We now have a narrowed down list to agree upon, and Jinxy's reaction was golden, so I thought I'd share.

Josef Heinrich (I actually think this one's going to win, but we'll see)
Heinrich Ludwig
Henry Louis (The english version of the above name, which is Lou Gehrig's first/middle names flipped)

Names that LOST the narrowing down process

Han Solo (my suggestion)
Ben Kenobi (also my suggestion)
Walter Thomas (his ADAMANT suggestion)
Tom Jones (his suggestion)
Clark Griswold (his suggestion)
Nigel Tufnel (our mutual, yet silly suggestion)
Peter (any middle name)  Lost because our last name is Cotton, and Peter Cotton is too easy to finish with Cottontail.

So.  Jinxy says drop the Nazi references and we're good to go!! (something I was also worried about, the whole Heinrich Himmler thing, but dammit I just like Heinrich!  We'd planned on calling him Ricky)


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