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If you want to see them all, click HERE
My personal favorites were these-

My BFF Sharon took them, and I have a set for Kaede is coming soon!
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I was trying to put off grocery shopping until today because the store I wanted to go to was closed once I got a moment to go without Joey, but he needed some overnight pullups and I knew Kroger carries the kind I needed.  So I bought what I knew I couldn't get at the other store last night at Kroger and something magical happened.

I was in the frozen food section and an Elton John song was playing on the radio.

Everyone in the aisle was singing it under their breath- except for the lady in the dairy section.  She was BELTING IT OUT, then she came down my aisle was encouraging everyone to sing louder.  So we did.  And then someone who works there joined in.  And another person came and sang too.  It was the single most incredible random act of joy I've ever experienced.  It made me look forward to going to the store, though I seriously doubt something that cool will ever happen again.

Today however, I went to Aldi's and it was freakin packed because we're supposed to get some deep snow and everyone and their grandma was there.  I don't know if you've ever been to Aldi's, but it's a TINY store.  Maybe 4 aisles and they don't bag the groceries, you bag them yourself in your own bags.  Anyway, no one seemed to want to move out of my way for anything, and I always say excuse me and I'm sorry when I'm trying to get by someone.  The aisles were just jammed so bad.  Finally I get my things and Joey and I leave, and when I get out to the parking lot to the van this old guy starts honking at me.  I look over at him and give the international body language for "WHAT!!!?!"  He rolls down his window and shouts at me, "WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU??"  I'm parked in a handicapped spot, I have a tag for it, from when my foot got all messed up and I had to wear the boot and all.  Of course I don't have the boot on and he doesn't seem to care that it's 10 degrees wind chill, I have a toddler and a cart load of groceries in a store's lot with like zero parking.  I told him he could have my spot as soon as I got done with it, because I was, y'know, putting my bags into the van and then putting my child into his booster seat and then had to take the cart back because it's one of those you pay a quarter to use it.

This old man continues to honk at me and call me names!  I am rushing to get the cart back to the corral and get my $.25 and get the hell outta there.  When I start coming back to the van after returning the damn cart, he's got his hand out the window shaking a quarter at me demanding that I go and get him a cart.  And then when I told him no he said I should be respectful of my elders.  I told him "FUCK YOU!"  He'd done nothing but harass me since he pulled in the parking lot.  Then he tried to block me into my spot.  I backed gently into him and then dropped it in neutral and gunned it trying to scare him.  It worked- he moved immediately and when I got to where he could see me, I held up my handicap sticker thing to the glass of the window so he could see it.  He was still shouting at me when I pulled away.  It's things like THAT that make me DREAD going to the store.

Anyways- ON TO BIGGER AND BETTER THINGS!  [ profile] missyquill's package came from Malaysia the other day!!!  I have pictures!!
Thank you to everyone who sent me a card over the holiday!!  I was thrilled to see so many come in!! It's like a tiny paper hug and it really lifted my spirits!

For those of you in the path of this storm- stay safe, stay warm, and bring those cats and dogs in where you can keep an eye on them!  to those of you who are not in any danger of being snowed in, Happy belated New Year!
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And since it's freaking freezing here, I just slipped it on over the other shirt I had on!  Hello to all the new friends I've made through the LJ friend meme!  This is me, being an anime head XD
I don't really have too much to say today.  Finally got my living room cleaned up a little, I'm going to take the last of the Christmas crap and put it away even if I have to chisel ice off the freakin lock to do it.  Did my survey, got $50 in cash (woots!!) and was able to score 2 $25 gift certificates to the Japanese steakhouse for only $10!  Got started on chapter 1 of the second scroll in my Celestial Ciphers series, and can't decide if I want to write more or work on arts for the big bang.  I guess well see what happens after I take the stuff out to the shed.  Maybe I'll play around with  audacity and see what kind of crazy clips I can find XD
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Lately I've seen some images on Deviantart and I instantly thought of FMA.  Tell me what you think! (and tell the artists if you like their work!)

"Fire Ghost"
This is the inside of an Isvallan building as Roy's clearing it out.

"Pe-o gura de rai"
And this is obviously Resembool in the morning.

"Place I wanna live in.."
And this is of course the kitchen of the Rockbell house early in the morning.

"Between City and Rural"
This is how I picture Dublith.
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I have to share some wonderful pictures I took outside today.

Snow, Joey and dogs! )

It was Edo's first snow too!

As for the mega list that I've been whittling on, I got ALL the living room stuff done today.  That leaves me with the remainder of the kitchen (mostly cabinet rearranging and doing something with the laundry stuff), my room, and the few outside things.  Not much at all!!  So excited!  And everythign smells so fresh and clean!  You know, it's been kicking my ass to do this a little at a time instead of all at once like I used to do before Joey came along, but it's still nice to finally get it done (and keep it that way!) 

I submitted my resume to 2 places where I can use my interior design degree!  I really hope I get the Arhaus position, I've wanted to work there for years.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed and will call them Wednesday to be sure they got my information, and to check on my other applications (Target's photo lab, Meijer cashier...)  A job is a job at this point. 


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