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One of the vice admins said it has to be okay for 13 yr olds XD
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Alright, so I've been sitting in bed most of the day fighting against my queasiness and trying to keep my feet propped up because they are already swelling kinda bad. The TV doesn't work in here so I've been reading lots of fan fics on my blackberry. (and spending some time with my "little friend" while zoning out on Pink Floyd)

So I've been reading lots of Mir/San, Mir/Kag and plain old Mir smut. (no yaoi though, that's just wrong and several different levels for me.)

Then I decided to get up and watch some of the old episodes, like the two parter where he eventually asks Sango to marry him, and the one where this girl tells her intended that Miroku took her virginity and Sango almost breaks off their engagement... I am completely taken with houshi-sama and his voice (which his Japanese and English voice actors sound ALOT alike) and his lecherous actions.... Gods, I would love to find myself being asked to bear his child. It's bad when I've had dreams about him, and can imagine what his hands would feel like, how his robes feel, how his hair feels in my fingers, what his beads feel like... >shivers< Miroku, I know you're not real, and I know you'd never look twice at a fatty like me, but know you bring this fangirl immense happiness and endless scenarios with which to fill her own smutty stories with.
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This is a one shot that I wrote for a collection called The Gallery of Memory, which is a companion to my my Mir/San epic called Poppies For Sango.  I had left alot of the lemons out of Poppies on purpose because I didn't want to detract from the original story.  The Gallery is pretty much all lemons, although the 3rd chapter isn't as bad.  4th chapter was freakin awesome, my gift for my favorite houshi-sama.
Anyway, This is the 2nd chapter, which I extracted and published as a one shot called "Granite and Lotus", although in The Gallery it is title "Feels like the First Time".  It's Sango and Miroku's wedding night, and it's simply my favorite piece.  Hope y'all like it.

Lifted directly from  HERE is the link if you want to review it there.

Hope that cut thing works >_<


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