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OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!  I would type more but I'm wiped out from the eargasm I just had... need time to recoop!
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This song was the whole reason I bought the CD in the first place.  I found a 30 second snippet of it at the performers' website and decided that OH YES, IT WOULD BE MINE!  The whole CD is beautiful, particularly Away in a Manger/Cradle Song.  There's just nothing like a hammer dulcimer imo.  It makes me think of Madrigal dinners and Game of Thrones XD
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I'm struggling with it, can't seem to get through the lemon (partially because I didn't realize it would kinda squick me...)

But I think I've found something to help me get through it.  Thank you Blackie Lawless for being a rude and crude individual :)

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The FST is for Lan Fan/Greedling, and this song doesn't exactly fit the theme I'm going with, but it made me straight up think of Greed 1.0 (well, Greed in general I guess)

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I don't play anymore because I'm bitter about it.  It's a long story, but the short version is I played violin for 11 years, was ready to go to college to become a music teacher at the high school or middle school level, and conduct an orchestra of my own.  That didn't happen, and because it didn't I let my disappointment and anger turn me against my gift.

Anyways, this performance of Vivaldi's concerto for four violins in b minor is everything that I LOVED about the orchestral experience.

And I like the lady's red dress.  Music starts at :30.


Mar. 26th, 2011 12:19 am
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'Bengara-Koushi' from "Dark of the Bleeding Moon"

dammit, now I wanna read a bunch of Gin/Ran and Momo/Toshiro WAFF. 

Damn that Bleach musical!!!


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