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Alright- to be fair, I still had a good time and enjoyed myself, but the good times were NOT had at the convention.

My entire presentation was on google drive. There was no wifi at the convention center and none of the con staff seemed very sympathetic about it. There were people who wanted to see it. I wanted to present it. The guy at con ops is lucky there was a big counter between me and him because his rude ass was going to to get punched if he gave me one more insincere apology. I dropped so many F-bombs on that guy. The other idiot in the hat with all the pins on it was just as bad, but he wasn't rude so much as trying to minimize the problem. Apparently mine wasn't the only panel that had to drop out literally last minute.

The schedule was so small you couldn't read it. The guide book didn't say when or where anything was, so people were just wandering around lost. The vendor room was really awful. My traveling companion bought me some chop sticks with Ling and Lan Fan on them, but the art they used wasn't theirs (I follow that artist on Tumblr and this girl had some of her own original art there and it wasn't the same). I ended up buying 2 clear files, one Trigun and a Black Lagoon one. Got Joey some Undertale pins. I just was really let down.

And the whole cosplay competition pissed me off. Apparently judging was at noon on Saturday. I didn't see that anywhere in the tiny fucking schedule. I assumed it would be in the set-up block between 5 and 6 with the masquerade happening at 6. So I got there at 5:45 and was told all the judging had already been done. If I hadn't already been there and was ready to go with all my props and everything, I would've said forget it. But I did get to walk the stage and do some poses and lots of people cheered so I guess that's enough.  Add to this that the AC wasn't on in all rooms, most of the doors were locked to get inside, and even in the closest parking lot, we were a long, hot walk away from anything.

The hotel was the best part, and hanging out with my buddy. She wore my Kaede cosplay, despite being like 15 sizes smaller than me. IT FIT HER!!! IT FIT HER WELL! The pool was awesome, our room was great, and the best experience we had outside the hotel was at the Japanese restaurant. It's called Tachibana, and I was really surprised when we got there to hear lots of Japanese being spoken when we walked in. The entire wit staff was Japanese I think. The menu was in English and Japanese. There were no forks or spoons, only chopsticks. We had salad and real miso soup (which I didn't care for, but I don't like tofu). I had the Katsujyu (it's like Japanese country fried steak) and it had scrambled eggs on top with seaweed all on a bed of yummy proper sticky rice, and she had the Yakiniku which was like thin sliced beef with Japanese veggies. We got to try pickled radishes and they were so yummy! We were low key watching a Japanese couple for cues as to what to do with this hot wet napkin they brought us before the meal, and listening in awe as we picked out different Japanese words and phrases we knew. They had a party room that has the low table and the cushions on the floor, they called it the Tatami room. I really wanted to just see what it looked like but it was too crowded and I was afraid to ask and look like a giant otaku.

It was a good trip overall, I just wish the con itself had been better. I'm already planning for the next one, hopefully in Evansville IN in March (ELD, watch out!) so we'll see what happens. Road tripping was fun too. I hadn't been on one in a long while and this one wasn't too far or too close.

Pic from Tachibana's website, we were seated where the red box is.

HERE is a link to their website, there's a YouTube vid with what the Tatami room looks like on the "About" page

Katsujyu and pickled radish!                                 Yakiniku and miso soup!

Two old otaku at the con lol


Hot tubbin' like the rich and famous!

Our swanky room

My brief walk on at the cosplay masquerade. These are probably the best shots lol
Kaede final edit.pngdownload_20160827_234211.jpg
Cosplays! (My friend is not actually that wide, I did that in photoshop. Unfortunately, I AM that fat!)

2 Rolls Royces outside the Hilton ooooh aren't we fancy

Some kind of turkey painting on a building that I thought was half an elephant at first,
and we stopped for food in Waddy Peytona... Yes that's a lawn mower in a handicap spot!
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