May. 8th, 2017 01:13 am
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 My sister messaged me on facebook tonight telling me she ran away from home. Confused, I asked for clarification. She said her boyfriend of like 10 years was drunk and yelling in her face about how she never spends time with her kids and sleeps all the time. She said he'd stolen her pain pills, that even my mom was yelling at him.

In the meantime, the boyfriend is posting shit on facebook about how he wasn't gonna bow down to no bitch and she needed to bow down to him, and I said I was on my way to see if he could make this bitch bow, because I was about to sit on him and beat some sense into his head. We get in an argument via comments on facebook. Now to be fair, he has never done anything to me personally. He has hit my sister and stolen jewelry and electronics and possibly money from my mother, but never did anything to me (apart fuck with my family). So for me to actually say to him that he needed to just leave and walk away and fight with him like I was doing is a big step for me because I routinely avoid confrontation, online or otherwise.

I am still talking in PM with my sister at this point, and I told her to call the cops for a domestic dispute, She wouldn't do it. Then she says I should call them and do a welfare check on mom as the reason. I told my sister SHE should call because it's her situation. She says she's scared, and then informs me he has a warrant for his arrest. Not sure what charge, I didn't ask, I just picked up the phone and called 911. I asked for a welfare check on mom like sister told me to. They sent a car. I haven't heard anything since.

Someone in the comments on the boyfriend's post said I could be charged with harassment for the things I said. I'm not concerned. The boyfriend has a record and is a known thief and drug addict, I do not have a record and am not a drug addict. If they come here to question me I will talk to them. I doubt I'll be arrested, but we'll see. So I am anxiously waiting to see what happens.

Oh yeah, I told my sister to get an EPO on him, she said she already has one and I lost it and started yelling at her (all caps, so it's srs). If nothing changes after this, I am telling my mom and sister I don't want to hear anything about this guy unless they are committed to doing something about it. You're not allowed to complain if you're going to sit on your hands and let things happen because you're afraid. 

It's almost 1:30 in the morning and I have to get up at 7:30 to get Joey to school, and I'm afraid to go to bed because I don't know what's happening at mom's, and don't know if the police will come here. Maybe I should just go to bed and not worry about it at all!


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