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I have a jar in my house that sits on my altar, and whenever somethign happens that makes me smile or laugh or generally makes me glad to be alive, I write it down on a slip of paper and put it in the jar, and on Yule, I open the jar and recall all the wonderul stuff that happened ont he longest night of the year.  This list is everything that happened, in no particular order.
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I want to thank everyone who sent me a card ([ profile] evil_little_dog, [ profile] cornerofmadness, [ profile] bay115, [ profile] seta_suzume, [ profile] nightlove1)  I love getting them and I have a fondness for snail mail in general. Amanda went above and beyond and sent me a box full of awesome stuff for me and Joey, and Ebony sent me a gift card that helped Joey feel better after he was diagnosed with strep throat (and he never mentioned his throat hurting once!).

Work SUUUUCKS.  I waited on a lady tonight who kept asking me every 2 minutes, "And everything in the store is half off right?"  I felt like I was talking to Joey when he was 2 and repeating everything twenty times.  And then after all that, I find out I'm only scheduled 1 day nxt week, for a piddly 4 hour shift.  I have *GOT* to get another damn job.  And of course I don't hear anything but unhelpful crap out of Walt over it all.  ugggh.

Shopping and wrapping is all done except for my mom's present (it's on hold at Hallmark) and I want to get Joey a box of crayons for his stocking since Ellie dog ate almost all of them.  I've been letting him use my 72 count kit from when I was a kid, but they're all old and brittle and stink like the smoke I was raised in.  I wish I could get him his own crayon case like that but I don't think crayola makes that anymore.

it's from the 80's so probably not.  Maybe I coudl throw all those awful crayons away and just get new ones to go in it, clean the case up a bit and make it like new.  We'll see how industrious I feel tomorrow.

Yule was okay.  I made way too many cookies and ornaments, but they're all at good homes now.  My nephews were a pain in the ass.  I'm almost certain the oldest one has some kind of developmental problem and not knowing how to properly handle him irritates and frustrates me.  Felt like I was constantly angry with him.  Had a good time at my dad's, short as it was.  You practically become cigarette smoke when you walk in, the air is so thick with it.  I swear when he opened the door to let us in, smoke billowed out of the storm door.

Opened my happiness jar!!!!  I'll do a separate post on it in a sec.  I will say this, when Is tarted that jar over from cleaning it out last year, I'd gone down from a 28 to a 26 in pants, now gong into 2015's jar, I'm going into a 24!  Even though I probably won't hit my goal weight of 300 or less by new years, I am physically smaller and still dropping weight, despite not exercising like I was because of the bum foot.

I wrote a fic for every stocking at the [ profile] fmagiftexchange, and I've got 5 of 12 fics done for the [ profile] 12_daysofficmas.  I seriously can't wait to read all the stockings and posts getting ready to just explode in the next few days.  *SQUEEEEE!!*
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First off, retail at Christmas usually sucks donkey balls.  It goes with the territory- any big gift giving holiday brings out the worst in people, with Christmas being the ultimate hell.  Surprisingly, it hasn't been that bad at my store, not crazy busy, not particularly hellish, though I have had some customers that I wanted to send on a one way trip to Mars without oxygen.  That being said, my own shopping has not been easy this year.  I put my layaway in too late and the payments were too much to handle, so I ended up putting back everything Joey and the rest of the guys could live without and am hoping the Salvation Army Angel Tree comes through with some clothes for Joey.  I find out Thursday how that went, I'm not getting my hopes up too high though.  I got Joey 2 video games (Sonic Generations and Little Big Planet 3) and the Minecraft Papercraft sets.  I think he'll get the biggest kick out of that, honestly.

Shipped some stuff out to my best friend in Washington state, she's the one who took my pro cosplay shots.  Also sent some stuff to the NEWLY MARRIED [ profile] missyquill and goddamn the postal service needs to chill out on their overseas shipping.  Next time I'm gonig to take screenshots or pictures of the things I want to send and then attach an amazon gift card to it and let her get what she wants.

Speaking of screenshots, my photoshop is busted and I dunno what happened.  I can't open or save anything, which blows chunks. I've never liked the CS5 anyway, so Walt is getting me CS3 again (which had better brushes and gradient packs).

I humbled myself and went downtown to apply for welfare since I can't seem to get a fucking job that pays decent and has steady predictable hours.  I was denied, but today I got a letter saying they increased my food stamps.  That helps out big time.  Now instead of trying to feed the 3 of us (and Walt might as well count as 2 people) on $240 a month (that's $60 a week for those keeping track), I get $388, $97 a week.  I might actually be able to buy beef sometimes again!

My fma big bang has temporarily come to a halt because of HOLIDAY COMMS!!!!!  I wrote a fic for every stocking up at the [ profile] fmagiftexchange (would've liked to have done some arts too but the photoshop thing didn't work out...) and now I'm trying to figure out what to do for [ profile] 12_daysofficmas.  This is the time I usually write my Ruouni Kenshin fics because I donp't belong to any writing comms for that fandom and I enjoy doing the haiku format with them.  But this year I can add Attack on Titan to the ficmas-ing, I have an obsession with Levi and Erwin that's not going anywhere soon lol.

While ficcing, I rewrote the words to O Holy Night to have a distinctly Pagan flare to them.  Tell me what you think:

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Not much on Christmas?  Have a creepy Halloween-ish version of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.  This is from a tape that's been in my family since before I was born I think.

I'm going to be kepign my nephews next weekend for Yule.  they had such a great time last year that they talked about it for MONTHS afterward. This year, we're going to make cookies and ornaments and do the lights at the park again.  I really can't wait, it's my favorite new tradition ♥
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I have a jar that sits on top of my oven full of little scraps of paper.  And on those little scraps of paper are written things that have made me happy.  Sometimes it's big things, sometimes it's little things, but if it strikes me as something I'm really glad to be alive for, I write it down and put it in this jar.  I open it up on Yule and read them and think about all the great stuff that happened in the past year and how lucky I am to have had those great memories.  I wasn't sure what to do with the slips after I read them, so I trascribed them into a word doc to save them and I thought I'd share my list with you guys (since some of YOU contributed to the pile of slips in the jar!)  These are in no particular order, just the order I happened to read them in.  And not all of these were dated, but if they had a date I included it.

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