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So a few days ago I felt like the world was crashing down around my ears.  Job fell through, daycare denied, potty training was going bad...  What a difference a few days makes.

I talked to my boss at Lane Bryant.  I explained everything that was happening and asked humbly if she wouldn't mind keeping my ass (and asked if there was any possible way I could get some more hours).  Not only did she agree to keep me, not only did she agree to the hours I asked for, but she gave me even more than that.  So instead of 20 hours a week I'll get close to 30 (with a promise of some kind of raise, even if it's just a tiny one- and because we'll be moving locations and going into shut down/reopen mode, I may get even more hours than that, so long as I have someone to watch Joey I will take them).  She also let me keep my week off (I'll miss that week of pay, but I seriously do need the break.)  At any rate, I told her as long as I can keep my new hours even after we got moved and settled in to the new location that I would not look for anything else for a long time.  Seriously, I have great insurance through them and the job really isn't all that hard.  If I was better at getting new charge accounts I could have been a manager.  that gives me something to work on I guess.

Potty training is finally starting to get a little easier.  I made a big deal about showing Joey that there are no more diapers in his changing table, only pull ups.  Even then, he runs around bottomless in the house, only to wear overnight pullups when he sleeps and regular pullups when we go out.  He did EXCELLENT today when we were out.  I brought an empty water bottle and made him pee every twenty minutes or so, and he was able to keep his trainers dry until after we got back from the grocery, which was like 5 hours!  and when we got home and were eating dinner, he got this funny look on his face, put his fork down and went and grabbed the cup from his potty chair and brought it to me so I could hold it up to him while he peed.  Still doesn't wanna poop in the thing, but he's making progress and for that I am ELATED.

okay, now for sex stuff. TMI SJ!!! )

Thank you all for your positive waves while I was in despair.  Maybe that's what led to all the wonderful things that have been happening in the wake of the bad stuff.  I have the best f-list ever and I love you all *hugs*
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I got a full time job!!!!!!  It's with Public Storage and I'll be going to the various stores and relieving the managers for their off days.  The job itself is super easy.  I have to go fill out paperwork on Monday, and Tuesday I'll be getting Joey's daycare voucher and getting him enrolled somewhere. I'm making more money per hour than at Lane Bryant, and getting twice the hours- it's a win-win!  And if Joey gets sick and I have to get him from daycare, I can bring him to my office wherever I am until I can take him home or until someone can come get him.  And once I've gotten all my daily duties out of the way, I can sit and write during the downtime!  Or walk the facility a couple of times for exercise!  Or watch netflix!  I'm going to ask about the apartment thing on Monday.  I don't know if I can get one since I won't have a store of my own, but the store I interviewed at, that apartment appeared to be empty.  I'm so excited to start and get going with it!  Things are starting to look up a little at last!

Well, at least on the job front they are.  My bathtub isn't draining at all, and whenever Cliff takes a shower it backs up into my tub.  And while my van is finally fixed, I don't have insurance or tags on it right now.  It's frustrating as hell right now to just have one car, but as big of a pain in the ass as that is, I'd rather be able to take a damn shower than drive my van.

Got Joey's easter basket ready, was going tot ry to take him to see the Easter Bunny tomorrow or Tuesday (my only two off days).  We'll see what happens.

Edo/Fred/Fredward/Frederal agent puppy hurt himself out in the yard today.  His right front paw was bleeding from in between his pinky and third toes. He's limping but the bleeding stopped fairly quickly.  I have no idea what happened out there, I'm just thankful he wasn't hurt any worse.  Flop the cat is still with us.  He goes outside every night through the doggie door and climbs up and down in my neighbor's tree until he gets tired.  Then he comes in and eats and sleeps and attacks my feet lol.  He's such a sweet kitty, I'm surprised he's fit in as easily as he has.  If Koga could just get his scent into his head permanently so he wouldn't sniff him for hours after he comes back from being outside, we'd all be in good shape.

Celestial Ciphers is at a standstill.  I'm worried I'm way off track with Lan Fan's characterization. If anyone would like to look it over for me, I'd love some opinions.  [ profile] bay115 is doing a great job with my technical and grammatical and tense errors, I'm just so uncertain about that one part of the first chapter...  And of course [ profile] missyquill is doing a fine job as well, but she's super mega ultra busy, and I don't wanna bug her with such unimportant stuff.

And my thoughts are with all my friends who are going through difficult times right now, particularly [ profile] binaryalchemist and [ profile] evil_little_dog. I've been reading, mostly at night after I go to bed and on my phone.  It's hard to type on the thing so I haven't been commenting, but my heart is with you.  Also [ profile] cornerofmadness and her mom.  Hang in there everyone, things will look up soon!!!
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I am probably really dorky for this, but I've been talking to the guy who voices Braeda trying to get him to come to the next con, and I never expected him to even answer me.

Sammy and I are squeeeing XD

ETA our conversation!
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I NEEEEEEED to write a fic where Madame hangs this up in her office.  It's so going to happen very soon.
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Pictures of the baby's room! )

Now I am going to rest and take the rest of my pregnancy off, since I did all the work getting both the nursery and hubs' computer room finished with painting, new blinds and all kinds of other shit a 7 month preggo should not be doing.


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