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I just did a smut RP with a Maes Hughes whose death was faked and was separated from Gracia because she was really upset that he'd faked his death and didn't tell her about it.

Maes bottomed.
I feel dirty and strangely on board with this.  He went so far as to tell his 03 Ed and Al sons that Daddy didn't find them a new Mommy but rather another Daddy.

Oh, and there's a Riza that wants Braeda, Rebecca wants a threesome with him and Maria or him and OLIVIER (omfg), and there's a person playing as Maka Albarn's mother (from soul eater) who's infatuated with him, and a genderbent Jean Havoc who is BEGGING for a smut game.

If Braeda were Jiraiya, his tumblr picture may look like this
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He was the guy who was keeping the barrier up around Mt. Hakurei to hide Naraku's presence from everyone?  And it turned out he was a monk who tortured himself to death to achieve the status of a living god?  I thought that wasn't really real, or at least I didn't think people kept the mummified remains of the guy in a shrine.  Turns out that was real and those mummies are all over Japan.




Here's Hakushin when we first see him in his preserved state

going in
Here he is going into what will be his tomb

And him inside, ringing his bell, waiting for death.

Just thought I'd share since that's really creepy and kinda appropriate for the Halloween season.
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For all the shit we've been through in the past 2 years, for every nasty thing he's ever said to me and I've said to him, I never wanted him to hurt any worse than he does or to possibly die.

He went for blood work this morning and they did a routine EKG on him, and the EKG said he'd had one.  He wasn't aware of it, the doctor is stumped because Walt rides his bike almost 15 miles every other day.  The only answer is that his arteries must be clogged.  He goes for all kinds of testing and shit now...

Another day in paradise, let me tell ya.
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Most of my flist knows I have some REALLY vivid dreams (all I have to say is Miroku being Joey's daddy).  I haven't had any really strange ones in a while, but the past 2 nights have been real winners on the weird factor.
wow wtf does my brain do when I go to bed?? )

So.  there ya have it, vivid weirdness!!
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Ridiculous weather!

What the hell!???  Sunny and blazing hot to storming and cool enough for a jacket!  It's a change of over *30 degrees* in 2 days!! (20 in C)...  Seriously.  Just don't be so hot and muggy, we don't need to go into late fall monsoon season just yet..


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