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Treasures in the Attic (1210 words) by SonjaJade
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood & Manga
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Edward Elric/Winry Rockbell
Characters: Edward Elric, Pinako Rockbell
Additional Tags: Inheritance, Family Heirlooms, geneology

While searching the attic for Urey’s old crib to clean up and use for the new baby, Edward and Pinako come across something that time had almost forgotten- and that Edward never in his life expected to see.

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First of all- SNOW!  Like not a dusting, more like almost 8 inches.  Of course school was cancelled and the roads were such a nightmare that I only had half a day at work on Monday and didn't go in at all today.  I shovelled the driveway and sidewalk today, took Joey out to play in it (it was up to his knees lol).  We tried sledding but it was too light and airy and even once we packed it down we couldn't get it going.  Oh well, maybe next time.

Has anyone used Create Space through Amazon to publish a print book?  Basically Amazon will print your book for the cost of the printing, individually.  Whatever you set the price at past that is pure profit.  I'm less excited about profit and more excited about having a physical book in hand that I can give someone to consider really publishing it. Might really have to get on those illustrations now, will have to send some messages to confirm some things about that. Also- anyone want to beta them?  "Them" is a series of 4 children's books dealing with gender roles and very early discovery of gender expression. All of them are about a page long in word, quick and easy I promise.  Message me we'll get it going.

My best friend had her sleeve gastrectomy today, though she didn't have it because she's obese, she had it because she's got MS and the last time she had a bad bout with it, her extra weight made it difficult to recover.  They want her on the border of underweight to help manage that, and to keep diabetes from setting in, as it runs in her family and is usually very severe.  Her mother had the rest of her family convinced she was trying to commit assissted suicide (she lives in Washington state where apparntly that's legal).  Her mother is very much a person that is always trying to make everything about herself, so Sharon's surgery had nothing to do with medical stuff, it had everything to do with wanting to end her life and make her mother miserable.  I can't stand that woman.  I only spoke to her once and the whole time, she yelled at Sharon for something or another. Sharon came through her surgery just fine, and even lost her gallbladder and appendix just to be safe.

Dear Big Bang fic that I've been living and breathing for the better part of 3 years: please let's finish this up.  Big Bang sign ups aren't even up but I want to finish this and be ready so I don't have to even think about it anymore.  I'm almost done with chapter 6 and we're tying up loose ends all around but god dang, writing it shouldn't be like freaking pulling teeth. There's so many players on the chessboard that aren't doing anything- let's get it going already!  Where are my muses??  Varys and Madame I'm looking at the both of you...

Boys are gross, btw.  Little boys in particular.  This kid refuses to bathe and more than once I've told him his weezer is gonna fall off if he doesn't start taking better care of it.  TMI ALERT- he's circumcised but he has an inverted penis, so it's like he's uncut in how his weezer works.  Daddy is the same way.  Any tips on keeping him cleaner without physically throwing him in the tub more often?

Enjoy my most recent ear worm- Roy Mustang style
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I want to thank everyone who sent me a card ([ profile] evil_little_dog, [ profile] cornerofmadness, [ profile] bay115, [ profile] seta_suzume, [ profile] nightlove1)  I love getting them and I have a fondness for snail mail in general. Amanda went above and beyond and sent me a box full of awesome stuff for me and Joey, and Ebony sent me a gift card that helped Joey feel better after he was diagnosed with strep throat (and he never mentioned his throat hurting once!).

Work SUUUUCKS.  I waited on a lady tonight who kept asking me every 2 minutes, "And everything in the store is half off right?"  I felt like I was talking to Joey when he was 2 and repeating everything twenty times.  And then after all that, I find out I'm only scheduled 1 day nxt week, for a piddly 4 hour shift.  I have *GOT* to get another damn job.  And of course I don't hear anything but unhelpful crap out of Walt over it all.  ugggh.

Shopping and wrapping is all done except for my mom's present (it's on hold at Hallmark) and I want to get Joey a box of crayons for his stocking since Ellie dog ate almost all of them.  I've been letting him use my 72 count kit from when I was a kid, but they're all old and brittle and stink like the smoke I was raised in.  I wish I could get him his own crayon case like that but I don't think crayola makes that anymore.

it's from the 80's so probably not.  Maybe I coudl throw all those awful crayons away and just get new ones to go in it, clean the case up a bit and make it like new.  We'll see how industrious I feel tomorrow.

Yule was okay.  I made way too many cookies and ornaments, but they're all at good homes now.  My nephews were a pain in the ass.  I'm almost certain the oldest one has some kind of developmental problem and not knowing how to properly handle him irritates and frustrates me.  Felt like I was constantly angry with him.  Had a good time at my dad's, short as it was.  You practically become cigarette smoke when you walk in, the air is so thick with it.  I swear when he opened the door to let us in, smoke billowed out of the storm door.

Opened my happiness jar!!!!  I'll do a separate post on it in a sec.  I will say this, when Is tarted that jar over from cleaning it out last year, I'd gone down from a 28 to a 26 in pants, now gong into 2015's jar, I'm going into a 24!  Even though I probably won't hit my goal weight of 300 or less by new years, I am physically smaller and still dropping weight, despite not exercising like I was because of the bum foot.

I wrote a fic for every stocking at the [ profile] fmagiftexchange, and I've got 5 of 12 fics done for the [ profile] 12_daysofficmas.  I seriously can't wait to read all the stockings and posts getting ready to just explode in the next few days.  *SQUEEEEE!!*
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Strep test came back negative.  Cough is finally letting up some.  He's got some gnarly diarrhea and his tonsils are still huge, but they are not red or pus-sy looking like they were even a few days ago.  He seems worn out, but he's been fighting a lot of stuff off.  Drinking lots and lots and no more orange pee.  I couldn't get his blood work done because the place closed early due to snow, so his doctor said if he's still improving that it's optional if I want to take him to do it.  Still have to bring him in on Thursday or Friday when he finishes the Bactrim, to recheck his ears and look at those tonsils again.  I think I'm going to take him for blood work anyway,  Might help with the tonsil thing, I dunno.  She says if he keeps improving that it's not mono, and if the ears are still bad we may have to consider tubes.  I'd assume a tonsillectomy as well if these things don't go down.  Mom said her tonsils were like that as a kid and she didn't have to have hers removed, but we'll see.  If this is how they react and it's NOT strep, I can't imagine what would happen should he really get strep.  This diarrhea though...  Wonder if they make some children's Imodium or something.

Big Bang is coming along.  I just put chapter 7 in the final folder and am clocking in at 50,800 words.  Got about two chapters to go and an epilogue, so almost done.  And in the middle of all this the Stoner Series is crying out for the strip club fic I'd talked with bay115 about doing.  We'll get to meet the Devil's Nest crew in that installment.

I wish I could apply all this writing to some original characters and make money at this.
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My mom and I usually hang out together on Sundays, our only mutual days off.  Most times it's running around doing errands we'd have to do alone anyhow, which means mom goes to the grocery with me and I browse the clearance aisles at K-Mart with her, etc.  while coming home from the grocery the other day, we took a short cut I'd never taken before and we saw this train caboose sitting on some track and a nice little building and it was sorta like a park.  We couldn't stop that day because I had cold stuff in the trunk, but the next day, Joey and I went back up there.  Turns out it used to be a train depot and you can rent the little building for parties!  Joey and I walked around over there for about an hour just looking at stuff and taking pictures of things.  I really liked the little place and thought it would be a great place to have Joey and Walt's dual birthday party (father and son have their birthdays on the 26th and 27th of June).  There's plenty of room for kids to run and play, there's no dogs or dog poop to contend with, no house cleaning beforehand.. Walt says if the price is right we can rent it.  Turns out it's super cheap.  And there's a real railroad track right there so the kids can watch a train go by.  Of course, every time I invite children to Joey's parties, none of them fucking show up.  I said I wasn't even going to do a party for him, but maybe I will and just go get his friends instead of relying on their loser parents to bring them.  Anyway, here are some pics!
pic spam )

And here's a pic of my cat... lying on my keyboard at my imagination and creation station XD
Flop the Cat )
As you can see, I save everything and then stick it to my computer :) [ profile] nochick_fics and [ profile] seta_suzume should recognize some things, and [ profile] missyquill should be able to see the blank spot where I took Jean Havoc out of my key chain lineup and sent it to her lol.  "This is where the MAGIC happens!" ROFL
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I'm sure by now most people on my f-list (which has recently expanded by quite a few people O__O) know I have a comm set up where I've got everything I've ever written posted.  That way even if you're not a member of the same fic comms as I am, you can still read my stuff (if you want to).  Anyway, if you're interested, you can find it HERE.  It's all conveniently sorted by fandom and character to make things easy to find.

There are a couple of collections that I will add to rather than post them separately.  Those are:

Kisses Sweet and Sultry- A place for FMA pieces that contain any kind of kisses.  They aren't always romantic stories, but they all have a kiss in them.

The Magpie and the Rook- My Braeda/Chris one shots and contest pieces.  A companion to Whatever it Takes.

Blooms of the Moon and Other Stories- A place for my InuYasha fics containing Sesshomaru's mother and Kohaku.

And pimp post is now finished!

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I'm struggling with it, can't seem to get through the lemon (partially because I didn't realize it would kinda squick me...)

But I think I've found something to help me get through it.  Thank you Blackie Lawless for being a rude and crude individual :)

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Big thanks to [ profile] catw00man who beta'd for me and [ profile] nightlove1 who helped me figure out why my pov was all wrong and how to know when I'm doing it.

TITLE: On the Outskirts of December
AUTHOR: Sonja Jade
FANDOM: Trigun
CHARACTERS: Wolfwood/Milly, Vash, Meryl, a slew of OCs (orphan children)
RATING: M (for sexy times that aren't very graphic in description)
WARNINGS: Flashbacks to intimate relations between Wolfwood and Milly according to anime
canon, frank talk about pregnancy and related things, AU.
SUMMARY: After Wolfwood's death, Milly travels to December to take over the
orphanage he left behind. As she endures pregnancy in the middle of
nowhere, a certain priest makes his return, but he's reluctant to show
his face to her, until Vash discovers him and gives him a verbal boot in
the ass.

(Fake cut takes you to

oh lord...

Sep. 2nd, 2011 11:10 pm
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Along time ago, I used to be a huge pothead.  I don't remember ever buying it, I think I just happened to be in the right place with the right people at the right time.  Maybe bought it once?  Hell, why you askin me anyways, it's probably why I have a short term memory problem.  Anyhow, I mentioned on my facebook page that I'd like to get good and high once and sit down and write, just to see what happens.  I had said it as a joke, but my sister who is CURRENTLY a huge pothead, said if I ever wanted to take the plunge on that idea to give her a call and she'd hook me up...

I'm thinking about doing it.  If I do, I want to wait until it's cooler outside and when there's not so many mosquitos.  I wanna sit outside, toke, and just start typing.  I wonder what would happen...  XD I wonder what would happen if[ profile] seatbeltdrivein joined me!  Oh, maybe I could take my graphics pad out too and draw something instead.  I think I'd get frustrated though because while I can manipulate like hell with the pad, I draw infinitely better on paper.

So, what do you guys think?  Do you think that doing this will end up with me having the worst case of munchies I ever had and nothing will get done?  Or do you think I will want to do it all the time again?  Or that the experiment will be a success and I can leave it at that?

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I went and signed up to do a fic for that secret pineapple comm that was advertised (at some FMA comm) and I did exactly what they wanted me to do: submit a list of 4 prompts and when the list was released I had to choose at least 2 to write.  Looking over the list, there's only 1 I really had my heart set on, and the other was kinda so-so.  All the rest were fandoms I don't know, and the ones I did know, I didn't feel comfortable writing the characters.  So I send in my choices and I get an email back saying that my choices were snapped up already and that I was put into an 'author lottery' and I drew another author and they gave me a list of all that person's prompts.  The FMA ones are for Roy/Olivier, and one of the stipulations is that by the end of the fic they have to stay together.  The other fandoms I have no clue what they are.

If I felt I could have written that comfortably, I would have chosen that. So now I'm stuck writing a story I don't want to write because these people are stupid and don't allow doubling up of prompts.  Whatever.  What I want to know is should I attempt to write the fic anyway, or politely contact the mod and tell them I can't write this pairing to the prompter's specifications.  It's OOC for Olivier to want to stay with Roy, and it's OOC for Roy to know how to win her over.  My biggest pet peeve is OOC stuff.  Based on that alone, I cannot write Roy/Olivier, at least not where they end up staying together.

Ideas?  Suggestions??  WTF do I do?

In other news, I fell in the garage while I was holding the baby and I damn near broke my legs trying to keep Joey from hitting the ground.  It hurts to walk, and I think I got something stuck in my foots because SJ is a barefoot hillbilly and never wears shoes unless it involves getting in the van and going somewhere. 

Less than a week until I'm lazing on Myrtle Beach :D 
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I haven't written anything longer than a one shot in a very long time.  I've got a great idea for a longer Braeda/Chris fic, I'm just nervous about getting it all done.  I don't want to get halfway through it and then quit.  So I guess I need to sit down and do an outline, and then do my best to stick to it.

I also guess I need to hire a beta for this project.  And I might try to do manips for the chapters as well.  Maybe.  If I didn't have a baby I could probably manage that lol.

So, outlining.  Anyone have any tips for me?  I'm terrible about using them and I really want to get into the habit of using them.  I miss writing long fics. 
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I got this story, it's a GREAT one, but it is really lacking. Anyone interested in reading it and giving me some hints on how to make it better?? I'll be happy to share it with ya, it's for 36iyerotictales theme 17 Fear/comfort.

I know the sex scene needs to be better. I feel like I'm starting to repeat myself so I made this one kinda short and stupid :P

I feel like the plot itself is too choppy... I'd really like a different perspective if anyone has time.

aww the hell with it I'm gonna jump cut it and put it here

Yeah, so HALP!
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Well, obviously the big thing this week is the PUP.  Gods...  how can something so amazing and so beautiful be so completely fuckin scary?  I'm sure this feeling will get better as time goes by and I get my brain around it, but here I am at day 3 of knowing there's this growing thing inside me and it is still so surreal.  I keep pinching myself, and I'm still not dreaming...  My mom says I'm overthinking it, and if I don't stop my panic disorder will send me to the hospital.  So here's me, chewing my nails and worrying but trying not to LOL.

I want to get back to writing soon.  I can't take much more of being totally immersed in baby-land.  I want to work on Shuffle, I'm not quite sure how to move forward though.  I've gotten Miroku and Rin out of the house, Sango thinks they are going to Japan but really they went 2 hours away to this place Miroku used to visit when he was a kid.  He's filed for divorce, just about disowned Izumi... handed his wedding band to Sango before he left with Rin...  I had something written where InuYasha calls him bright and early the next morning and is giving him shit about leaving Sango in the middle of the night because Kagome went over there to comfort her leaving him alone at his house...  I haven't looked at that in a while though, cuz I was trying to finish Dolls and then I had those 2 good one shots come out, Take Me With You and Rainy Day.

But just because I haven't been writing my Mir/Rin smut doesn't mean I haven't been writing at all...  I have been writing a journal to the Pup (gods does this make me one of *those* moms??)  So I am talking to... IT, and telling IT everything about these first few days, little details I feel I'm likely to forget...  I don't know how important some things are that I've written down, but I will at least be able to look back and remember everything.

Todays errant thought:  I will probably have a girl because I write lolicon and the gods want me to know the pain of thinking a 17-19 yr old boy would want to touch my very young daughter in a bad way.  However, I'm sure the gods know what I write is fiction and I would NEVER endorse such a relationship if it were reality.  Besides that, Me and Osiris are tight, I don't think he'd let anything like that happen to my kid.  Yeah I consider my gods to be the Egyptian ones, yes I have made offerings, yes I bear the mark of the Eye of Ra over my heart and I know the Egyptian star patterns and make it a point to try and visually see Osiris when I can (Orion is the same constellation, but there are others up there, like the two crowns of Egypt and the sphinx)

I'm rambling.  And its way too early to be up.  I think I'll go back to bed for a while.

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As usual, I'm always late for important things.  I was looking through the doc files on my laptop (got a new one and converting old stuff to my thumbdrives and such)  and I found my epic viking story.  Found the first draft, the rework and the new beginning I wanted to add to it to switch the tone from being told from the heroine's pov to the hero's pov.  I already have almost 2000 words in the new beginning and 14,149 into the main work.  That's like almost half the 50k words right?  It's been years since I looked at it, and the whole thing is based off a dream I had that mde me think it would be a great story.  Is it against the rules to use something you started a long time ago?  I wasn't aware until recently that there were rules at all...  Doesn't matter to me, I could still use this time to work SOLELY on it, and it is an original work, and it IS November.. I think I'll just have to break down and take a look if there is an official website.

OHH now I'm excited about writing again!

Oronok and Lassah ftw!
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So I'm sitting here going through pictures I have on hubs' hard drive, using irfranview (FUCKING YUK! I really need to install PS CS3 on here for serious) anywya, I'm sitting here cropping down pics and stuff to make little I guess profile pics.  Note the yummy Miroku.  Shackled and chained...  and bare chested...  I digress.

My sister found out yesterday that she'll be having a boy around the first of March.  They're gonna name him Luke, and my brother-in-law is already getting the "Luke I am your father" references so much he's ready to puke.  Thank goodness me and my dad associate it more with Cool Hand Luke, although I am a HUGE Star Wars fan, not too many can measure up to Master Luke Skywalker.  But Cool Hand Luke is an everyman type of character.  Geeze what a great movie, and Paul Newman does such a great job in it.

My husband asked me today if this is another fanfiction site and if I'll be writing twice as much.  Oh, and he thinks I'm a total freak since he found my sketch of the "Rinucest" I made for Izz and Plume.  He could never understand why I don't have a problem with a three way involving two half-brothers and a child, so I simply took the sketch and had to hide it from him.  He also didn't care for my sess/kagura make out pic.  In fact I don't think he even likes the dining room I had to draw for school that had our dog sketched in it.  And he wonders why I hole up in my room and don't come out for days.

I haven't blogged in so long it feels like I'm gonna gush if I don't stop now, lol.  I should go unload over at the myspace blog and then come back refreshed.  Maybe I'll post my best works instead!

hey btw, random thought for the day: InuYasha's first movie had that moth guy in it, was I the only one thinking of the Mighty Monarch when I saw those eyebrows?  Cuz I was nearly pissing my pants I was laughing so hard...


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