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[Error: unknown template qotd]I can remember getting an Oscar the Grouch toy my second Christmas (I was almost two years old).  It's fuzzy, but I can remember that.  My earliest clear memory is hearing Van Halen's 'Jump' on the radio and jumping every time it said so in the song.  My dad and I were in the kitchen and he was making spaghetti when it happened.
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I had (still have!) a very old and very loved white polar bear that belonged to my aunt when she was little.  One day while clearing out some stuff in the attic, my mom came across it in a box when I was I guess in the 4th grade.  The thing looked kind of dated and old, but he was just right for me, I loved that he was full of plastic beans and not stuffed stiffly like some toys of that era, so my mom washed him up and even rinsed him in her hair conditioner to make him extra soft and smell extra good, and I took him as my own.  My Aunt couldn't remember what she called him, but I called him Icee, because he's kinda shaped like their logo bear.

Anyway, I had never been attached to any bear or doll or anything ever before, only a blanket when I was really small.  But once I discovered Icee, I began sleeping with him at night, and even when I outgrew that for a while, he was always on my bed.  Eventually, Icee found his way into my closet and got packed away when I moved in with my husband, but now he gets to play with my son, and so Icee has now been loved for three generations. (And I still sleep with a teddy bear, just a much softer version than Icee)

-__- guh

Apr. 20th, 2011 11:49 am
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So I'm working on [ profile] evil_little_dog 's gift exchange fic...

I have started the damn thing 3 different times because I get half way through and then think 'this is dumb'.  I've kept bits I like from each one though...  I just need some time without Joey in my arms to really get back to work on it.  And I have a feeling this is gonna be a long fic.  Not that that's a bad thing, just I haven't written a long fic in a long time.  Definitely not since Joey's been born, and even then I think the last completed chapter fic I wrote was for InuYasha, and I'm burnt out on that fandom right now (unless it involves dogform!Sesshomaru and mate mark sex I'm done!!  Well... maybe some filthy Miroku action 8D)

I guess once I finish this I might step back from writing for a bit.  I've got some banners I need to work on for adult swim's message boards, and unfortunately, Jakotsu's hand isn't going to finish itself.  I'll have to work on the bridge a little too, and find a background.  And I have to find a background for doxie's foreground that doesn't have clouds in it...  Mt. Hakurei episodes, here I come to pull green hills from you.  Also still going through my Darker Than Black screens so when it's time for more shoops for the stoner series they're ready.

hn.  better get to work I suppose ^_^
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Yup. The lady who was training me had a rotten attitude, didn't tell me it was break time, just walked off and left, wouldn't answer my questions, made snotty comments about my cash register abilities in front of customers and told them to excuse my slowness because I was fresh off the unemployment line, and then acted surprised when I told no job was worth putting up with being treated like crap. I threw my nametag at her (with the pin OPEN), in mid transaction with a customer, and stormed out the front waving my middle finger. I felt bad because my step mom worked at the place and kinda got me the job. Thankfully she didn't get into any trouble over it, and they ended up demoting the nasty woman who was training me that day.


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