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I took half of a 10 mg Lexapro because I was terrified to take it.  I actually sat here playing with it for about five minutes before I swallowed it, talking myself into taking it and reminding myself how it was when I began my blood pressure medicine and how I was afraid to take it too at first.  I kept a detailed journal of when I took it and every little thing I experienced (in case of an adverse reaction, and just in case I forgot something or couldn't talk- isn't panic wonderful?). By the time I went to bed, it felt like a switch had been activated, and all the anger and sadness I'd been dealing with for the past week was gone. When I woke up this morning, things were not as irritating to me as they'd been all week- Joey's loudness, Walter's bullshit, the dogs, the weather, etc.  I felt like I was smiling more and worrying a whole lot less- and that's really really great.  So what if I can't drink?  So what if I can't take ibuprofen?  So what if I lose my sex drive? Like I was getting any anyhow! This is much better than I was before and that was only half the dose.  Now that it's been almost 20 hours since I took it, I'm starting to come down a little, but I'm really pleased with the results so far. Nothing as terrifying as I'd made it out to be.  Even had the motivation and energy to do the laundry and really clean the kitchen, though I'm still dealing with some sleepiness from just getting over a sinus infection.  Now if I could just get a job, things would really be on the up and up.

My mom surprised me with paying the other half of the money so I could get a compressor for my van.  My mechanic told me not to say anything because Mom wanted it to be a complete surprise.  Joey's Godmother paid most of it, when we thought it was an alternator I needed.  I go Saturday to get that all fixed- so excited!

Joey's reading like crazy!  I was in 1st grade before I learned to read as good as he's reading.  He says he hates school but his teachers say otherwise, and his grades prove it too.

Snow everywhere jesus! But it's gonna be in the 60's by Thursday.  All I can think of is Chris Farley as El Niño.

Happy Valentines Day to all!
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If you find a comment to a fic you posted to the [ profile] fmagiftexchange back in oh... 2012 or so, that it recently may have gotten a comment. I have a simple explanation!

Work is sometimes really slow. I can't access too many websites (nothing that can be considered social networking or personal email, and nothign 'adult' in nature' but I can access LJ! well, at least most parts of it....) so today I was reading some fics that I had forgotten about (and in some cases forgot to read!) and I discovered ALL KINDS OF GREAT FIC TODAY!  So much good FMA stuff that I haven't read to death.  So if you find an oddball comment on somethign, that's just me perusing old ficage and enjoying the talented writers who contribute to that comm.  Yall are giving me some pretty good ideas too.  There was a team Mustang fic I read that had the most awesome Braeda in it- how did I miss that???  Some of these things are finding their way to my memories tab too, so don't be surprised.

In other news, I have already given up on the July meme (see, it's this lack of commitment as to why I'm still morbidly obese).  Also I had a panic attack that lasted just about all day on the 4th, called out of work and got my ass chewed for it today. Probably gonna get written up for it.  Also almost lost my cool on two customers who had to be the thickest skulled idiots. ugggh.

Tuesday I'm going with my mom, my sister's kids and Joey to Cincinnati.  We're gonig to the aquarium and the zoo and spending the night at the rotating hotel in Newport just across the river.  I'm really excited, it'll be Joey's first time staying overnight at a hotel.  And the kids get free admission to the aquarium if we go after 4. Double bonus.

[ profile] binaryalchemist sent me some Shin Chan BUTT PUDDING!!!! and CANDY BEER!!! and it was amazing. Me and Joey had a blast trying it all out.

Anime recs- Ore Monogatari!! is a shojo series about a giant boy and a petite girl who fall in love with each other after the former rescues the latter from a pervy groper on the train. Really super cute series kinda like Tora Dora without all the Tsundere.  Also check out Gangsta- It just started! It's about a guy with 1 eye and a deaf soldier who are partners for hire who sort of help out/work with a crooked police chief in a dirty scummy city.  It's a lot like Black Lagoon if you've seen that.

Skip the Free dub it's a disaster.  I want to watch Arslan Senki but I'm waiting on the dub- which Funimation didn't seem to fuck up (unlike Free).

OH YEAH- Last week was pretty epic health wise. I started out on Sunday feeling achy and a little lightheaded. Monday I was dizzy and nauseated. By Tuesday the world was spinning so bad I called out of work, then Wednesday I broke down and went to the little clinic at Krogers. Ear infection.  Friday I noticed what I thoguht was a spider bite, Saturday morning it was all swollen and much redder, so I went to the immediate care center.  They give me a different antibiotic than the z pack, but I couldn't get the meds til the next day.  So Sunday while at breakfast with my mom Granny and sister, I notice the leg is twice its size and super red and hot to the touch, also mega tender, so after breakfast I went to the ER and they told me I had cellulitis and it was starting in the other leg.  Super antibiotics prescribed and I'm just now coming off all the medication.  I missed over a week of work.  Craziness!!!
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Strep test came back negative.  Cough is finally letting up some.  He's got some gnarly diarrhea and his tonsils are still huge, but they are not red or pus-sy looking like they were even a few days ago.  He seems worn out, but he's been fighting a lot of stuff off.  Drinking lots and lots and no more orange pee.  I couldn't get his blood work done because the place closed early due to snow, so his doctor said if he's still improving that it's optional if I want to take him to do it.  Still have to bring him in on Thursday or Friday when he finishes the Bactrim, to recheck his ears and look at those tonsils again.  I think I'm going to take him for blood work anyway,  Might help with the tonsil thing, I dunno.  She says if he keeps improving that it's not mono, and if the ears are still bad we may have to consider tubes.  I'd assume a tonsillectomy as well if these things don't go down.  Mom said her tonsils were like that as a kid and she didn't have to have hers removed, but we'll see.  If this is how they react and it's NOT strep, I can't imagine what would happen should he really get strep.  This diarrhea though...  Wonder if they make some children's Imodium or something.

Big Bang is coming along.  I just put chapter 7 in the final folder and am clocking in at 50,800 words.  Got about two chapters to go and an epilogue, so almost done.  And in the middle of all this the Stoner Series is crying out for the strip club fic I'd talked with bay115 about doing.  We'll get to meet the Devil's Nest crew in that installment.

I wish I could apply all this writing to some original characters and make money at this.


Feb. 5th, 2013 01:18 pm
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I spent the morning updating my fic journal (including the collections in the pinned post).  If you'd like to have a look, HERE'S THE LINK!

Also, I have some great recs as well!  [ profile] seta_suzume wrote this AWESOME AMAZING Scar/Rose fic for the Yule round of the [ profile] fmagiftexchange.  Check out This Little Light of Mine!  And THEN she went above and beyond and did some drawbles for my birthday!!  I hope she loves what I did for HER birthday- I am so excited to post it!

[ profile] cornerofmadness wrote me a wonderful little ficlet for my birthday, "Rough Ways" (it's the last one in a list of three, but read all three!)

I don't remember now which tumblr user I follow posted this, but here's a lovely Al/Mei piece called Confirmation Bias.  and here's another one (also from a tumblr user, also an Al/Mei) called Fundamentals, where Al is having trouble grasping the ability to read other people's energy signatures, so Mei decides to take them back to the basics. 2nd chapter is nsfw.


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