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So I never seem to have my camera ready when the antics begin, and 90% of the time I am driving when they happen anyway, so this is an artist's rendition of the event that occurred while I was on my way to work tonight.  Let me set this up:

Shizu-chan and a PEREGRINE FALCON are flying at breakneck speed into this flock of migrating starlings.  I have heard that falcons and hawks are like mortal enemies, but I think that might need to be revised.  The falcon was flying to the back of the flock and chasing the starlings into a panic right at the hawk who was CATCHING THEM and THROWING THEM TO THE GROUND.  I can only assume the falcon was Celty and this was the part where they're surrounded by all those 'children of Saeka' people...

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Yesterday, after thinking maybe Shizuo-Hawk had finally bested Izaya-Crow, I saw poor Shizu-chan sitting on a street light while Izaya's sisters (Kururi & Mairu for anyone keeping score out there) were dive bombing him for information on where to find his hottie little bro (Kasuka, aka Yuuhei).

It was funny because Shizuo-Hawk is just sitting there, like, 'Jeeze these girls... I wish they'd just leave me alone!'  If a bird could slouch and pout, this hawk was doing a great job of it.  Seriously, all he needed was some sunglasses and a cigarette, he had Shizuo's posture down pat!  And the Orihara-Crows were like swooping one after the other in like a figure eight pattern: 'Shizu-chaaaaaaan!  We heard Yuuhei is gonna be in town!  Tell us where or we'll send Nii-san down to pester youuuuuu!'

Today Shizuo flew over with a mouse or something in his talons.  He almost dropped it because the thing was squirming and throwing his flight off balance.  Joey looked up and said 'Plane!' when he went over, lol.  I told him that it was a bird, a hawk, and he shook his head and said 'Plaaaaane!'  My kid: he is adorable, but not correct.  Can't believe he's gonna be 2 next week.  So cool and bittersweet at the same time.

I ad something else to share but I'm damned if I can remember what the hell it was...  My memory is so awful.
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So I forgot the camera AGAIN -___- #  But here's an artist's rendition of the afternoon's events. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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I like to keep an eye on the little critters that run around in the yard and feed the birds and stuff, so when I started noticing a particularly cocky crow and a red tailed hawk going at it nearly twice a day, I named the crow Izaya and the hawk Shizuo.  Here's what they were up to today.

Shizu-chan was minding his own business like he always does.  He was eating something (looked like another bird or maybe a mouse) over in the grass by the wall next to the expressway.  It's not often I see him actually eat, so it was cool to see.  All the sudden here comes Izaya, landing like 10 feet away and strutting slowly up.

And you know I speak bird right?  Here's what went down:

Izaya- Heeeeey Shizu-chan!  Nice grub ya got there.  Did you catch that all by yourself or did that 98 F150 help you mow it down first.

Shizuo- Why do you always gotta show up, Izaya?  You piss me off!! *spreads wings menacingly*

Izaya- *crow laughter* OOOOoooh! Flexing for me?  Must want my number pretty bad-

Shizuo- *crying out LOUDLY and rushing toward Izaya* IIIIZAAAAAAAYYAAAAAA!!!!!!!

They fly off and tussle in the air, Shizuo getting in a good kick with one talon tipped foot.  He comes back to his dinner but doesn't stay long and was off back to the field up by the road to hunt again.  And Izaya came swooping back over to pick at what was left, then he left too, cackling and cawing up in a tree for a while.  I always forget to take pictures of them, I will try to remember next time I see them.  Wonder if I should get a sign for my backyard that says Ikebukuro on it XDDDD


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