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Completed questionnaire (I guess you have to do it in photoshop or some kind of graphic program, meh)

And if YOU'D like to do it, HERE'S a blank one!

In other news, I started back on Weight Watchers today (not the group meetings because I can't afford to go, but I'm doing the momentum program I did a couple of years ago before I got pregnant).  I'm off to a great start, counting every point and so far not feeling hungry.  I'm also going to the YMCA tonight for my first Zumba class.  I'm kinda scared.  I told nightlove1 yesterday that I'm afraid I will get worn out and won't be able to do the whole hour, that everyone will stare at me for being the biggest person there, or I just plain won't like it.  Also, it will be Joey's first time going to daycare of any kind.  He's been so super extra mega cranky lately that I'm afraid and embarrassed to pawn him off on someone else, but I HAVE to do something physical.  Unfortunately no matter how fast or long I type, I'm not burning any calories sitting in this chair.  And since I hate February, what a great time to start doing things I don't like, such as limiting what I can eat and sweating.

I need something to inspire me to stay on track. Ultimately I want to be able to play with Joey and make HIM more active.  He's already on his first diet!  *sigh* I swore I would never let that happen to him.  Anyway, I have visions of us doing Tae Kwon Do or Kenpo together when he's older. Akido is what I'd really like to do, but I have to drop some weight before any of that can even be a realistic thought.

Star Wars game is such a let down that I haven't played in 2 days.  I played for like a month solid and here I am right back with cruising the same 4-5 sites and doing fan fic and arts.  Wow Bioware, way to drop the fuckin ball.  Give me a call when you get your shit together and take this seriously.  Until then I'm cancelling my subscription.
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Weird fuckin dreams man....  weeeeeeeiiiird. I will detail them under the cut.  When I woke up I was playing around on facebook on my phone waiting for te baby to wake up and I found out my best friend from 6 yrs. old on into my 20's, his dad passed away in a motorcycle accident.  I don't know any of the details yet, as I haven't been able to get in touch with either my friend or his brother (whom I was just as close to) but what a shitty way to start the new year, I believe he died on New Year's Day...

craziness! )
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I found Kimblee running around on Balmorra with me!


Just wanted to share!
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My early game access invite came this morning!  I will be taking a break from fic for a while, though all of my gift exchanges and fest pieces are finished and ready to post. 

Enough yammering, I'm going to go play now!!!!!!


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