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My little Pea...  I took him to the doctor on 1/13 because he'd woken up in the middle of the night the night before screaming that his ears were hurting and running a really high fever.  The doctor put him on Cefdinir because I suspect he's allergic to penicillin (he broke out in a rash like chicken pox that went away after I stopped giving it to him).  A week later, there was no improvement in his ears and he now had a bad brochitis like cough so I took him to the immediate care center (the pediatrician's office was closed because of weather).  His throat also looked very streppy and his tonsils looked like they were touching each other O__O.  They put him on Bactrim, and today I took him tot he pediatrician again because this throat is not improving at all and the cough is just awful and not getting any better.

Dr says his ears are still infected, that she's pretty sure that though the rapid test didn't show it, that he's got strep.  But he doesn't have a fever so we're both scratching our heads.  He doesn't have pneumonia thank heavens, but when I asked her "Well then what does he have?"  She was quiet a moment, then asked what his age was, then thought a moment more...  She thinks he could have mono.  I had mono when I was 4 1/2 and almost died, so now I'm extremely worried about him.  She tells me not to worry, that she will do the long test for the strep and for now we'll let him finish the bactrim and look in his ears again after he's finished with that.  She mentioned tubes in his ears if the infection doesn't go away.  I'm an emotional mess right now.

She gave me an order for bloodwork but I'm not sure where in the hospital I have to take it, I will ask her tomorrow when I call her for the results of the strep test.  [ profile] cornerofmadness could you translate for me?  It says:

EBV profile, CBC
cmv799(maybe 'qq'), cmv 7gm
re: pharyngitis

Deep breaths.  Everything is curable Sammy says.  I will do a healing ritual at the altar and say some prayers.  Everything will be fine I'm sure but man I hate crying in the meantime.
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Here's what I sound like right now: "Hullo. My nameb is Stuffy McSinus-Infection. Whend I woke up this morbning I couldn'd breed out my nose because evryding was stobbed up tight.  Den I sneezed and lods of blood cambe out."

Seriously, I thought it was just a nosebleed because I've been blowing and honking like a goose around here.  No, I made kleenex tampons for my nose and was coughing out the bloody mucous draining down the back of my throat.  At one point it looked like ALL blood and no snot.  It finally stopped but I feel awful.  And fuck work for trying to make me feel bad for not coming in for 2 days.  I've been running a fever and coughing with what will eventually be bronchitis and snotting up the place.  I even texted a picture of the prescription so they'd see I went to the doctor, that didn't impress them.  Whatever.  I go in on Sunday, hopefully I will be feeling better by then, but if not, I'll be staying home and they can either fire me or deal with it.

Anyone doing the Bitcoin thing?  Walt set it up and we had over $200 worth, so we cashed them in and are fuckin rocking the Christmas lists.  Got Joey his tablet, got him some desperately needed pajamas, an Angry Birds game that you don't play on a device, got cliff some awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles Stuff.  Christmas is going to be awesome.  Stuff has started coming in from our online orders and I've been wrapping them and just squeeing festively.  My tree looks stupid but it's alright for now.  When stuff goes on clearance after Christmas I might work on it.  half the lights don't work and it's a new string, and I can't find the spare bulbs to try to fix it Just found the spares to the second string, they were still attached to the plug! We're all lit up again!. My stockings however are great looking, and my yule altar is looking good.  In fact, I just got a chalice for it off ebay, it should arriving today or tomorrow.

OMG ice storm!  Seriously, did we really NEED a mess like this?  People in Louisville freak out when a single flake falls, you can imagine how crazy it was when they heard there would be ice and possible power outages.  Thank goodness we still have power and plenty of food.

Had my first dream about Braeda.  It was nothing like my headcanon.  In it, I met his father, who has deformed hands but a good heart (in contrast to the soulless bastard who knocked up Braeda's mother and left them at the first hint of her pregnancy that I write), and he had 2 brothers, one that was their father's care giver and one that was a real jerk.  We were having a big dinner with both of our families, kind of like a summer cookout or something.  My father, who has black hair again and holding a baby girl that's about a year old, says something to the effect of "I heard my little girl is sweet on you."  I got real embarrassed and walked away because apparently I hadn't even confessed how I felt to him yet.  He kinda looked at me and grinned, then told my dad "Well, I'm kinda sweet on her.  You raised a fine woman."  At some point I run into the jerk brother and he starts trying to come on to me like a creep and then Braeda saves me from him, and we go into this pantry like room and we're doing paperwork of all things.  He tells me to unlock some drawer and I was getting confused as to what he wanted me to do with the lock and I said, "I'm sorry, I'm kind of a virgin when it comes to this!"  And he laughed at me and replied "C'mon now, you're no virgin!"  Then he got up and took the lock out of my hands and set it on the desk there and said "I heard you bought rubbers.  Are they open?"  I said No, that I was saving them for something special, and he said something like what?  and I was going to say "For us..." just as I woke up, and I might have actually said it out loud- thank god Walt wasn't in the room because he would be mad at me for dreaming about an anime character like that and accuse me of cheating. *eyeroll*  I tried to go back to sleep but that's when the blood volcano in my face decided to erupt.  Now we're full circle!

Had a grocery store steal milk off my WIC card- complained to the company and never heard back from them, not an apology, not a voucher for like $5 free, NOTHING.  Never going back there, it's called Price Le$$ Foods.  They will fuck you over if you're not careful.

HOLIDAY CARDS!!!!  If you want one, please comment at THIS POST (it's screened) and if you want to send one back just let me know and I'll give you my address.  Let me know by the 14th because I'll have stamps and be mailing these out by then.
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Dear lord...  Craziness on the dreamscape again.

So before I went to sleep, I was thinking of how I could do an InuYasha/Kenshin crossover fic, because in Kenshin, so many people claim the Battousai is a demon, and I knew he couldn't be Sess' son, but maybe he could be a grandson or even one of InuYasha's descendants.  And at some point after he is with Kaoru, Sess could appear to him and explain to him what happened to his parents and how he came to be in the care of Seijuro Hiko, etc.

So why then when I went to sleep did I keep playing out different scenarios for fan fic from BONANZA?  I don't even really watch that, Walt watches it and I kind overhear it (Though Adam Cartwright is a hottie for 60's tv).  It had someting to do with a guy racing along the tops of the buildings and firing a Gatling gun (which that came from the Kenshin thoughts because I was trying to place when Sess should meet Kenshin, and I thought about changing it to Sess being related to Aoshi since they are so much alike... whic the first fight between Aoshi and Kenshin is over that Gatling gun)  Anyway, I kept sorta waking up I guess and thinking DO NOT EVEN THINK OF WRITING BONANZA FAN FIC.  NO. DO NOT WANT.  And I thought briefly about writing Game of Thrones fan fic, which I'd rather do if I'm gonna pick up a new series to write for.  But I kept going back to Virginia City and the Gatling guy.  At least I wasn't dreaming about being pregnant again or having a second baby.

Joey is doing 110% better, I'm still not feeling very well.  Today though was the first time in a few days that I'd woken up with ability to breathe through my nose.  Hopefully these sinus pills from Walgreens will clear me up and then I can concentrate on this tickly cough. I need to be clear so I can go to Cincinnati on Tuesday for a funeral.  I guess I better wash my 'funeral outfit' so it's ready to go.  And I don't think I have any clean pairs of jeans either... must just be time to do laundry again XD
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I had a little head cold back around New Years,Read more... )

If you want to see pics of my new dog clicky on the cut!
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So I got some kind of hellacious head cold, probably was a sinus infection with a side of Bronchitis.  I asked my sister (who is 8 months pregnant) what I should take over the counter, because I get this shit every year and I'm not going to a dr. everytime it freakin happens.  She says anything Tylenol makes is okay to take.  So I start taking the super severe sinus decongestant.  I tell my pharmacist friend what I'm taking and he says NO! don't take that it's got phenylephidrine or something like that in it, take Mucinex instead!  So now I don't have any idea what to take.  I ask the pharmacist at Walgreens, he says buy a netipot and wait it out.  The pharmacist at Kroger says take Sudephed, which I thought was a big no no.  My obgyn said the tylenol was okay but don't take the severe formula, take the normal strength... 

I am still taking the severe formula because I am simply miserable and this has to end soon.  I've been sleeping in a chair at night because I can't lay flat, and I don't want to keep my husband up with all this coughing.  I have only been sleeping like an hour or so at a time, because I sleep then my lungs get full of crud then I spend 30 minutes coughing it up and then 30 minutes blowing my nose, and by then I'm not tired anymore...  Last night I coughed so hard I threw up my dinner.  I'm so damn miserable.... I had to cancel my birthday and I can't go to my sister's baby shower more than likely this weekend.  And what's the deal with everyone saying to take different meds? shouldn't there be a definitive list that everyone gets?  it seems like it's all guess work when it comes to OTC meds.

Sorry to whine I know you guys have your own problems.  Hope the butthurt goes away, sometimes people are just asshats who don't have anything better to do than stir shit up. 

OH! while at Walgreens bickering with the pharmacist, I picked up this pee test called Intelligender.  It says it's 80% accurate, so we'll see if it's true or not, but according to that test, I'm having a girl.  I really hope it's a girl.  We should know in about 6 more weeks for sure what it is. 


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