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[ profile] gretchen8642wrote an entry to the [ profile] fma_fic_contest community titled "Adonis Burned" and asked if I would do a manip for it, so here it is!  (View at full size, that's always best!)

adonis burned
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I love Braeda and Christmas together.  They make me squee X3

I imagine they share this look a lot lol

You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'? ;) )
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So I posted some wallpapers the other day.  Well, the one I made for myself, the Sano one with the giant zanpatou, was kinda... sucky.  I was trying to recreate the kenshin one in green and somehow I ended up with somethign I didn't like, even though I tried to live with it for a few days.

Well, I closed my eyes and though about what I wanted to see, and I made it happen.  Took a lot of reworking, but I am much more pleased with this version than that 1st novice version.  Given my skills I am ashamed of that first one.

HERE it is, in all is 1700x 1083 pixel glory.  Even made it so Sano's looking at you and smirking, like "I'm comin' for you next, punk!"  Or, if you're a pervert like me, you can think of it as his rape face.  I have a weapon kink anyway, so I'll be sitting in panty puddles all day long now XD

On a more professional note, I finally got to sit down with my friend and discuss the ins and out of our new business.  This morning I got our logo drawn up and our email address going.  I'm not sure when I'll be able to start, I have to talk to Cliff to see about HIM getting HIS work schedule stabllized before I can just jump in.  I'm actually looking forward to doing it and getting back out in the work force.  And it'll be cash in hand work which is even better for me.  Wanna see the logo?   I made it so big so that when it's shrunk down for business cards and stuff it's not blurry or anything.  SO EXCITED!!
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Dunno how many of my flist are Rurouni Kenshin fans, but I made a wallpaper from the manga, Had to color that goddamn kimono by hand, couldn't do it in the "coloring book" style...  Anyway, it turned out pretty good, so if you wanna take a look or steal it for yourself, go ahead :)

LINKY it's 1600 something pixels by I think 1200 something, so it's pretty big

ETA: Here's a SANO one too.  Not as good as the Kenshin one imo, but I love Sano.
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So [ profile] missyquill  , my beta supreme on my Braeda/Chris fic, been writing this great angsty Royai fic (that makes me want to give Riza Hawkeye the beatdown of her life) and she asked me to make her a banner for it.  Well... it's not really a banner, I could shrink it if you like chickie, but I kinda made a larger graphic instead.  Actually I made 2 (plus you large Maes, so really three XD)

Full banner

Without the overlay (and Uncle Braeda in the background)

Where all the pic pieces came from )

I had to draw in the floor, most of the bedrails and shadows, all correct to perspective (YAY!! drafting skills going to use!)

Hope you like it!  Hope it's what you were picturing!
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Don't go

(A manip I made for this story, both images from episode 48, back ground from Darker than Black episode 1)

TITLE: In the Purple Haze of Dawn
AUTHOR: Sonja Jade
CHARACTER(S): Braeda/Christmas
SUMMARY: He’d never asked her for any details regarding her ‘professional’ life, now he’s wondering why she’s asking questions about his history.
RATING/WARNINGS: NC17, total smutfest middle-end.  Sorta waffy smut though.

*** I don’t own the series Fullmetal Alchemist or the characters within***



"Please let me be the one to tell Grumman..." )
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This was my first shoop mixing the screens I took from Darker Than Black and FMA:B.  I think it turned out fairly well!  The fan on the wall was a photograph from google, Roy's body if from the second episode of DTB, the villain whose payment is arranging those rocks (I forget his damn name!!).  The bonzai tree is from 1st episode and the background is from I think episode 11... it was the first one with Gai and the otaku girl.

Anyways, this is the illustration/shoop for my [ profile] fma_fic_contest  entry "Space Cadet Blues".  Here's the fic in case you missed it!

Title: Space Cadet Blues (Or, Children Sell the Darndest Things!)
Author: Sonja Jade
Series: Brotherhood
Word Count: 997
Rating: T
Character(s): Ed, Ling, Roy, Braeda, Havoc
Summary: Kimblee’s weirdness is just too much for the Tres Amigos.  Goes with the Answer That! stoner series [ profile] seatbeltdrivein   has been writing and I’ve been illustrating.
Warnings: Language, drug use/sale, a little racist (but not in a mean way, and Ling says the things himself)
Author's Notes: I have no excuse for this other than it makes me all sentimental about my youth.  And I guess since SBDI started this, it must give her the same feeling XD


It's um.. Bob. I'm here uh, about the uh... the dandelions. )
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Ling and Edward hit the stoner scene in the next installment that's in the works!  This is a teaser pic  :3

HERE is the link to the original background!
Epic Imagery!!! )
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It's pretty big, so here's the link instead...

Fic can be read here!

Thanks to [ profile] seatbeltdrivein  for fic and inspiration XD
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ROY-BOY!  Thank you Dr. Knox for your generous body donation.  I even put a box of marlboro smooth's in his pocket XDDDD
cut for epic imagry )
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What stoner doesn't have a pink floyd shirt?? XD


Thank you Sig Curtis for letting me gank your body again.
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[ profile] seatbeltdrivein wrote a masterpiece for the [ profile] fma_fic_contest  prompt 'High School AU', called "Answer That!(and stay fashionable!)"

It was so incredibly awesome and reminded me so much of my own high school years that I was inspired to make an epic shoop for her that I have since made my wallpaper LOL.  I think I'm gonna iconize it too XD

ETA:  Icon made! YAY!


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