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Joey wanted a Plants Vs Zombies cake.  I combed the internet looking for cake things and couldn't find anything.  So I made my own with some cardstock and toothpicks!! And they're all printed on both sides.  I added party hats and presents and balloons in photoshop and I am squealing at how well this turned out!! Had to share!
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Here's a link to my facebook album so you can seeeeeeee!!!!!

OMG.  I saw Fullmetal Fantasy.  GREED I WANT TO HAVE YOUR BABIES.  And Vic Mignogna is a really sweet person, even if you can pick his voice out of anything he ever does.
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This was hilarious XDDDDDDDD
7 great voice actors doing different voices while reading the script for Star Wars: A New Hope. The hilarity begins at 5:30, but I fell apart at the 2nd scene when Maurice LaMarche did his William Shatner impression for C3PO and this other guy who I didn't recognize did his Christopher Walken impression for R2D2 XDDDDD

Do you remember The Cantina scene? When Dr. Evasan lost his arm to Obi Wan's lightsaber? OMFGROFLMAO John DiMaggio did his Paul Lynde for him XDDDDDDD
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Or maybe my friend's family is just lots bigger than I expected O__O

There was a SUPER narrow, one way driveway that led to a JAM PACKED tiny parking lot.  Once I managed to cram the Imperial Cruiser (my black minivan) into a spot, I walked up to the building and people are staring at me... I thought maybe I had a booger hanging on my face or something...  When I walked in, I noticed there was only ONE funeral.  All these people were here to see my friend's dad's memorial service.  So I'm looking through the THRONGS of PEOPLE, most of whom are just STANDING in the hallway and others are crammed into the viewing room and I don't recognize one person.  Thankfully, my friend comes over to me and I give him a hug and he and his wife point me in direction of some food and where his brother is.  By the time Joey and I weave down there, I discover that the tiny lounge is also packed with people I don't know.  I hung around long enough to chat with both brothers, I saw their mom for a moment and then made my exit after signing the guest book.  I was sweating so bad because my hair was down (I always pull it back but I thought it would be cooler and less crowded, and I wanted to look a little dressy; and also it got up to 65 degrees.  In fucking January. WTF.

This was the first time I'd ever been to a visitation where there was no body.  He'd been cremated and his box of ashes had a personalized candle sitting on it.

Here's a pic of Joey and I before we left and I got all sweaty.


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