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I have good days and bad days with it, but I've branched out and started talking to more and more characters and I have 79 followers!  I also have a ton of great reaction pics (hard to do with a minor character... And does anyone know what episode Braeda goes to Marcoh's place? I don't remember and I want to cap some scenes).  Here's a quick little convo between me and a Winry!
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Since there's so much interesting stuff on it, I'd thought I'd share!
cut for those who could care less what my computer looks like )

Also in things you didn't know you cared about: I changed my tumblr name to skittletitts XD
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For those who don't know, my real life name is Jenny.  My mom actually asked if I made this ^//////////^  I said "NO!"
Mom: Well I know you're sorta proud of your... uh, talents.
SJ: Mom, just because I write smut doesn't mean I practice my fellatio skills at the dinner table, or anywhere else!
Mom: I know yo're my little girl, but let's face t, you're a grown woman now.  I'm sure yo're pretty good at this kind of thing by now.
SJ: OMG MOM WHY ARE WE TALKING ABOUT THIS!?!?!?! *blushes to her hairline*
Mom: Awww, still adorablly shy about sex even at 30 ^__^

so yeah.  online I can say whatever with no shame.  When it comes to someone actually talking to me about 'stuff like that' in person or on the phone I get all shy and reserved XD 
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XDDDDD  Drunk people do the silliest things!  Head canon says schnapps is a new thing and Chris waits til she's 3 sheets to the wind to try it.  Braeda thinks it's the funniest thing he's ever seen XD


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