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In other news, I have a panel on Japanese music and instruments that I'll be presenting at Sukoshicon's Louisville Anime Weekend the weekend after I start my new job. If anyone would like to contribute or have a hand in helping me make a meaningful and well put-together hour long presentation, I have the file up in Google slides (because I have a Chromebook I will be using to present it with). Here's the link if you're interested!!
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In phone training this week.  Discovered a thing called "D RING" and we begin to giggle like children.  Add to that our training mentioning somethign about changing a person's phone book listing from Bob Jones to BJ and we're dying.  I love this place.
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The latest weather models predict Louisville getting up to two feet of snow.  We just got rid of about that much (had fallen over the course of a week).  Work has already reminded us that we are considered a utility and need to report in if we can.  Last time this happened, people's cars slid off into ditches and driveways were unpassable.  I even missed a day and a half myself.  Really trying to get a full 2 weeks in on my paycheck, but we'll see what happens. Maybe it won't be as bad as they're saying.

Got to do one on one talks with the mentor team at work.The first guy basically asked me if I had any questions, how I fwlt I was doing in training, if I needed any help with anything in particular.  Nice guy but I didn't really feel like I connected with him.  The second guy, a very handsome black man with a beautiful beard, took me down to the mentor office and let me listen to one of my own calls (embarrassing!!) and we scored the call together as if we were doing the quality assurance survey.  I killed it in some areas- addressing the problem and asking the right questions to get to the bottom of the problem, great tone of voice and friendliness, yet professional at the same time.  But then I failed in other areas- I didn't properly summarize the call or close it correctly (though I had been almost all day, this call was a fluke). Anyway, after talking to him, I felt MUCH better about how I'm doing. He said he has people up on the floor who have finished their training who don't sound as good as I do on the phone.  Dead air was a major issue, and I explained that I had a mock call where I got huge points taken off for being too personable.  He said that I will find a happy medium eventually, but that I'm donig really great and not to worry.  He's so nice as well as good looking. Need more like him in this world.

Pretty sure Joey's got his elementary school assignment, but it's not official yet. The two magnet schools I signed him up for denied him as there was no space left for him, so likely it will be his home school which is St. Matthews Elem.  Heard mixed reviews about it, but I don't have the patience or availability to home school him, so it's off to there next summer.

I got a new phone yesterday that I ordered through Kroger's wireless program, now today I had to send it back because the fucking thing is already broken.  It was working just fine yesterday, now today I couln't get it to turn on or anything.  This is why I can't have nice things.  It'll be a week before I get the new one, so I'm gong without service for a few days.  oh well.  Not paying $40 for one more month of virgin mobile.

My Attack on Titan lanyard came! Now I can geek out at work in style wheeee!  You can buy one too for the low, low price of $3,67 with free shipping! (I paid $4!)
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I made more money today- JUST TODAY- than in some bi-weekly checks I got at Lane Bryant.  After training I get 75 cents more on the hour for the shift differential, then $1 extra on weekends.  AND I'll be able to take a vacation around Walt and Joey's birthdays (which is good because this year it's milestones for both of them, 5 and 40)- and it will be be a PAID vacation, something I think I have forgotten how to do lol.

Something I DEFINITELY forgot about was how long 8 hours actually is.  I haven't worked full time in YEARS.  This is gonna take some getting used to, especially when I move up to 10 hr days.  Everyone seems really nice, found out several people watch Attack on Titan and I made a few buddies!  It's not so scary now, but last night I had a panic attack that manifested as dizzy spells.  Also had a stress/panic headache most of the day.  The room they had us in was much too warm and very stuffy, and in the damned basement.  Thankfully today was the only day we were in that room.

They fed us Jersey Mike's subs- considerably better than Subway, only because they didn't put lettuce on them before hand.  I hate lettuce.  I really am looking forward to being with them for a long time- our trainer started getting promotions after about 6 months.  Right now, I'm about as exhauted as I can be.  It was a TON of info to take in all in one day, and we haven't even started learning about what we'll eb doing, it was all paperwork and talking about the benefits and stuff.

fun fact- I can access LJ and tumblr from work, but not facebook or my email...
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I signed papers and everything so it's legit this time!  I'll be working for Charter Communications and making more than I've ever made in my entire life!  The salary is on par with the mattress palce that kept dicking me around- plus I get some pretty freakin sweet perks, like FREE INTERNET CABLE AND LANDLINE PHONE, as well as gym privlidges at work and a personal fridge inside my giant locker!  I'll be doing service troubleshooting in a call center setting, full time with really awesome benefits, and I will be working 4 days a week, 10 hrs each day.

Serious celebrating will be had when that first pay check comes in, and by celebrating I mean catching up bills and getting gad in my van lol.
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Okay, I started my 34th year of life with a much too early wake time, then packing up Joey and going to the damned WIC office.  Then I took him to school, then worked a little on the fish tank, then Walt took me for Chinese for lunch.  I started getting a stress migraine and figured I'd take an ibuprofen, come home and take a nap because light sensitivity and just being tired really sucks, AND I started my stupid period!  So just as I was about to kick my shoes off and go lay down, the phone rings.  It's mattress company #1, who wants to do a final interview at 2 if I can make it.  I say absolutely, this is the one that pays more and is a locally owned business.  So instead of lying down, I change my clothes and brush my teeth and go on to the interview.  The man who is doing the interview was at my first interview- it is his store we borrowed.  I told him it was my birthday and he said he would do his best to get me the job for my birthday lol.  We talked about the postion, he showed me th training manual and asked me how comfortable I was with the materials and explained that if I was offered the position, they would walk me through computer training and all that, showed me the book we'd be using, etc. etc.

At the end of it, he says "I 'm gonna email (district manager) and tell her I think we can stop looking.  You're confident, serious, and willing and able to learn- I think you just got your birthday present!"  So I'm trying not to freak out and just thanking him over and over.  He said he was going to specifically ask for me to be hired and that the district manager rarely refuses his requests for people.  I told him he didn't really have to give me the job because it was my birthday.  He said I got it for 2 reasons- because I'm willing to learn and am taking the position seriously, and that the day I came in for the first interview, when I asked him how he liked his job and my willingness to talk to him, even though he wasn't who I would be interviewing with that day, really made an impression on him. Bottom line-


Middle class here I come!!!  No more struggling to pay for gas, no more having to go without medcines because we can't afford them!  SWEEET SWEEET VICTORY AT LAST!!!

And quitting Lame Bryant was so awesome.  I told them I wanted to quit face to face because there was no hard feelings between me and them, and the manager said "So you're going to make me work open to close tonight?"  And I replied "You haven't given me any hours since Dec. 30 and then you want me to come work on my birthday?  I think we're even."  It felt so good to tell them to fuck off.  I didn't go in there to burn my bridges but that was ridiculous.  Then I came home, had birthdya pizza and birthday cake!  All is well on the homefront at last!!!
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It's been a busy week!  Monday I went to the dentist and had 2 teeth worked on, and according to the dentist, next month all my bad problem teeth should be fixed!  My entire mouth will be cavity free for the first time in decades!  SO excited!

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Aaaaaaand I've written a fucking book.  Happy New Year everyone!


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