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Also check out this post I reblogged on tumbr for more on the context of the above dialogue.

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Okay, so I'm pretty active on the Adult Swim message boards for InuYasha (because we're awaiting the Final Act's dub release).  For my non-american friends, we have a television channel on cable and satellite called Cartoon Network, and from 9pm - 6am, they air programming intended for adults and call the block Adult Swim.  They have shows like Family Guy and American Dad, some original programs, and on Saturdays they air anime, namely Bleach, FlCl, FMA:B, Cowboy Bebop, Big O, InuYasha, and I'm sure I'm forgetting a few (and some of the other series they used to air were awesome too like Samurai Champloo and Trigun and NGE...)  I do banners for the FMA and IY boards and design icons sometimes... 

Anyway, so the InuYasha boards decided to do a fan fic contest but in order to be able to judge them fairly we all had to pick alt names.  I won't say what my name is in case I have friends who are also doing the contest (or judging!)  In any case, they can't get their shit straight on the rules.  First it's 10k words with no theme, now they say they're revising the rules... I don't know wtf...

HERE'S the link to the thread. 

Am I stressed about nothing?  Should I even do it?  I'm at a loss.
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Over on adult swim's message boards there was some talk about what would our favorite characters look like... with mustaches.  So after seeing some crappy ones, I made some good ones. (although I will share the one of Miroku that I died laughing at)

silly pictures )
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Title: On Moonbeams and Cloud Bursts
Author: SonjaJade
Genre: A little H/C, a little Romance
Rating: PG
Character(s): Kohaku x Sessmom
Word Count: 843

Warnings: Un-beta’d, please forgive my horrible tense errors, I tried to catch them all, but I’m sure I missed a few
Summary: Masami sometimes longs to indulge her demon instincts…
Prompt: Missing Out



He chuckles as he thinks himself like a flea. )


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Ganked from [ profile] seatbeltdrivein 

List your top ten (10) favorite characters from a single book/film/tv programme, etc, and answer the following questions.

I am choosing: InuYasha, because I need to show them some love XD

In no specific order:

1 - ♥♥♥Miroku♥♥♥
2 - Sesshomaru
3 - Sango
4 - Kikyo
5 - InuYasha
6 - Rin
7 - Inupapa
8 - Byakuya
9 - Jakotsu
10 - Renkotsu

Things you may or may not care to read X3 )
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It's been a while since I wrote any IY stuff, so here's a little drabble I was inspired to write this morning.

***I don’t own the series InuYasha or the characters within***


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I name my new dog Koga and I shoop my baby into pup!InuYasha.... 

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well, many rotations later, I finally got Inu's head angled right. Now I'm experimenting with the rest of his body.

Here's where I kinda stopped...

And here's where I'm planning on taking it (roughly sketched in)

I want lots of blood.

Tell me things like: Is Kagome's body out of proportion with her head?
I know Inu's hand and all is not in the right proportion yet but I don't have a reference pic, so I'm kinda winging it.


Alright, still working on the age thing. but look at how much better her mouth looks!! And Inu doesn't look quite so scary anymore, Kag's body is alot closer to proportion now... it's getting there *Sigh*
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OK, so I'm a drawing freak right now!! Good news though! this one has nothing to do with a baby! YAY!!!

So I'm not extremely thrilled with this piece, but I REALLY really wanted to do a pic of either Inu or Sess marking their mate. I was hoping to get some feedback and see what kinds of improvements I need to make before I get too far along here.

The marking itself: as I envision it, demon goes FERAL, not true form, and bites their mate. the four fang marks are the most prevailant in the mark, with the lesser teeth marks (the front teeth on top and bottom), and then when marking only, the tip of the tongue goes razor sharp and the biter's name is carved within the bite, kinda like an egyptian cartouche where the name is encircled.

If anyone would like to take this and work on it, I will credit you on my paperdemon acct, I don't mind colab-ing on a drawing! might be fun!

So here it is: "MARK ME!!!"

Mark Me
clicky for bigger view. I'm NOT happy with Kag's hair. or her face... or her doughy body. uggh...


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