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For my friends who were not with me when I was pregnant, I had an unusual amount of dreams featuring Miroku from InuYasha, where he insisting that he was the father of my child.  He went on to tell me in my dreams that when he would be born, his eyes would be the same violet blue like his own.  The posts are up here somewhere (go back to end of 2009-2010).  Anyway, Took this picture of Joey in the bathtub last night because it made me think of my anime husband.

The bangs and the little rat tail- apart from the hell hole missing from his hand, he is his father's son lol.  And while Joey doesn't have the same love of rumps as Miroku, he adores boobs and is a crafty little swindler.

In other news, once the endless rain finally stopped, a heatwave took its place.  While the tomatoes are loving the heat and sunshine, I would rather go back to the endless rain.  At least it was cooler and the humidity wasn't nearly as bad believe it or not.

Vet bills are expensive. I go to the cheapest vet in town and they're still expensive.  Bruno needs blood work because they put him on a pain reliever for his arthritis and they need to check his liver levels. Can't do that til Tuesday, but he runs out of pills tomorrow... thankfully they worked out something with me so that's good. Still have 3 animals that need to go to the vet and still haven't made it there because of dealing with Bruno so much.

Can't wait for school to start so I can finally start getting some stuff accomplished regarding big bang. Joey is such a handful when he's home it's awful. August 12th is on its way though soon, I just need to hang in there a bit longer!
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Can't you see it?? He's got his daddy's goofy, pervy traits but his mommy's seriousness and diplomacy!
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One of the vice admins said it has to be okay for 13 yr olds XD
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I could NOT sleep last night.  I kept thinking about cooking and going to my sister's house and how to fit Joey's schedule into all of that, and it was well after 2 am when I finally dozed off only to reawaken at 6:30 to go pee.  Then I didn't fall back asleep until about 8, and I slept until 10.  The first chunk of sleep was dreamless, and that's fine because sometimes you just need to sleep and have no damn adventures.

sexy times on the dreamscape, click if you dare! )
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Alright, so I've been sitting in bed most of the day fighting against my queasiness and trying to keep my feet propped up because they are already swelling kinda bad. The TV doesn't work in here so I've been reading lots of fan fics on my blackberry. (and spending some time with my "little friend" while zoning out on Pink Floyd)

So I've been reading lots of Mir/San, Mir/Kag and plain old Mir smut. (no yaoi though, that's just wrong and several different levels for me.)

Then I decided to get up and watch some of the old episodes, like the two parter where he eventually asks Sango to marry him, and the one where this girl tells her intended that Miroku took her virginity and Sango almost breaks off their engagement... I am completely taken with houshi-sama and his voice (which his Japanese and English voice actors sound ALOT alike) and his lecherous actions.... Gods, I would love to find myself being asked to bear his child. It's bad when I've had dreams about him, and can imagine what his hands would feel like, how his robes feel, how his hair feels in my fingers, what his beads feel like... >shivers< Miroku, I know you're not real, and I know you'd never look twice at a fatty like me, but know you bring this fangirl immense happiness and endless scenarios with which to fill her own smutty stories with.


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