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I get a treat at the grocery store occasionally called Botan Rice Candy.  It kinda tastes like those gummy oranges but it's wrapped in rice paper and sometimes it's really hard to chew, like old caramel.  Anyway, you always get a sticker in every pack, and this time I got a kanji sticker!

but I don't have a clue as to what it says...  Someone help!
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I started a fic thinking Riza had shipped Hayate off somewhere safe before the promised day, only to realize later that she doesn't.  And since I don't own the series, could someone tell me if they know when (if any time) she leaves him behind? And with whom if she does?  Or is he there the whole time or what?  Kinda a big deal in this story to know those details.  (Guess I coudl always write in the notes that this is a teensy bit AU, but I still wanna know)

Much appreciation if you know these things!!
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So Cliff and I are gonna go to the anime convention in Sept and we're trying to decide what we're gonna cosplay so we can get a head start on our costumes.  I have a Madame Christmas costume that just needs to be sewn up, just her coat.  But he wants to go as Kenshin because he actually owns a reverse blade sword (that or Uryuu from Bleach)

My question is this: any heavy women in either series?  I don't recall any, but it's been a while since I've really been into either series.  I thought about making a giant Kon costume (wouldn't that be the fuckin' shit!??  Walking around like perverted Kon!??)  I'm willing to go as a heavy dude if they have a cool outfit...  Help a chubby out.

btw, I'm still gonna rock the Madame costume, but I have a feeling I'll be going multiple days.  Of course that depends on whether or not Vic and Todd are there the same day or not.  If they are, then I'll only go once.

Also, if Cliff goes as Kenshin, we might dress Joey up as Kenji!!
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As y'all know, I've been trying to finish up some works in progress, mostly one shots that I just have had lingering on the thumbdrive for a while.  If anyone would like to take a look at them and give me some suggestions, I'd be thrilled to get some feedback oh what's already written and where I should go from there.

BLOOD+:  2 fics, a Saya/Haji post canon anime, and a Mao/Okamura (also post canon).  Saya/Haji is looking like a waff-y smut piece and Mao/Okamura could be a humorous smut piece but I'm not sure what direction that should go in.

TRIGUN: I started out like a house on fire and then petered out. I just want to know where I should end it.  It's already kinda long imo.  It's a Wolfwood/Milly where Wolfwood doesn't die and Milly is preggo with his baby.  They've been seperated for a long time because Wolfwood was badly injured and really did almost die, but eventually he finds his way back to her just as she goes into labor.  Was thinking of throwing some Vash/Meryl in for balance.  Open to suggestions with that.

FMA: This was my otwholecast submission for this fandom that I never quite got going.  It's Mei/Al, Ed/Win, Ling/Lan Fan and Roy/Riza, but all switched up because of Xingese musical chairs (a game that actually sounds like a lot of fun).  Needs lemons, but there's a lot of them to write, and the pairings are all flubbed (Roy/Mei, Ling/Win, Ed/Lan Fan, Al/Riza).  If you want to think about this one, lemme know!  OPEN TO DOING A COLLABORATION!

I think I'm just burnt out on lemons.  How many different ways are there to fuck after all? -__-" sigh.

Anyway, if anyone's interested let me know and I'll shoot em out to ya!
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Admittedly, I've not been in the fan fiction game for a very long time.  I still feel like an utter nooblette at every turn most days.

Anyways, I watched and fell in love with a series called Basilisk a while back (it's on netflix, it's very good).  Very little exists in the way of art or fic, but maybe I just don't know where to look?  I'm looking for a specific paring: Saemon and Okoi, who happen to be brother and sister.  But in the series, they don't act so related...  Okoi practically walks around naked and flops in her brother's lap from time to time, so I'm pretty sure they are more than just brother and sister.  I don't want to write it.  I want to READ it.  Any ideas where I might try to find it?
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It's an FMA gift exchange fic.  I don't want to keep bothering [ profile] seatbeltdrivein  with it because she's busy enough for 3 people, but I would like someone to read this thing for me and tell me if I'm doing alright with Ed's characterization.  After a total of 5 restarts, this is the only version of this fic I haven't completely scraped.  I'd like to be sure it feels okay before I keep going, because I don't want to write a whole big thing and then it not be right and have to start allllll over again.

If anyone's interested lemme know.
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I got this story, it's a GREAT one, but it is really lacking. Anyone interested in reading it and giving me some hints on how to make it better?? I'll be happy to share it with ya, it's for 36iyerotictales theme 17 Fear/comfort.

I know the sex scene needs to be better. I feel like I'm starting to repeat myself so I made this one kinda short and stupid :P

I feel like the plot itself is too choppy... I'd really like a different perspective if anyone has time.

aww the hell with it I'm gonna jump cut it and put it here

Yeah, so HALP!


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