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 I have these neighbors across the street from me who think just because they have a big backyard that backs up to the expressway, and that our street is sort of like a long cul-de-sac because of this hairpin curve to get to our houses, that they can have a country 4th of July complete with ATVs, enormous fireworks, loud music, lots of drinking, etc. I watched these idiots so closely because last year they fired mortars at our house in their drunken revelry. Now look, the 4th is actually my favorite holiday. I love getting together with friends and family and drinking and blowing shit up, but there's a time and a place, and that place is not in suburbia. 

I knew we were in for it when car after car came and parked all over the street. There were at least 15 vehicles parked in front of my house, their house, their next door neighbors, etc. 3 of them had trailers. someone brought a giant smoker and 2 had ATVs (one was just a general mudder kind of 4 wheeler, the other looked like a dune buggy). All day long, they drank and drove these ATVs through their next door neighbors yard (the one who's a bee keeper and has two big beautiful peach trees in his front yard). Kids not much older than Joey were driving them too, and I laughed my ass off when King Redneck himself slammed right into the grill of his own truck and threw himself up onto the hood. Those 4 wheelers were going all damn day, non stop. And the music got louder as the day wore on. Most of it was fine, classic rock kind of stuff. But then there was a rather long block of country and I couldn't roll my eyes hard enough.

Keep in mind I am in my house, windows closed, and it was still just like being there.

As for the fireworks, they shot off roman candles all day, nothing major. But when it got dark, that's when it suddenly became Beirut in the 80's. The fireworks they were shooting off would have been appropriate at any city display. I'm saying that they were LOUD, and they shook the pictures on the wall, and literally scared the shit out of my dog. I couldn't even see the entire burst they made in the sky because my window wasn't big enough. And this was one right after the other rapid fire like, from 9-10. Thankfully, despite being drunk is horrible all day, they had enough presence of mind to obey the noise ordinances and stopped at 10. The music cut off and they all moved inside and then finally started leaving around midnight.

The front yard doesn't have too much in it, just one or two mortar shell things, mostly burnt up and soaked from rain we had early this morning. If it had been on the weekend, we would have been in for a much longer and terrifying evening. The fireworks were very cool and pretty (grateful I never have to waste my OWN money on them with these people lol) but my son and my mastiff and my black cat were not as thrilled as I was lol.

In other news, I got all my edits made to my big bang entry and will be starting my new job on Monday!!! Everything's on the up and up at last! Just can't wait to get some paychecks rolling back in. Gotta save for house taxes and car repairs.

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Jesus it's been a while since I made a post!  In case anyone was wondering, all I've been doing is working.  Working and fighting with the new cell phone company (but I finally got that all squared away yesterday thank fuck).  So I got the cell phone, got it working (no problems with this replacement hallelujah) and have really been enjoying texting in the 21st century lol.  No more pressing the 3 key three times for the letter F.  Got my first full check and about fell out of my chair.  I've never made that much money on a paycheck in my entire life and I can't wait to get out on the main floor to get my pay increases.  Then I really might fall out of my chair.  Speaking of work, we learned how to troubleshoot phone issues last week and have spent this week actually taking care of these kinds of calls with real customers.  It's been hell.  But I got my scores back from the first day of this and they told me I'm already doing good enough to go up to the main floor and start doing the regular job.  No way- I'm staying in the training class as long as possible!!

Ever since I got this job, good things have been happening to me all over the place. Today was exceptionally great because Joey was accepted into the best public elementary school in the county, a traditional school called Greathouse Elementary.  It's less than a mile from the house, takes 15 minutes to walk there, and has a waiting list.  Kids who get in in Kindergarten are extremely lucky, and Joey got in.  In January I got a letter from them saying they were full and to reapply next year.  So glad I got a chance on one of the open spots.

Also got a sample box from Kmart in the mail from my reward points thing and it had a full sized bottle of nail polish, some ouchless hair ties, some nice perfume samples and a body wash sample!

Getting ready to start up our YMCA membership again, and none too soon.  Sitting all the time really packs the weight on.  I've been trying to eat really good when I'm at work, bringing my lunch, usually snacking on carrots or oranges in between calls, nothing too carb heavy.  I'll get it all figured out again soon once I get on my regular schedule.

Forgive me for not being as active in writing as I normally am. I don't have hardly any time to myself anymore, and Big Bang is taking precedence over all my other projects atm.  I want to finish this thing, whether big bang is a thing or not this year.  And may the old gods and the new bless and keep [ profile] seta_suzume (my illustrator last for last year's big bang) for illustrating my children's books.  I can't even begin to tell you how overjoyed I am to be able to work on this with her.

Ooh, Joey's alseep on the couch, maybe I can grab 40 winks too?

ETA: Dammit I forgot to mention why I wanted to post in the first place!!  So at work, a buddy showed me this pic-
and I got to thinking about the crossover to end all crossovers.

The Wall at Castle Black (Game of Thrones), the wall at Ft. Briggs (FMA:B), and Wall Rose (Attack on Titan) could be a giant triangle that protect a large city/country called the Seireitei (Bleach). The giant titan/white walkers threaten to take over the nation when a pair of brothers put their differences aside and team up with their gigantic swords to rain down immortal demon justice on them (InuYasha and Sesshomaru).  I want to read it, not write it.  So who wants to take on the task??


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