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First, I woke up at 5:30 to a crabby Joey.  So we get up and get a drink and watch a little Sesame Street and then he's good to go back to bed.  Great!  Woke up later around 10-10:30.  POUNDING HEADACHE like a hangover headache, which was totally not cool and very sucky.  Ate, took some advil, felt better.  Got my hair washed in the kitchen sink because for whatever reason the new shampoo made my hair look mega greasy.  Plus Joey was up and I didn't want to leave him with no supervision in the kitchen.  So finally I get dressed and get my hair pulled back and Joey dressed and we're finally out the door.  I had to go to the library to print some stuff out because my printer is FUBAR right now.  So I went to a branch I'm not familiar with because it's closer to where I live, and as soon as I pull up, I'm assaulted by kids coming out.  Evidently story time was over or something.  So I'm trying to wrangle the stroller out and kids are getting in my way and moms are shoving past me and glaring and it took everything in me not to go into Tourette's mode.  So I get Joey in the stroller, then fight the door to get in, wade through the crowd and get to a computer at the end of a row and it asks for my library card number and a password...  I didn't remember my password, but I typed in what I thought it was.  Then a screen pops up flashing that says I am not a valid library member.  Great.  So I pack up my purse and the stroller and go tot he front desk and had to sign up for a new library card.  Then I go back and get on the computer no problem, pull up the stuff I need to print, and then it says for each page it costs 10 cents to print.  Fine.  I've got $1 on me, that won't be a problem.  I get everything queued up and log off and go to the print station.  Dollar thing is broke.  So then I go to the front desk for change and the lady is being a bitch about giving me change.  Finally I get my money and I go all the way back to the computers, and by this time Joey's getting listless.  There's a lady at the print station WIPING THE PRINTER DOWN WITH SANITIZER.  She's wearing white cotton gloves, a japanese sars mask, plastic bags over her flip flops... must've been a total germaophobe.  She doesn't even want to touch the money she'd putting in the machine.  Well whatever she was doing with the coins was sending the machine into a tizzy and I had to wait 10 minutes with a irritated toddler.  At one point Joey was SCREAMING because I wouldn't let him tear up a reference book.  Finally I get the shit to print and I practically RAN out the door.  I hate that library.  Never going back.  Not only was all of that a horrible experience but the place was SWELTERING.

So then we get in the car to go to a craft store that I had some coupons for.  It says get 50% off any one regularly priced item.  We get there and of course the whole store is on sale, which normally is a good thing.  But the fabric I wanted to buy was 40% off and I wanted to use my 50% off coupon, and it will expire before the sale goes off.  So I thought I'd go look at the beads since I've been making my own bracelets and earrings lately.  That section was so overrun with old Bosnian women that you couldn't look at anything.  I ended up buying a henna tattoo kit and a little bowl for Joey.  $9 was all I spent, so not bad.

And on top of all this, I'm sorta sick and I have a tooth that is likely going to have to be pulled tomorrow (if they don't try to make me pay $600 again...)  I called them and said when they fixed it, they didn't fix it.  I couldn't eat on that side of my mouth for almost 4 months.  But I was so afraid that they would make me pay an outrageous amount of money again that I never called back.  She said they will look at it for free and see what can be done, but if they don't fix it for free, I will demand they pull it.  I'm not going to wait until it's hurting so bad I nearly pass out like I did with the other two bad teeth I had.  Ridiculous.

Now that Joey is out for a nap, I'm gonna take my fashion bug rebates and go get some stuff for FREE.  Peace out!

Oh, and before I forget, I saw Izaya Crow with his homies today, but I haven't seen Shizuo Hawk all morning.  I hope they didn't run him off, he's good for pest control...
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Ridiculous weather!

What the hell!???  Sunny and blazing hot to storming and cool enough for a jacket!  It's a change of over *30 degrees* in 2 days!! (20 in C)...  Seriously.  Just don't be so hot and muggy, we don't need to go into late fall monsoon season just yet..
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I had a little head cold back around New Years,Read more... )

If you want to see pics of my new dog clicky on the cut!
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I have decided to wait on the conversion of my garage to a room.  This is beased on the new knowledge that my mother in law probably only has 6-12 months left before she checks out, kicks the proverbial bucket, passes into the great beyond, or as she calls it, goes to Hawaii.  So, knowing that I will still probably have an infant on my hands when she goes, and knowing that child needs a place to sleep, I have decided that I will just have to move my computer out of my bedroom and put it in the same room as my husband's, and then put a crib where my desk sits currently.

What this means in the long run (or at least until I can move my desk back out of hub's room) is that I will not be able to write, watch hentai and/or other harmless anime, google serial killers (my hobby), or do any of the things I am accustomed to doing.  More than likely I will be forced to play whatever video game is hot at the moment among hubs and his friends and I won't have any privacy.  That is of course if I'm not constantly feeding the baby and sleeping when it sleeps.  I know my life will never be the same after my pup is born, but I have no idea how much everything will change...  add to that mess a probable funeral and ridding the house of someone elses belongings and I know I will be ready to run screaming.

is it normal to feel kinda bittersweet about the future like I am?  I'm so excited to meet my pup but I'm not looking forward to all the hubub that will no doubt follow her birth...  especially since I'm not much of a people person.  I can see myself snarling and growling at people if they get too close to me and the kid...
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So I got some kind of hellacious head cold, probably was a sinus infection with a side of Bronchitis.  I asked my sister (who is 8 months pregnant) what I should take over the counter, because I get this shit every year and I'm not going to a dr. everytime it freakin happens.  She says anything Tylenol makes is okay to take.  So I start taking the super severe sinus decongestant.  I tell my pharmacist friend what I'm taking and he says NO! don't take that it's got phenylephidrine or something like that in it, take Mucinex instead!  So now I don't have any idea what to take.  I ask the pharmacist at Walgreens, he says buy a netipot and wait it out.  The pharmacist at Kroger says take Sudephed, which I thought was a big no no.  My obgyn said the tylenol was okay but don't take the severe formula, take the normal strength... 

I am still taking the severe formula because I am simply miserable and this has to end soon.  I've been sleeping in a chair at night because I can't lay flat, and I don't want to keep my husband up with all this coughing.  I have only been sleeping like an hour or so at a time, because I sleep then my lungs get full of crud then I spend 30 minutes coughing it up and then 30 minutes blowing my nose, and by then I'm not tired anymore...  Last night I coughed so hard I threw up my dinner.  I'm so damn miserable.... I had to cancel my birthday and I can't go to my sister's baby shower more than likely this weekend.  And what's the deal with everyone saying to take different meds? shouldn't there be a definitive list that everyone gets?  it seems like it's all guess work when it comes to OTC meds.

Sorry to whine I know you guys have your own problems.  Hope the butthurt goes away, sometimes people are just asshats who don't have anything better to do than stir shit up. 

OH! while at Walgreens bickering with the pharmacist, I picked up this pee test called Intelligender.  It says it's 80% accurate, so we'll see if it's true or not, but according to that test, I'm having a girl.  I really hope it's a girl.  We should know in about 6 more weeks for sure what it is. 
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I have been working on this chapter of shuffle for weeks now!!

>thud< >thud< >thud<

that's my face hitting my desk. This story was coming so easily and then BOOM! nothing! I have 15 of 36 themes done... I wonder how to finish this... christ. I prolly shoulda ended it at chapter 8 or 9 when it seemed to end naturally. Seems like I'm pushing it now.

Even so, what do I do now with my pairing? Start a post canon series? Just finish the themes in one shots (try to do shorter stories?? I'm kinda.. 'wordy')

I finally finished "Precious" after a complete rewrite (turned out GREAT!) And I'm still stuck on my Mark Me drawing... damn pup, sucking all my creative juices. She better be able to paint like Alphonse Mucha when she pops out or I'm gonna be pissed at the waste of my artistic mojo!


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