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For those who don't have a tumblr, how this works is much like the LJ version, you'll submit the links to your completed work to this blog and they will repost it with tags to be sure it circulates. Unlike LJ, it will go ALL OVER TUMBLR. You have the potential to reach THOUSANDS of readers. Anyone looking to start a tumblr account can message me for help, though there are others around here who have them, mainly [ profile] bay115 [ profile] seta_suzume [ profile] luxquintessence. And if you already have a tumblr, follow me! 2ndltbraeda is my RP blog, but I post a lot of other stuff there as well.
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Here's the deal, we got 5 wntries for the FMA Big Bang this year, and only two of them have artists. TWO! and I am doing double duty this year as both artist and author.  So if you or someone you know does FMA fan art or just likes to draw in general, please refer them over to THIS POST WHERE ARTIST SIGN UPS ARE.

Please help if you can!  The entries are not as long this round as in previous rounds, which means less arts.  We need all the help we can get!
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I'm gonna sign up for FMA Big Bang as an artist and author, but I'm not doing the BIG bang, maybe the small bang (10k).  Now I just need to figure out WHAT to write (I have a couple of ideas).  Also, I don't want to torture bay115 with my writing so who wants to beta? I will return the favor!
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Jesus it's been a while since I made a post!  In case anyone was wondering, all I've been doing is working.  Working and fighting with the new cell phone company (but I finally got that all squared away yesterday thank fuck).  So I got the cell phone, got it working (no problems with this replacement hallelujah) and have really been enjoying texting in the 21st century lol.  No more pressing the 3 key three times for the letter F.  Got my first full check and about fell out of my chair.  I've never made that much money on a paycheck in my entire life and I can't wait to get out on the main floor to get my pay increases.  Then I really might fall out of my chair.  Speaking of work, we learned how to troubleshoot phone issues last week and have spent this week actually taking care of these kinds of calls with real customers.  It's been hell.  But I got my scores back from the first day of this and they told me I'm already doing good enough to go up to the main floor and start doing the regular job.  No way- I'm staying in the training class as long as possible!!

Ever since I got this job, good things have been happening to me all over the place. Today was exceptionally great because Joey was accepted into the best public elementary school in the county, a traditional school called Greathouse Elementary.  It's less than a mile from the house, takes 15 minutes to walk there, and has a waiting list.  Kids who get in in Kindergarten are extremely lucky, and Joey got in.  In January I got a letter from them saying they were full and to reapply next year.  So glad I got a chance on one of the open spots.

Also got a sample box from Kmart in the mail from my reward points thing and it had a full sized bottle of nail polish, some ouchless hair ties, some nice perfume samples and a body wash sample!

Getting ready to start up our YMCA membership again, and none too soon.  Sitting all the time really packs the weight on.  I've been trying to eat really good when I'm at work, bringing my lunch, usually snacking on carrots or oranges in between calls, nothing too carb heavy.  I'll get it all figured out again soon once I get on my regular schedule.

Forgive me for not being as active in writing as I normally am. I don't have hardly any time to myself anymore, and Big Bang is taking precedence over all my other projects atm.  I want to finish this thing, whether big bang is a thing or not this year.  And may the old gods and the new bless and keep [ profile] seta_suzume (my illustrator last for last year's big bang) for illustrating my children's books.  I can't even begin to tell you how overjoyed I am to be able to work on this with her.

Ooh, Joey's alseep on the couch, maybe I can grab 40 winks too?

ETA: Dammit I forgot to mention why I wanted to post in the first place!!  So at work, a buddy showed me this pic-
and I got to thinking about the crossover to end all crossovers.

The Wall at Castle Black (Game of Thrones), the wall at Ft. Briggs (FMA:B), and Wall Rose (Attack on Titan) could be a giant triangle that protect a large city/country called the Seireitei (Bleach). The giant titan/white walkers threaten to take over the nation when a pair of brothers put their differences aside and team up with their gigantic swords to rain down immortal demon justice on them (InuYasha and Sesshomaru).  I want to read it, not write it.  So who wants to take on the task??
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Title: Celestial Ciphers- Second Cipher: Tome of the Stars (link takes you to AO3)
Author: sonjajade
Artist: seta_suzume
Word Count: +/- 66,500
Rating: M
Content Notes: Underage sex, violence, incest (not really but sorta), rape/non-con, politics, minor character death, failed pregnancies, assassination attempt
Summary:   The second cipher opens on a palace in disarray. A prisoner prince is missing. An Emperor lies upon his deathbed. A Dragon is thousands of miles away and in limbo. One thing is for certain- the Xingese Heir Apparent is about to ascend the throne, and all eyes are on him. Within weeks of taking over the country, things begin to turn from bad to worse. Dissension among his people angers and frustrates him, his allies seem to turn their backs on his requests for help. Before he knows it, the young Emperor is faced with a country at civil war- and his enemy brother leads the charge against the forces of the Peony Palace. The God of Gods seems to be dead as flames consume his temple.  Can emperor Ling raise his country from the scattered pieces? Join an expanded cast of characters as politics and warfare threaten to bury every Xingese citizen under the rubble of their great nation.
Link to Art: Art is appropriately placed within the story text.  However, individual links to the astounding artwork can be found HERE (one nsfw-ish illustration of Mei Chang topless.)
Author's Notes: Huge thanks to my beta- [ profile] bay115.  There were days I didn't think I could finish this and I did, partially thanks to your kind encouragement and patience as I jabbered on skype about different plot angles.  Thank you so much! *hugs*
[ profile] seta_suzume, I couldn't have asked for lovelier art.  Thank you so much for all the beautiful drawings and how perfectly you captured the scenes I wrote.  It's hard for me to pick a favorite one because they're all wonderful!
[ profile] missyquill I know we didn't get to give this the true Sammy/Jen treatment as we did with the first installment, but I'm kinda glad it worked out that way.  For about three months I felt like I couldn't do this without you, but then I found out I could.  Your influence is still felt throughout I think and I'm so glad you were still able to help me out with the technicalities of Chinese culture!

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Remember last year's big bang dust jacket? Well, I need some for this year, so me and [ profile] bay115 pulled some of our favorite parts and would like if you guys could give some short reviews based on what you read.  I just need a handful of them, along with what name you'd like me to use to credit you, and a body of work you've written.  Check that link for an example.  Below are the excerpts- have fun! And thanks in advance!

clip 1 )

clip 2 (WARNING- violence, sex) )
clip 3 )
clip 4 )
Clip 5 )
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Took Pea to the doctor today (which is a tale in and of itself O___O) and the doctor said his tonsils look fine, one side just looks large.  Both ears are clear, chest is clear, the green/yellow snot is just a head cold virus that's going around and unfortunately lingering because of the shit weather we've been having. NO MONO!!!  Everything was awesome, so we went to Chick-fil-a and had some lunch and then I took him on to school.

Big Bang- why won't my muses cooperate?  Braeda- we did the RP reply, now go chill out in a corner and fap or something.  Chris- you're just gonna have to be patient honey.  Besides, we're going to the Otaku Ball next Saturday so please be quiet until then.  Ling, Lan Fan, Hong, Yi, Nui- WHERE THE FUCK DID YOU GUYS GO??  And Varys my love I need some help putting the pieces in order for war- get over here and help me.]

Work sucks.  I'm scheduled 1 4 hr shift on Wednesday and that's it.  I'm trying to do as much as I can around the house and with writing so I'm not wasting my time, but this is ridiculous.  I'm am SO going to apply for that job at the porno shop.  I don't even care at this point.
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but it's going in my big bang fic.  I need this as Palace entertainment!
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Strep test came back negative.  Cough is finally letting up some.  He's got some gnarly diarrhea and his tonsils are still huge, but they are not red or pus-sy looking like they were even a few days ago.  He seems worn out, but he's been fighting a lot of stuff off.  Drinking lots and lots and no more orange pee.  I couldn't get his blood work done because the place closed early due to snow, so his doctor said if he's still improving that it's optional if I want to take him to do it.  Still have to bring him in on Thursday or Friday when he finishes the Bactrim, to recheck his ears and look at those tonsils again.  I think I'm going to take him for blood work anyway,  Might help with the tonsil thing, I dunno.  She says if he keeps improving that it's not mono, and if the ears are still bad we may have to consider tubes.  I'd assume a tonsillectomy as well if these things don't go down.  Mom said her tonsils were like that as a kid and she didn't have to have hers removed, but we'll see.  If this is how they react and it's NOT strep, I can't imagine what would happen should he really get strep.  This diarrhea though...  Wonder if they make some children's Imodium or something.

Big Bang is coming along.  I just put chapter 7 in the final folder and am clocking in at 50,800 words.  Got about two chapters to go and an epilogue, so almost done.  And in the middle of all this the Stoner Series is crying out for the strip club fic I'd talked with bay115 about doing.  We'll get to meet the Devil's Nest crew in that installment.

I wish I could apply all this writing to some original characters and make money at this.
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So I'm working on this Big Bang fic, which involves Ling and Lan Fan, and apart from that I don't think I can say anything else.  Suffice it to say that at some point I have written Ling's mother into the story and I felt compelled to draw her.  Now people, this is just an unpolished sketch.  I wanted to draw her as shocked at Ling's return (why her hands are posed like she's going to be sick o_O), and I'm really no good at drawing hands and feet, which is why the hands present are crude and there's no feet at all.  I think he bears a strong resemblance to her, what do you think?

ling's mom
Her name is Rui, yes she has a bit of a double chin, and I modeled her hair from an 1800's woodcut print of a chinese musician.
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So my big bang fic is Ling centric, and in trying to come up with a name for Ling's Imperial father, I had written at one point "His Celestial Highness, Emperor Wu of the Tang clan"...

I thought about it for a moment and was like... why is that familiar...


and then I laughed for a good five minutes.  I'm off to the grindstone again after having shared my funny!
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TAKEN DOWN DUE TO VIOLATION OF THE RULES!!!!  Guess you'll have to wait!

okay, last preview I swear.  This is all just roughed in sketching anyway, the final product will look way nicer, and I still have some surprises up my sleeve >:D
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Alright, it's not really a teaser, but it *is* a rough sketch of what is going to be my submission.

Any guesses as to who's in the paddy-wagon?? XDDDD  I have big plans for this, I hope I can get it to look how I want it.

ETA- this is the only time you'll see it before I get it finished, I think it's against the rules if I keep showing it off.  Right now it's still really ambiguous XD
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big bang

I broke out my portable drafting table and set myself up with an isometric grid so I can create a proper 3D perspective in proper proportion for my FMA Reverse Big Bang art.  Last time I did pretty well just eyeballing everything, but I kept having trouble with the shadows and the lighting so I think this will really help me out.  I'm actually surprised I remembered how to do the damn thing.  I haven't drawn one in over 5 years O__O

I have 2 ideas of what to draw, but I haven't yet settled on either of them.  However, when the time comes to put pen to paper again, I'll be more than ready.

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These are the images for [ profile] seaweed_fma's story "The Twisting, Turning Path of Love". featuring Havoc/Rebecca, Roy/Riza, and other favorite characters. 

As always, full size view is best!

The call came four days later. Once again, Riza went with her, and they sat in the same small, cramped office. She was fidgeting nervously until the doctor came back in with a smile on his face, reading as chart as he entered.

“Congratulations, Miss Catalina.”

“Congratulations? What for?”

“You're pregnant.”

“Wait right there..” Jean put up his index finger, then dashed off to one of the rooms down the hall. He was back a few moments later, a big smile plastered on his face.

“Jean, what was -”

Jean gently interrupted her. “Beck, let me explain.” He took a deep breath, then took her hand in his. “I wanted to do this right, this wasn't exactly what I was planning. I was hoping to have a romantic dinner and maybe a walk in the park and all. But....”

He got down on one knee and took out what he had gotten from his bedroom. The box opened, revealing a diamond ring.
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This incredibly moving story was written by [ profile] lynx212 and is a gut wrenching rollercoaster of emotion.  These images were half drawn, half manipulated, only because I wasn't comfortable yet drawing so much.  Lynx has been awesome to work with, and I hope you guys like her story as much as I did!!  As always, view at full size for optimum enjoyment ^__^

Artwork ahead! )

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First of all, some acknowledgements: I'd like to thank the gods that I got paired with [ profile] missyquill as one of my authors.  She and I have a karma-like connection- something I like to call Radar Love.  We shared ideas so perfectly with one another it was like I was working with a clone of myself.  I also want to thank [ profile] enemytosleep for managing to organize and run the event.  I've had a great first time here and cannot wait to do it again :)

I'm aware that people know I normally manipulate screenshots to make my artwork.  For this story, (with the exception of the dust jacket image) I drew 99% of the art from scratch.  This is the first time I've really drawn so much with so little photoshop help.  I'm glad that I was able to do it this way.

Without further ado, I give you my illustrations for the FMA Big Bang fic, "Frozen".
(Please view the images at full size for the best experience)

dust jacket
'Frozen' can be read HERE.
Let me share it all with you! )


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