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Title: Red Roses and Baby’s Breath
Author: Sonja Jade
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Word Count: 853
Rating: NC17
Characters: Roy/unnamed female OC, Roy/Riza
Summary: Riza might have caught the bouquet at Roy’s wedding, but she can’t marry the man she loves- so she settles for being his mistress instead.
Warnings: no beta
Author’s Notes: For the allbingo comm on DW
Prompt: bingo card prompts “Three times a bridesmaid”, “Adultery”, “Rough sex”, “Humping on the couch”, “Surprise pregnancy”, “Fantasies” (guess who’s waaaay behind lol)

( Link takes you to my fic journal on LJ )
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Title: The Birds and the Bees and the Flowers and the Trees
Author: Sonja Jade
Series: Brotherhood
Word Count: 4,456
Rating: T-M, somewhere in the middle, nothing graphic
Characters: Braeda/Chris, Roy’s oldest daughter Lily, OCs
Summary: Chris takes Lily to be fitted for her first real bra, and ends up giving her The Talk- and she leaves nothing unsaid.
Warnings: Mentions of a past sexual abusive father and underage sex.
Author’s Notes: Part of my Whatever it Takes universe.

( "There's a reason people around here call me Madame... I think it's time you learned why..." )

Me and [ profile] missyquill are probably the only people in the world who will appreciate this one, but here it is anyway.
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I played with these in photoshop a bit

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If you want to see them all, click HERE
My personal favorites were these-

My BFF Sharon took them, and I have a set for Kaede is coming soon!
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stray dog logo
So I decided first I needed a clear, clean logo that I could print out and paste onto a bottle.  It's not exactly the same, but I got it as close as I could while also trying to make it a little more realistic.  For example, I couldn't make out what was on the wax seal, so I put that hour glass, mostly because I was thinking how much of a waste of time this whole project was, but also because people often drink to slow time down or speed time up.  Anyway, now I'm trying to find an empty bottle I can use to do the rest.

Had an awful toothache most of the day, just about froze my face off with an ice pack trying to keep the pain at bay until noon tomorrow.  I'm probably gonna lose my job over it, but when you're only getting 1-2 days a week, maybe that's not a bad thing.

Not really anything else going on in my world. I try to write and nothing comes out.  Did get a new keyboard and it seems like it's easier to type on, for whatever reason.  It has a calculator button on it! YAY!  Joey's been a sparkling turd lately...  spankings aren't working anymore so I gotta figure out some other way to make him listen.  I'm thinking it's either A- he's bored, or B he wants my attention, or C both.  He's had Shin Chan on repeat on dvd for 2 days- I think it's rubbing off on him. I looked over to him mooning me and yelling "ASS DANCE! ASS DANCE!!"  Some days I feel like I am a terrible mother.

Sigh.  Enjoy the art thing.  And I'm gonna leave some Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin fics here, both Erwin/Levi, both seriously good.

Ailes de la Liberté

This one is a WWII AU, with most of the officers (pre Eren and the recruits) part of a resistance operating out of occupied France, in a nightclub like Moulin Rouge.  Levi is the star of the show, Erwin is the leader of the resistance, sparks fly and plot twists are made.

all your demons and desires and dark sides

This one is a modern AU, where the Titans seem to be a terrorist organization specializing in torture.  Erwin is a recently honorably discharged air force commander, who frequents a BDSM club, where Levi is just getting started. This is such a good fic, not just for the properly written S&M scenes, but the psychological aspects each one of them are dealing with respectively.  Their relationship has up and downs because of the things they're dealing with.  I wish she'd update already XD
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Title: Hands-On Experience
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist (manga/Brotherhood)
Author: Sonja Jade
Chars/Pairs: King Bradley/Mrs. Bradley
Genres: Romance (with Wrath? Is that possible??)
Warnings: First time sex
Word Count: 658
Summary: Wrath knows a lot about a lot of things, but this isn’t at all how the textbook describes it…
Prompt: Fresh


Read it there at the hentai contest (member locked)

( Read it here (public) )
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FMA in Adventure Time style
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View the full size HERE at my deviantart page!  I hope you like it, I only worked on it a little everyday tweaking it once I got it mostly finished!  That Arabic over the door reads:
بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم
Or in phonetic- Bismillah Arrahman Arraheem, which translates to: In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful.  I thought that would be something like an Ishvalan thing like some Christians have that say "Bless this house and all who enter."  Anyway, I hope you like it, I just couldn't wait to post it any longer!  Have a great birthday weekend!
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Title: In Triplicate (Please Press Hard)
Author: Sonja Jade
Series: Brotherhood
Word Count: 7,769
Rating: NC17
Character(s): Jean Havoc/Roy Mustang/Riza Hawkeye
Summary: Riza’s had eyes for Roy Mustang for years, since her childhood.  Unfortunately, he’s with another blond- Jean Havoc.  While she keeps her jealousy under wraps and watches them from afar, together Roy and Jean come up with an offer she can’t refuse.
Warnings: Polyamoury, oral, anal, threesome (all three characters engaged in sex together at once)
Author's Notes: Big huge thanks to my ALL my betas: missyquill, nightlove1, and my mother-in-law XD
Prompt: Havoc/Riza/Roy - Prompts: balance, tension, unrequited (I tried to get elements of all three in this)

(Fake cut takes you to AO3, where this was posted for the RarePair Fest 2012)

Sorry for spam.  I just realized not of of my friends are subscribed to the same comms as I am :)
There's some yaoi in there too in case anyone's wondering :D
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****NEW CANON****
These are sketches from Arakawa-sensei, of Ed at different stages in his life.  He lives to be 88 (I thought he'd be much older considering he's part philosopher's stone, but just as I wrote that I remembered how he used part of his life force to save his own life in the mine shaft at Baschool)

ETA: Apparently I'm the last person to know these sketches are old XD disregard my old lady fangirling lol
Just wanted to be sure everyone saw this! (and holy fuck 40 yr old Ed is SMOKIN' HAWT!!!!!!)
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I saw THIS on facebook and it made me think of Roy XDDDD

So that led me to create THIS behemoth, which led me to title it 'OOC Theater'

I really should go to bed now XDDDD


Jul. 12th, 2012 02:17 pm
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It's been a busy day in my photoshop program XD

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Well, and anyone else who really liked Sammy's birthday piece with Vato and Vanessa together lol

And a wallpaper (at fullsize obviously XD)
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As promised, for helping to beta my RK fic!

full size is best as always!
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[ profile] gretchen8642wrote an entry to the [ profile] fma_fic_contest community titled "Adonis Burned" and asked if I would do a manip for it, so here it is!  (View at full size, that's always best!)

adonis burned
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It's like sudoku with alchemic arrays! Try it, it's fun! Found it over at the Adult Swim message boards and it was a great way to waste some time!
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This incredibly moving story was written by [ profile] lynx212 and is a gut wrenching rollercoaster of emotion.  These images were half drawn, half manipulated, only because I wasn't comfortable yet drawing so much.  Lynx has been awesome to work with, and I hope you guys like her story as much as I did!!  As always, view at full size for optimum enjoyment ^__^

Artwork ahead! )

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First of all, some acknowledgements: I'd like to thank the gods that I got paired with [ profile] missyquill as one of my authors.  She and I have a karma-like connection- something I like to call Radar Love.  We shared ideas so perfectly with one another it was like I was working with a clone of myself.  I also want to thank [ profile] enemytosleep for managing to organize and run the event.  I've had a great first time here and cannot wait to do it again :)

I'm aware that people know I normally manipulate screenshots to make my artwork.  For this story, (with the exception of the dust jacket image) I drew 99% of the art from scratch.  This is the first time I've really drawn so much with so little photoshop help.  I'm glad that I was able to do it this way.

Without further ado, I give you my illustrations for the FMA Big Bang fic, "Frozen".
(Please view the images at full size for the best experience)

dust jacket
'Frozen' can be read HERE.
Let me share it all with you! )

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Of COURSE the user has disabled embedding (and my attempt to force ti FAILED MISERABLY!)

Roy Old Spice commercial!

I died when I read the comment: "BRB, having a Roygasm" XDDDDDDDD


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