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For my friends who were not with me when I was pregnant, I had an unusual amount of dreams featuring Miroku from InuYasha, where he insisting that he was the father of my child.  He went on to tell me in my dreams that when he would be born, his eyes would be the same violet blue like his own.  The posts are up here somewhere (go back to end of 2009-2010).  Anyway, Took this picture of Joey in the bathtub last night because it made me think of my anime husband.

The bangs and the little rat tail- apart from the hell hole missing from his hand, he is his father's son lol.  And while Joey doesn't have the same love of rumps as Miroku, he adores boobs and is a crafty little swindler.

In other news, once the endless rain finally stopped, a heatwave took its place.  While the tomatoes are loving the heat and sunshine, I would rather go back to the endless rain.  At least it was cooler and the humidity wasn't nearly as bad believe it or not.

Vet bills are expensive. I go to the cheapest vet in town and they're still expensive.  Bruno needs blood work because they put him on a pain reliever for his arthritis and they need to check his liver levels. Can't do that til Tuesday, but he runs out of pills tomorrow... thankfully they worked out something with me so that's good. Still have 3 animals that need to go to the vet and still haven't made it there because of dealing with Bruno so much.

Can't wait for school to start so I can finally start getting some stuff accomplished regarding big bang. Joey is such a handful when he's home it's awful. August 12th is on its way though soon, I just need to hang in there a bit longer!
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Saw it on national geographic so you know it's true!!!

Ok, it was about dogs in utero (mostly about dog and wolf development in the womb but also had some other tidbits thrown in) and how basically every one of the thousands of dog breeds on earth all stem from wild wolves of which there are also several types of breeds. Anyway, it said dogs came from the most submissive of wolves, and that if a dog is thrown into a wolf pack it will automatically become the most submissive, even if it is 1 wolf to more than one dog. Wolves have bigger brains in order to manage pack dynamics with hunting and meal rationing, as well as fully mature into adults. Scientists believe that dogs only mature so far and then they remain in a puppy like state for the rest of their lives, which makes them playful and affectionate, behaviors that only the most submissive wolves display, which are usually young to adolescent wolf cubs. **Did you know that if an expectant wolf mother is under too much stress her body will absorb one or more of the pups she carries so the surviving ones will have a better chance? This is quite common, and in desperate times she might absorb all her cubs... Also it is common for all canines to be able to conceive pups by different sires within the span of a week. This happened to my dachshund. She had 2 pups by a miniature pincsher and 1 pup by a yorkie, that one was the first conceived and was too large when he was birthed, and his eyes were popped out of his head and his tongue was lolled out due to the pressure on his body when he was birthed... Almost killed Ginger too... it was so sad**

ANYWAY! So, what does this mean regarding our boys Koga, Ginta, Hakkaku, InuYasha and Sesshomaru? In our fuedal fairy tale, Sesshomaru is obviously of full inu descent but is the most powerful yokai possibly in the sengoku period according to Takahashi's universe, but in reality, it may very well be Koga, as he would be smarter and more mature.... If it were reality Koga would have ditched Kagome as soon as Ayame came into smelling distance because a female wolf only seeks a male when she's in heat, and an alpha cannot turn that down. And InuYasha only being a half dog would still be submissive to Sesshomaru, but all those times Koga showed up previously he would have had to let him take Kagome, as he would have been EXTREMELY submissive in the presence of a wolf.

But, thank goodness its ALL make believe, and Sesshomaru is still the most beautiful and powerful badass Nippon has ever seen and Koga knows his place in that royal hierarchy.


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