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 The online shouting match the other night with my sister's boyfriend resulted in him staying in jail for 2 days (for a bench warrant, not because I reported him). He was served with eviction papers while in jail, and when he was released, he came back to mom's apartment, got his clothes and things, and went to live with his mother. He apologized to my mom and sister, apologized to me for making me worry about them, I said I was sorry it all got out of hand and that he was arrested, but he said he wasn't mad. He said he realized he was definitely in the wrong, that he took care of court stuff while he was there and is now an unwanted person again, and being apart from my sister will be the best thing for everyone in the long run. So everything's okay and that's a big relief.

In other news, my husband's oldest brother (who was once married to my mom for a little while), is in the mental hospital. He is bipolar, has schizo-affective disorder, and has been hospitalized a bunch of times in the past 12 years.  He got prostate and testicular cancer, and after treatment, his body doesn't metabolize his medication the way it used to. So the combination of lithium/prozac/seroquel stopped working and they haven't been able to get him straightened out ever since.  One time he got in his truck and just took off. He made it to Mississippi before he ran out of gas, and then just got out and started walking, taking off his clothes as he went because he thought someone had bugged him and was controlling his truck. Another time he went west and he stopped at a construction site in Missouri where a bunch of people were eating lunch. He parked his truck, left the keys in it, and jumped into the workers' truck, hot wired it, and took off for California. H didn't make it far before he was arrested. Anyway, he's got a history of really bad mental illness. Walt went to check on him and visit with him yesterday, and the doctor said he can't live by himself anymore. He's having a really hard time breathing for one, and right now he's at the regular hospital across the street. Secondly, he's in no shape mentally to care for himself. So now Walt and his other 2 brothers are having to decide what to do and how to do it. Walt kinda wants him to stay with us, but I really do not. We don't have any extra room to spare, we would have to convert our living room into a bedroom, and I don't know that I want a borderline insane man in my house with my son and animals. Don't get me wrong, I love this brother, I actually met him before my husband, but that was back when his mind was working right. It's almost like dealing with someone who has dementia- you know the person is in there somewhere, but you don't know how to reach them. Will have to see how that all pans out. The brothers are supposed to have a meeting this weekend (one lives in Alabama and has to come up here). At least for now, the one in question safe where he is, and we are safe where we are.


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