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I played with these in photoshop a bit

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If you want to see them all, click HERE
My personal favorites were these-

My BFF Sharon took them, and I have a set for Kaede is coming soon!
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[ profile] missyquill is my best friend and I was telling her that I was trying to get Jeremy Inman to come to the next anime con here in Louisville, because he does the voice for Braeda and I was going to pay him to do a voicemail message for me.  Here's where our conversation went XD

this single best conversation I've ever had about Madame Chris and Braeda XD )
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Okay, this was my first attempt at sewing a kimono and hakama, so bite my shiny metal ass if it doesn't look 100% authentic.

I was doing a final fit on him to be sure the side vents weren't too long (I made the outer kimono from a tablecloth I got at goodwill and it was only so long... not nearly long enough but I made it work) and one of the sleeves was longer than the other. Need to work on the wig a little, but short of the final adjustments and the sandals, Himura Kenshin is ready to go to the con!  (of course that's provided Cliff shaves first so I can draw the scar on...)
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Okay, not everyone agrees with me that Madame is a madam and owns a bar/brothel as a front for her intelligence gathering (my head canon isn't EVERYONE'S head canon).  But supposing she really is a whore, I just purchased the most beautiful thing she might wear underneath her signature magenta dress.

I got the bra to match too, but I can't find a pic of it online :(  It's so adorable on, and very flattering too!  I can't wait to find some stockings for the garter belt.  And the best part was because of a coupon I got for making a credit sale coupled with my employee discount I only paid $60 for the whole set.  I'm thinking of maybe doing some boudoir like photos with mny friend who's going to take the nice photos in my outfit...  Maybe even doing a set for cosplay deviants.  Maybe.  That involves complete nudity and I don't think any amount of photoshop will help me XD
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There's still a few odds and ends to finish up that you can't see, but I AM MADAME CHRIS MUSTANG.

I didn't have any cigarettes (haven't for a long time) so I thought a glass of wine would be okay instead.

I look subdued here, but I was like this inside:


So I want to finish up the adjustments (I think I need my mom to help me pin stuff down...) and then take some real good pics with my friend at a bar.  Oh god the squeeeeee ^__^
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And working WELL on it!  I broke out the sewing machine and got right to work on her coat.

My grandma bought this machine for me new right after Christmas in 2000.  I've only just now gotten it out of the fucking box, and she's been dead now for 5 years :(

Anyway, the only work I'd done to the coat was I separated the fabric into what I would need for the body of the coat and the sleeves.  I pinned the fabric to the wall and got out my 'alchemy' chalk XD and started sketching an armhole.  once I'd gotten the basic shape, I got a tailored sleeveless shirt and used that to be sure I made it big enough.

What's nice about making this myself was I was able to make it big enough for my wide ass hips/ass.  I unpinned everything and slipped just this part on.  So far so good, but a little extra wouldn't hurt in the armpit area (I'd cut too much away).  So I pulled out the scraps and made a little insert piece and it was just perfect.  The more I sewed, the more I squeed XD

And here's the finished product!  I haven't sewn the trim down yet, but I wanted to get it pinned on so I can get right to work tomorrow during Joey's nap time.  The bottom hem is straight when I have the thing on, I dunno why it looks like this hung up.  Tomorrow I also need to shorted the magenta dress I have and attempt to make some sleeves.  It's a tube top maxi dress that hits the floor on me.  I got all my accessories other than the wide herringbone necklace, but I bought some ribbon that I think I'll be able to use to make a fake one.  And then all I'll need is a smoke and some black pumps (I have flats though that I may use instead)


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