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but it's going in my big bang fic.  I need this as Palace entertainment!
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It's like sudoku with alchemic arrays! Try it, it's fun! Found it over at the Adult Swim message boards and it was a great way to waste some time!
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We don't have many places where manga (especially the ones that *I* like...) are readily available.  The bookstores here have a small section and it's all Naruto and Bleach, and like 5 InuYasha volumes.  The comic store is even worse, carrying titles I've never heard of, like Ah My Goddess and I think Fruit Basket or something weird.  So as a rule, I just don't buy manga and prefer to read scanlations online where they're free and usually translated better than what Viz or whatever other company can provide (fan translations make so much more sense to me)

So imagine my surprise when I was strolling through the grocery store and passed the magazines on the way to the frozen food section...  I caught an image out of the corner of my eye and thought, "Wait, did I just see a manga? And one I should recognize?"  I actually stopped and walked backwards for like 4 steps and looked again to be sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me...  And sure enough, there it was!

Volumes 6, 7 and 8 of VAMPIRE KNIGHT.  At the freakin GROCERY.  Not even at the comic store or the bookstore, but just next to the frozen pizza aisle at KROGER.

I grab one and start flipping though, from right to left!!! (you know they don't always print them that way)  And then my aunt walked up on me and asked why I was reading the book backwards.  I was so embarrassed lol.  There are very few people in my family that know how much I like manga and anime, this aunt was not one of them.  So I played it off and that was that, but at least I have a new place to check for new manga, and in the least likely of places!


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