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Hey guys :)

You know I get ready for Christmas WAY ahead of time, only so that stuff that needs to get done gets done with as little stress as possible. Holidays are the worst for me, so I start planning week before it's time to be thinking about such things.  Anyway, if you'd like a Christmas card (or Yule, or Hannukah or Kwanzaa or Festivus card!) from me, please message me your address (and specified holiday!). I have some of you saved, like Christy, Cheryl, Dana, SJ, Amanda and Vicki. So If you've moved or aren't sure if the address I have is correct, message me anyway.

I love sending cards to people, let me send you one!
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I know I'm way early.

I'm sorry.

But holidays are super stressful for me and one of the ways I keep the stress to a minimum is doing stuff way ahead of time so I have time to tweak and fix any issues that might come up- like not having enough christmas cards or stamps or whatever the anxiety tells me is a problem.  Some of you I have your addresses already, some of you I forgot to save it and now feel like a dummy.  Some of you have moved and I don't have your new address.

If you would like a Christmas/Yule/Hannukah/Kwanzaa/Festivus/Winter card from me, please PM me your address.  If you have a loved one in the armed forces or in a nursing home you'd like to send it to, just give me the name and details.  If you got kids and want Santa letters written, I do that too!  Let me know what you need, I got your back!
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I want to thank everyone who sent me a card ([ profile] evil_little_dog, [ profile] cornerofmadness, [ profile] bay115, [ profile] seta_suzume, [ profile] nightlove1)  I love getting them and I have a fondness for snail mail in general. Amanda went above and beyond and sent me a box full of awesome stuff for me and Joey, and Ebony sent me a gift card that helped Joey feel better after he was diagnosed with strep throat (and he never mentioned his throat hurting once!).

Work SUUUUCKS.  I waited on a lady tonight who kept asking me every 2 minutes, "And everything in the store is half off right?"  I felt like I was talking to Joey when he was 2 and repeating everything twenty times.  And then after all that, I find out I'm only scheduled 1 day nxt week, for a piddly 4 hour shift.  I have *GOT* to get another damn job.  And of course I don't hear anything but unhelpful crap out of Walt over it all.  ugggh.

Shopping and wrapping is all done except for my mom's present (it's on hold at Hallmark) and I want to get Joey a box of crayons for his stocking since Ellie dog ate almost all of them.  I've been letting him use my 72 count kit from when I was a kid, but they're all old and brittle and stink like the smoke I was raised in.  I wish I could get him his own crayon case like that but I don't think crayola makes that anymore.

it's from the 80's so probably not.  Maybe I coudl throw all those awful crayons away and just get new ones to go in it, clean the case up a bit and make it like new.  We'll see how industrious I feel tomorrow.

Yule was okay.  I made way too many cookies and ornaments, but they're all at good homes now.  My nephews were a pain in the ass.  I'm almost certain the oldest one has some kind of developmental problem and not knowing how to properly handle him irritates and frustrates me.  Felt like I was constantly angry with him.  Had a good time at my dad's, short as it was.  You practically become cigarette smoke when you walk in, the air is so thick with it.  I swear when he opened the door to let us in, smoke billowed out of the storm door.

Opened my happiness jar!!!!  I'll do a separate post on it in a sec.  I will say this, when Is tarted that jar over from cleaning it out last year, I'd gone down from a 28 to a 26 in pants, now gong into 2015's jar, I'm going into a 24!  Even though I probably won't hit my goal weight of 300 or less by new years, I am physically smaller and still dropping weight, despite not exercising like I was because of the bum foot.

I wrote a fic for every stocking at the [ profile] fmagiftexchange, and I've got 5 of 12 fics done for the [ profile] 12_daysofficmas.  I seriously can't wait to read all the stockings and posts getting ready to just explode in the next few days.  *SQUEEEEE!!*
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But if you'd like a Christmas card from me, please PM me your address.  I know things get hectic the closer to the holidays it gets, and I'm a notorious preplanner.  These cards will all be addressed and stamped before November even gets here knowing me.  I love sending cards to everyone, please don't be shy about asking for one- no matter where you live!


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