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Look what I wrote while the power was out. Stoner Series, comes directly after Braeda's 18th birthday party at the strip club.
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Title: A Rite of Passage
Author: Sonja Jade
Series: Brotherhood AU
Word Count: 3,336
Rating: M
Character(s): Roy, Havoc, Braeda, Madame Christmas, Vanessa, Madeline, Martell, Dolcetto, Roa, Greed 1.0, Mason
Summary: It’s Braeda’s 18th birthday, and Roy takes him to his aunt’s topless bar to celebrate.
Warnings: It’s a nudey bar- any kind of warnings you think should accompany that apply. No sex though. Close to it, but no.
Author's Notes: These damn stoner boys… I wanted to work on my big bang, but nooo-oooo, we gotta have our strip club story! And then Madame and her pestering- too many muses trying to get their stories out at once! Thanks to bay115 for putting up with the insanity in my head and fingers.

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Am I supposed to be this emotionally invested in this already!??!?  Like omg, I'm playing as Braeda on the make for Madame with RPer who plays Madame, and the conversation I'm having with her... When did I switch genders and BECOME Braeda??  Like I'm so worked up and nervous because HE'S worked up an nervous!  And she gives the best damn answers and he gets all excited and I'm like SOOO happy for him when it's an answer he wants and I WASN'T PREPARED FOR THIS!!!

Do I have my shipping goggles on too tight? What's happening to me? Are you there God? It's me, SJ...


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