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for an art challenge I'm doing on tumblr. This was unexpectedly funny, so had to share!
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So I'm working on this Big Bang fic, which involves Ling and Lan Fan, and apart from that I don't think I can say anything else.  Suffice it to say that at some point I have written Ling's mother into the story and I felt compelled to draw her.  Now people, this is just an unpolished sketch.  I wanted to draw her as shocked at Ling's return (why her hands are posed like she's going to be sick o_O), and I'm really no good at drawing hands and feet, which is why the hands present are crude and there's no feet at all.  I think he bears a strong resemblance to her, what do you think?

ling's mom
Her name is Rui, yes she has a bit of a double chin, and I modeled her hair from an 1800's woodcut print of a chinese musician.
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This is the last one guys T___T  Day 30: Doing something Hot :Cunnilingus (Of course I went there XD)

NC17, click at your own risk! )
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I was feeling extra productive today XD  Only 1 more to go, I'm almost sad to see it end, but I'm sure my big bang drawing is thrilled that it's over lol
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Day 26 is directly linked to a chapter in my fic “Whatever it Takes”, where they get married by a military chaplain in Camp Longbow in Youswell.

‘She was dressed in a crisp, light pink colored cotton dress and was holding a small bouquet of silk roses and carnations in a slightly darker color.’

And LOL I think I might HAVE to write something to go with day 27 XD (or someone else could write it for me... *whistles*)

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Day 24-Making up.

When I was at work this morning, all I wanted to do was open up my Big Bang art and work on it.  But by the time I got home I was hungry and tired and did absolutely nothing to it.  So enjoy Braeda dipping Chris back for a kiss.  This would happen immediately after yesterday's prompt of arguing, of course.
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I saw THIS on facebook and it made me think of Roy XDDDD

So that led me to create THIS behemoth, which led me to title it 'OOC Theater'

I really should go to bed now XDDDD
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Day 22: In battle, side-by-side.  To set this up, Braeda and Chris are staying at the spare place at the bar (their apartment could be flooded or the AC might be out, who knows) and they hear what sounds like someone breaking in.  Take into account Braeda’s intense fear of dogs and in about 3 seconds you’re going to have a grown man screaming like a little girl and pissing his pants.

I liked drawing Chris’ little derringer pistol she keeps in her boobs :D

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Wow Madame's dress is short O__O  XD
Anyway, this is supposed to be them doing that Lucky Star dance or whatever.
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Day 19: In Formal Wear.  I thought I’d try to make something like a Senior Prom picture for them, so this is Braeda and Chris at the Veteran’s Ball.  I love the idea of dress whites for the Amestrian uniform.  Was gonna color this but got lazy :(  Madame’s dress is a pale blue with sapphire jewelry.
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Prolly need to view this full size to read the text!  I skipped a couple of days because I wanted to draw this so badly :3
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XDDDDD  Drunk people do the silliest things!  Head canon says schnapps is a new thing and Chris waits til she's 3 sheets to the wind to try it.  Braeda thinks it's the funniest thing he's ever seen XD
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better to view this one at full size.  Day 16-Morning Routine.  Based off my contest piece, "Morning Necessity".
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I have a feeling she does this just to see his reaction XDDDD
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Day 12-Making out.  Graphics pad was screwy again when I made this one. I’ll fix it with the next one :)
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Hello color!  This turned out beautifully >:D

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posting now because I won't have time tomorrow.

Day 9-Hanging out with friends (hehehe)

If anyone read my slashfest piece titled 'It's Only Gay if You Make Eye Contact', I set my Whatever it Takes universe up for a foursome.  Didn't think I could draw this, but I pulled it off (self high five!)
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Day 8-Shopping
Shopping for top of the line, illegal, Drachman surveillance equipment is no easy task.  Chris and Braeda meet their contact in an innocuous place and make the swap.
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OMG no, THIS is my favorite one!
ROFL at the nerdy flirty dialogue!!!! ♥


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