In the Gilded Age

Jul. 27th, 2017 11:52 pm
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I spent the entire morning in the gilded age. I went to the Breakers first figuring it’s the best known and most likely to be crowded. I was right. Even at 930 it was pretty packed but it was amazing. I can see why Mark Twain coined the term gilded age. Today it’s been romantacized but he meant it as a scathing indictment of how wasteful these people were. He had a point especially when you consider the Vanderbilts spent less than six weeks a year here. I literally could spend six months here and still not see every embellishment. One room has walls gilted not with gold but with platnium.

From there I wen to Marble house. It’s on par with the Breakers and was owned by Alva Vanderbilt. I should read more on her. She was something (I knew that before I got here, it’s one of the reason I wanted to see this home), votes for women, divorcing and so much more. The last house was Chateau su Mer which was older than the rest and not as insanely embellished (not that it was plain either) It was in the English aesthetic style and had a live guide vs the self guided ipads all the others had. (after putting up with 15 people, half of whom were tweens who didn’t want to be there I preferred the latter).

After seeing the Black Pearl is renowned for its clam chowder, I went back and got that and a seafood crepe full of shrimp and scallops. Delightful. Less delightful, it was raining. So I decided to go to the beach anyhow. Hey it was easy to find on street parking. I walked around for an hour. This one had very few shells and one of the big clam shells I picked up still had a clam in it (sorry buddy). I put him back. The tide looked red because of all this seaweed floating in it. There was a small carousel there too.

I headed back to mansion row to go on the cliffwalk. I’m glad I did. I went via Salve Regina Uni which had a paved part of the walk. It was very nice. Also on their campus I found what I thought was little libraries but were rather shadow boxes made by students containing poetry (one was creepy) called poetry in the wild. I thought that was a nice idea.

Dinner was at the highly rated Brick Alley pub which was insanely crowded. I had a storm brewery amber ale (pretty good) and even more scallops, this time in wine butter and bread crumbs, delicious (but the butter made me sick) Took another try at the casino. I won a few small bonuses at the star gate machines again but then tried new machines and lost.

Time to pack and hope the storm doesn’t hit tomorrow like it might. The ghost hunt still has to wait until I have time.

Island hopping

Jul. 27th, 2017 12:09 am
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Today was busy. It was thirteen hours of almost non stop action. To make up for no wake up call yesterday, they called me a half hour early today but I was already up because my body thought that would be funny.

They have this great ferry shuttle barely more than a block from the visitor center that takes you to Fort Adams, Jamestown and Rose Island. That was my goal because it has a lighthouse you could tour and I wanted to do that. I was there so early I traveled over with the staff. I couldn’t walk the whole island because it is nesting season for island birds (mostly gulls). I had no idea it was also a fort, built during the Revolution but never used then. It was used heavily in WWI &II.

Here’s the cool thing about the island, it’s a living museum meaning you could STAY there. I would have loved to do that for a night or two. There’s some ‘fog room’ built into the cliff that I couldn’t find but I saw the downstairs rooms plus the museumy bits. What gave me true story fodder though is the that the second floor can be rented out for a week and you become a ‘keeper’ expected to chip in with the chores. I have in my head an author coming there to do that and meeting a supernatural fighting young woman of Narragansette background pulling from Native folklore. That could be fun.

I wanted badly to go into the lens room and out onto the catwalk. I got all the way up the ladder but saw you sort of have to lift yourself up and back down onto the ladder, I decided it would be unwise to attempt without help. Pouts.

From there I went down to the beach because it seemed too quick to catch the ferry again and I hadn’t seen everything so I know I have another hour. I decided to go to the back beach and be by myself. I sat on a boulder and scoured a million shells (and large bits of sparkly rock) because a) I’m a magpie b) my steampunk ball this fall is 20000 Leagues Under the Sea and I have plans for them. There were a lot of dead birds (I asked about it, the black backed gull is a predator). I wandered the barracks which you can also rent out (nope, no thanks) They had an honor system gift shop with higher priced items (really?) Got Dad (or maybe John) a shirt. I was thinking after seeing a sea glass display in the musuem that I've never found any sea glass ever. I went to the front beach and there they were about a half dozen pieces of sea glass all along the beach. Whee.

I could have gone to Fort Adams from the ferry, especially since I didn’t quite grasp how it worked. It made a weird circuit. Oh well, I got on and went for a ride because I got too hot (and was kinda bored because I can sit on a beach for 20 minutes and it feels like 20 hours). I love being on the water (too bad I get sick). I didn’t because I didn’t like being on their time table (I know I know, control freak) and gone are the days I can skip meals because of the diabetes.

It took so long to get back to port that I opted out of the cool restaurants so I went to panera which I don’t like much for lunch (pasteries are great) but they had a lobster roll and a watermelon feta salad with balsemic drizzled wheat berries that cost me an arm and a leg but it was delicious (and seriously had nearly a whole lobster on it).

I almost didn’t make the fort. My GPS freaked out, got me to the park turn off then took me into the housing plan….I found my own way there just in time. I had to run to get to the tour (or wait an hour and a half). It was fascinating. It’s a huge fort with a 6 acre parade ground and 4 million bricks in it. Sadly it was let go for decades and is in pretty crappy condition that they’re slowly trying to salvage. The French fellow who designed it made it so it would take 10,000 men to claim so it was never attacked. It had an outer wall then an outer ditch then a tenaille wall that lured attackers into a ‘weak spot’ that lead into a kill zone then the crown wall then the inner ditch them a ramp up to the pentagon walls of the actual fort with cannons shooting chain shot, grape shot and hot shot all the wall from the roof and two muskateers at each loophole. In theory cannons couldn’t make it from the sea over the wall so men would have to attack on foot. In the fort there were cannons on top and in the walls. Around each cannon were brick openings because unfired brick would turn to mostly harmless dust if a cannon DID manage to hit it (where the granite around the rest of it would chip off or shave off the cannon balls). They took us into the tunnels where the tunnel rats sat for 8-12 hours a day in utter darkness listening to hear if anyone was digging under the fort. This was a good story idea too. Doesn’t have to be this fort or even this world but a fort like it. Impenetrable and yet something is killing everyone.

I went to Thomas Tews (a real pirate here in Newport back in the day) / Storm brewery and went on a rum tasting tour. He really wanted me to do that and the beer (thanks but no). The rum and the chemistry of it, how it basically makes a tincture in the oak barrels leeching the flavors fascinates me. They use the yearly cycle of heat and cold do the work of aging the rum. It was delicious just as a sipping ‘whiskey’. I ended up buying a small (expensive) bottle. Pray for it in the luggage. I need to read up on Tews. They claim he was the fourth richest pirate. I had no idea that Newport had many distilleries for rum. Nor that it was such a port for the slave trade (unfortunately).

Dinner was at the Black Pearl (Mom insisted I had to go) which is probably the most upscale place I’m going to. I had the scallops in a mushroom bacon cream sauce that was to die for. I loved it. I could have eaten this every night. I didn’t appreciate the family next to me on the bench seat. It was Dad’s birthday and all he did was chow down his lobster and bitch about how small his beer was. Grandma was busy being a purse lipped bitch and mom was trying to control both kids neither of which HAD food and the boy kept jumping all over me. Sadly I also went into a diabetic crash and was soaked with sweat. Had to go to the ben and jerry’s before heading off for the ghost tour.

But it's after midnight. I need sleep, hope I remember the ghosts.

The Gilded age

Jul. 25th, 2017 11:33 pm
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Today was a great day (in spite of not getting a wake up call). It ended with [personal profile] dragonydreams coming down to see me! That was great fun. We had a nice talk.

This morning I learned that I can leave the paid parking lot at the visitor center and come back without repaying. That’s good to know because I’ll need it for the ghost tour.

This morning I took the Viking trolley 90 minute history tour. I have to say that if I were ever to give money to a historical preservation group again, Newport’s might be the one. They not only saved 90 Colonial homes they saved many of the Gilded era mega mansions. I can’t believe so many of them (like 20) were lost, almost including the Elms.

I’m not 100% of the history I was told today (and there is WAY too much of it to recount here) is true. My guide never stopped talking. He was a excellent guide in that respect but he said a couple things I’m not sure are true. He mentioned Quakers being burnt at the stake in RI and MA. I know Quakers were persecuted but you’d think I’d have heard of something like that. I Googled it and yes it happened in the 1500s in Europe (which I didn’t know) but I can’t find anything here. Sigh.

One thing about this trip that is both fascinating and at the same time sort of sickening is the richness of this area (especially when the megamansions were built). We drove past an invitation-only country club that cost 100K/year and their tennis courts were packed. It bugs me and I’m not sure why. It’s their money to do with as they please and for all I know they give that amount to charity but still…

He took us past the Touro synagogue which I’d like to get into as it’s the oldest synagogue in the States. We also went past the church were Jackie O and JFK married (would be nice to get in there too), we went all over including a biodiversity farm that the Campbell soup Heiress saved and made (it was an estate prior) , buying it out from under a developer who wanted to carve it up into million dollar condos. After the tour I bought a 5 mansion tour ticket to drive myself there.

After the tour I walked up to the White Horse tavern, the oldest extant tavern in America (according to them, though there might be contenders in Boston), 1673. Well you know I had to have a beer there. I had RI’s Whaler Ginger wheat, it was good. They said I could take photos in the dining room I was in (I was sitting practically in the fire place) and invited me to photograph the upstairs too and both bars. Whee. (I think at the end of all this vacation stuff I’ll post links to my facebook post once I make it for photos or maybe work with another photo share serve). I had cherrystone clams steamed in white wine and herbs. They were SO good, served up with a big hunk of bread to sop up the sauce. Got some glasses for Christmas gifts.

From there I drove to Rosecliff house (as it’s closed most of tomorrow) You’ve seen it if you’ve seen Gatsby. It has an amazing ballroom and a sad story. The owner Tessie didn’t seem able to move on with the times and as the late 1800s early 1900s ballroom dances and parties became more casual and jazzy, all her friends drifted away. She invented friends to have parties with, suffering a mental breakdown living in the imaginary past. I felt a little sorry for her.

I decided to go to the Elms. Never heard of it. The original owner was a coal baron (making me think, so this is what my grandfathers and great uncles suffered and died for in the mines, even though I know this place was built a decade or two before they were in the mines. The Elms blew Rosecliff away for sheer ostentation and how nicely the tour was set up. It had several places where huge pieces of art had been taken from European homes and glued to the walls here, literally.

I must have a jillion photos and I picked up a ghosts of newport book. I need to decide if tomorrow is more mansions (I have 3 more coming) or the fort and the light house. Man I really need one more day. Should have driven and stayed in the Motel 6 one night...Ah well.

The downside: The hotel bed is hard as a stone slab and the White Horse had a dress code so I had a ton of walking to do in non-supportive but very pretty sandals. My feet hurt.


Jul. 25th, 2017 03:11 pm
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So I don't usually spend my money on commissions, but, uh I do recommend Renée...!

it's Fio :D


Jane modeling a version of this circa 1912 butterfly dress! (click through and then onward to see more detailed pictures)

And Jane in black and white below the cut. )

Oh, also: letter from Hideyoshi to Chacha How sweet

What a trip!

Jul. 24th, 2017 09:16 pm
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Before I get into it, let me say that photobucket can go screw itself. Yes I know my LJ background is one big 'give us money' from them, ditto for my mood theme. I'll look into fixing it when I get home. I know [personal profile] rahirah had posted a bunch of photo hosting sites. I'll need to figure out how to actually make them image.

So I had to get up at 6 to get to the airport so I tried to get to sleep early. I failed. Then my plane was coming from O'Hare and was delayed because of weather. Sigh. But then it was even longer and longer (and my coffee was working it's way thru) because of 'maintenance' issues. We finally take off right when we SHOULD have been landing in Baltimore. (the maintenance issue was a bad fuel pump which they had to 'deactivate.' Um WTF? Don't we need that?)

I didn't opt to use my medical preboarding because Baltimore and Providence were smaller airports and I had nearly a 2 hour lay over in Balt.

Only I didn't. I shoved into a middle seat at the front of the plane so I could get off early. That worked. I made it to my connector (having to change freaking concourses) just in time to board (thank god I had packed crackers because they had to be lunch).

My bag was the first off (i.e. last one so yeah BARELY made it). I decided to rent a car like I said via expedia against my better judgment. I have NEVER seen a lay out like providence's airport. I had to go up three escalators to the skywalk which extended all the way out past the airport parking lot, across a four lane highway, across the block, across the two lane road and FINALLY you're there (by then I'm dead)

Only to find Expedia SAID it was in the airport but it's not it's down the road 'a quarter of a mile.' He said I could just change it to the airport but their fees are 120$/day. I'm paying 55$ so yeah. I ask him now what. Can you prove the expedia price and oh btw we don't have wifi here. Since I have a tracphone with no data plan I can't get on with the phone or the tablet OR the damn computer. He makes it sound like it's just down the block and tells me I can either walk or go ALL the way back to the airport and try to get on the wifi there or I can get a cab and go to the other Hertz rental.

I go outside. It's pouring. I can't see Post road and even if I could there is NO damn sidewalk. How does this idiot think I'm going to walk there?

I go back in, I go to the counter and tell him look I'm disabled any chance there's a transport back to airside? Yes there is (not advertised anywhere mind you). I go back over and can't connect to the Wifi. I can't call an Uber because I live in a place where they don't exist so I don't have the app and can't get it because again no wifi so I go get a yellow cab who bitches and moans SO much because he can't make much money on a fare so short and I have to argue to get him to take me (enjoy that 20 cent tip dickwad). I was feeling sorry about the ubers ruining the NYC cab business (and destablizing banks in the process) but holy shit 8 bucks to go less than half a mile???

FInally I get the car and they will take me back to the airport when I drop off (they can't pick up because of the laws and taxes) it's a Nissan Sentra, not what I was hoping for but it's okay. I pull out into the rain. I wish I could have taken a picture from the bridge because the stormy seas and the angry sky were great. Oh did I mention it's like 57 degrees out here? The newscaster said it was like a winter Nor'easter today.

The hotel is on a major highway that has no red light and is a left hand turn. Wee. I stopped first at the casino across the street and got a player's card because it doesn't have it's own hotel (though it looks like it does) and it got me 20% off my hotel here. Yay. I trundled down to the visitor center just to see where it is (the hotel is hard to get out of). Went back to the casino for a so so dinner then went to play a 20.

It's the first time I've ever seen a casino THIS empty. It was spooky. Found a new game, lost half my 20, moved to the Stargate game and hit the bonus on the first spin and that lead to me winning the progressive jackpot, only third tier but it was 60$ so I left before I could be tempted to make it more.

Had a weird experience at the hotel. I was talking to mom to tell her I made it here alive and someone knocked at the door and said 'Ms Evans?' By the time I got there the hall was empty. I called the front desk to ask why they sent some one up. They didn't. Okay then.

I can't figure out the shower. It doesn't turn. It doesn't pull. I called down there but no one picked up. Too tired to fight it. Washed off in the sink and put that on things to do tomorrow.

I have no idea what the guy in the room next to me is doing? Climbing the walls like monkey? randomly banging on shit? Might just be the furniture sliding as they have wood laminate instead of gross carpet.

I'm going to watch the premiere of Midnight, Texas. Honestly the books are okay but slow. I'm interested to see what they do with this.

Writerly Ways

Jul. 23rd, 2017 10:31 pm
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They tell us to have an 'author platform.' Have a blog. Okay I have that. Is anyone paying attention? I doubt it. Hell I don't even hear from people I've known for years because they've moved on to microblogging. I do microblogging (I have twitter and facebook and pintrest). They say do newsletters but frankly I get so many I can't read them all In fact I barely read any and it's not helped by the fools who newsletter everyone several times a week. Wish I had an answer on how to reach readers but I don't. I feel like I'm faking it.

The one thing I do know is that I can and will use the vacation for story fodder. Has to be a wealthy character. when on tripadvisor restaurants rated only $$ are 30-40$ meals I'm scared to know what actual upscale ones cost.

I did forget something. I will have a CAR. I am so used to my work convention being my vacation and not wasting money on a car as I'm in a conference room for 4 of the 6 days I go. I don't need to go on a tour of the mansions. For 2 mansion via the tour group it's 55$ and they DONT take you inside. For that I can buy a 5 house tour. Guess what I'm doing?

Gave up on the big lighhouse tour (too hard to schedule, too many toll roads) but found one close by that drops me on Rose Island and I can go IN that light house. Now that's cooler than me puking my way on a 2 hour boat tour.

Have some links

marketing fatigue

getting the best out of your cover designer

cases where you don’t need a character arc

the story equation
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Today I was doing the final planning for my trip on monday, trying to plot out what I'm doing in the morning vs afternoon and literally EVERYTHING is only 10-4. FOUR! Now I'm sorry I have a hotel with no pool. Okay two the ghost tour has two of them and that will keep me busy but man.

Now I'm glad there's a casino right next door. But it will be much harder to see everything I'd like to see because it all closes so early.

And I'm not sure I'm going to any of the beaches now or at least Easton beach other than for strolling along because the richie-rich locals don't want tourists stinking up the change rooms!

I can't even figure out if I can go on a lighthouse cruise because it looks ilke it only goes once a month.

Dad insists on helping me google earth it all and I'm okay with that because it keeps him busy but he couldn't seem to understand I already HAVE all the files on my computer and he could just copy and paste. FInally it dawns on him and he asks 'why didn't you say so?' Um I did. I know he doesn't hear clearly (as if he'd admit it)

And now all the roads are toll. Glad I noticed that in time to grab up some ones and/or quarters.

As predicted, DSP rejected my holiday story but thankfully they did so in time to send it to Nine Star Press. They might do the same because admittedly Christmas Steampunk IS weird. If so, I guess I'll look into self pubbing it and giving half to St Jude's or something.

HBO is free this weekend. I see literally NO reason to pay for this, ancient movies with an occasional new one mixed in. Even their TV shows have fallen off. If I wanted Game of Thrones I could always netflix it I suppose. I recorded Superman vs Batman. God this is horrible.

The feeling of frustrating and anxiety I've been getting before traveling is back. I hate this.

Several more drawings, etc.

Jul. 22nd, 2017 12:29 pm
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Birthday card art for my mom. I was inspired by this Yuri on Ice fanart and thought, "Oh, I want them looking at one another!" Well, not quite, but I was still happy enough with the drawing to stick it out.

And then I have a few other things here, mainly the same characters in b/w, etc. + a not-quite-comic about Wilfred Owen that I realized I hadn't posted yesterday... )

Oh, and by the way- sent on to me by my mom:
+ 'what if an ANA flight landed 20 years in the future?' - submit a story and you could win a trip to Japan!
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 It's been a rough two weeks physically. Well, mentally as well. Let me break it all down.

Read more... )
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I took Naru the car into having his brakes fixed but they were still at 90% so no big bill there. Huzzah.

I had fun at the casino but I lost. Pouts.

I wrote some meta on women writing spec fic that you might be interested in. You can find it here

this could be a fun writing how to villains.

And Happy Birthday to [personal profile] kerkevik_2014. Hope it was a great day.

I'm not going to win camp nano this time. Ah well. I have to get my class finished and the last two days have made big strides in that.

I've also picked out a half dozen restaurants to try in Newport RI plus all the tours I want to go on. Yeah I do plan vacations pretty well. I just feel more comfortable doing that when traveling alone.

And now for the bad new, one of the professors (ecology, thankfully and not the anatomy/cell one I'll be working with more closely) declined our job offer so we have to interview again! I told them I'm not canceling my vacation. Pick whoever and I'll sign off on it. What I actually said was can't we get an adjunct for the non major class and just interview again in the spring. Head desk.

Find a Grave

Jul. 18th, 2017 11:27 pm
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That was the theme of the day. Mom wanted to find her grandparents in one cemetery, her mother's sister and brother in another and to show me my paternal great grandparents in a third. This last one was easy enough as they knew where they were but for some reason we've never gone to them which is bizarre because it's the same cemetery as my paternal AND maternal grandparents. Dad’s family is odd, not particularly close in some ways and very in others but why in the world we’ve never been to his grandparents’ grave and had to be told about them by his cousin earlier this year is anyone’s guess.

We then went to Fairview Cemetery in Burgettstown to look for the Ms (my great grandparents on Mom’s father’s side) with only knowing ‘they’re by the trees.’ Um tehre are many trees here and all five brothers spelled their surname differently, don’t ask because I have no idea why. We didn’t find them but I suggested find-a-grave to see if we could locate it that way. I will say I want to spend more time in the cemetery (which is directly across from the h.s. football field I spent 4 years marching in but I never went to the cemetery). It’s a strange cemetery. The graves are higgly piggly not lined up in any way. They’re perpendicular to each other, parallel, practically on top of one another. Then there’s a section of tiny headstones with numbers so pauper graveyard but there’s SO many of them, too many for a small town. Prison? Asylum? I truly need to know so I’ll have to investigate it.

Then we went to St Patrick’s cemetery in Oakdale. My great grandfather, Giovanni and his son, Libertino share a headstone there but in the last decade or so no one has gone out there sadly. Worse, Grandmother’s siblings Mary and Joseph who died of flu in the same week are there but no one knows where. “over the hill near the road” was as close as Grandma would ever say. Why she never found them or put up a marker is anyone’s guess.

Mom misplaced the grave in her mind but I hadn’t. I found John and Albert (their Americanized names) and the grave was in shockingly good shape except another headstone from up the hill had fallen and landed against their stone.

Find a grave had zero info on Mary and Joseph nor the Ms nor my dad’s relatives in Fairview I didn’t even know about until we got back. I’m very annoyed that almost all census data is no longer free.

But there was a bit of story fodder in all of this. Returning to the car, I found a grave that said Elizabeth & Theresa (mother and daughter) and elizabeth’s date of death was listed as ‘unknown.’ Oh the questions that spawns. And in the other graveyard was a tombstone entirely in Greek. Neat.

The worst part of it was it was 92 today but with the humidity it felt like 100. Whee.
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fraternal twins

...Inspired by an old piece of Suikoden fanart I'd had saved for ages!

And a few other recent-ish scraps and what-not. )

I recently finished the second part of Jean Moorcroft Wilson's biography of Sassoon (the whole rest of his life/after WWI part) and a lot of it made me feel sorry for him... Also, I was glad that all the Sassoon/Stephen Tennant stuff wasn't drawn out too lengthily? All of that was delivered in a much lengthier form in the Tennant biography I read (which makes sense, but it was still a relief to get to skim it in a sense here??) (at the end of last year, I guess!)

I've read more biographies of late than in quite a while, I guess. The differences between the various books on my mind (about Owen, Sassoon, and Tennant) seem...pronounced? It's funny how much author preference influences the subject matter in a way??

I'm disappointed

Jul. 17th, 2017 09:16 pm
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By the whole Doctor Who thing. I'm not exactly disappointed that it's a woman. I expected it (though I would much rather they had gone with an Asian or African man but whatever). I actively dislike the actress. She bores me to tears in Broadchurch and the fact the man putting out Broadchurch is the new showrunner for Who makes me nervous. Did she really 'beat out' the competition (because her lifeless portrayals on Broadchurch lead me to disbelieve that) or is she his buddy?

But that's NOT the disappointing thing. No it's the fights and name calling. I've been called a woman hating person who doesn't get the meaning of SF and should just 'shut up and stop whining.' THanks for the bullying.

The good news today is my BFF is heading out here this weekend. That makes me happy.

And since I had so many more writing links, let me share those.

5 reader types


promoting your book

write what you feel

more on platform and this one bugged me a bit. Really now we need a podcast or youtube channel

the unglamorous life of a writer

say yes to obsession

writing super bad villains

more dualities that can replace good and evil

meaningful subplots

And the last two are from Chuck Wendig so expect the foul language.

having a bad writing day

staying motivated in a tough world

Splinters of Silver - editing nothing

Blood Red - Edited up to ch 24

Steampunk Holiday - sent off for consideration

Behind Blue Eyes - back burnered

Horror anthology - gave up

Haunted Hocking

8726 / 60000 words. 15% done!

Yearly Word Count

19979 / 100000 words. 20% done!

Writerly Ways

Jul. 16th, 2017 10:06 pm
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In lieu of saying anything meaningful about writing, how about I share this. (Also if anyone is willing to read and review on Amazon/GR PM me please and I can arrange it)

Blurb Detective Roy Connolly never expected to find real elves and murder at his local anime convention.

Seeking a bonding experience with his formerly estranged son, Sion, a crown prince of the elves, takes him to something they both enjoy: a human anime convention. They both like humans and all their geeky creations so Sion anticipates an enjoyable weekend. He never expected an enemy assassin, armed with only a description of Sion's cosplay, to start murdering his way through the convention.

Detective Roy Connolly, a closet geek, heads to the same anime con without his friend, Amelia. He's surprised to find one of the most handsome men he's ever seen cosplaying in the same anime style as his own, and even more delighted that Sion can't keep his hands off him. Throwing caution to the wind, Roy jumps into a whirlwind relationship only to find himself in the cross hairs of an assassin.

Buy link You can find Conned here

 photo JD_Conned_zpsq3rdsflz.jpg

And now on to the links

Story Arcs

formatting ebooks

self pub success story

best time to publish your book (though I wonder if this applies to LGBT stuff as it's a smaller market in the first place.

And from Betty: earn the back story

successful serial platforms

writing in an unfamiliar setting

ways to bring characters together

TOO tired from the graduation party to do more.

Lily fest

Jul. 15th, 2017 01:15 am
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It felt like a FLorida festival because it was 90 out with 90% humidity It was supposed to be storming but luckily it didn't. My GPS took me a new way to the Bishop Educational Garden, so very remote but I did find where two of the hiking sites I wanted to go explore are. I will say Little Cola Rd sucks. It's supposed to be two way traffic but is barely enough for one car with a huge ditch on one side and a cliff on the other..

It was a muddy mess and so humid my entire body was wet. I wanted a) lilies b) to hear Lone Raven c) Christmas shop.

I actually felt bad for Lone Raven. I think the weather report coupled with the fact it's Friday kept people away. They were there for three sets (I got to hear the middle one) and I could count the audience on one hand. I did get eaten alive by mosquitoes. I enjoyed the set but for that little audience and that much humidity I did feel bad. I did get to talk to them which was nice but it was too miserable to pull out my cd and get it signed. Everyone looked melted.

It took me forever to get a lily because choices. I picked the Catherine Woodbury which is very fragrant and a rebloomer that I can barely shove somewhere. The other was tiny and won't probably bloom for a year or two named Judith which is my mother's name and I'm giving it to her.

I also found a beautiful dichroic glass bracelet for her for Christmas/birthday and a silver wire tree on a quartz geode for her. I also got some awesome, expensive truffles that I need to take a picture of and a neat thing to hang from my stuff here on the porch that I didn't need to buy but I did. I also got an air plant.

In spite of the heat and nausea from the heat it was a good day until I came home and depressed myself by typing in the wrong number in the max price filter and found the absolutely perfect house for me, right where I want to live this house in fact. BUT it's out of my price range. You know I don't mind when they're out of my price range by a lot but this isn't that far out of my range, just enough to be heart breaking.
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Mags + Jack + cherry nectarine peach sorbet

Jack slipped. After a piece of art by Puuung

And beneath the cut I've got the b/w drawing of Mags and Jack up top. )

And today is Bastille Day! Happy birthday Louis Barthas! :D

Oh, and he was played in '14 - Diaries of the Great War' by Mikaël Fitoussi...! (I believe I saved both of these photos from his twitter account)


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