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Sep. 24th, 2017 10:04 pm
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Yeah I should just retitle this the Writing Links Hour because I have nothing again other than my split personality happy for her, sad for me, jealous thing going on (a writing friend has HER vampires in Vegas coming out with the same publisher that kicked mine back in just a few months). She at least was supportive of my boo-boo feelings. Really wish she didn't live out on the west coast. I'd like to be able to visit with her on a regular basis. Ah, life.

I'm watching the new Star Trek right now. I wish it wasn't going to be streaming only after today.

That trulicity injection made me very tired or the allergies did or the depression over missing my steampunk fun or the fact my apartment was sold and I don't know what happens next.

And now for those links

from various sources: Writing a male pov as a female (honestly this one uses very broad and not always flattering generalizations)

Common errors with psychological disorders

reinvigorate book marketing I need to really study this

Best time to publish your book

And of course the plethora of goodies that Betty sent

Time Blocking This is how I get my house clean but honestly I haven't had it work well for me when it comes to writing.

fast draft writing

blurb writing and some want it so short that it's under 300 characters!

getting on the A list

Writing secrets from a TV great

using hashtags as an author

Learning to wait

That was unexpected

Sep. 23rd, 2017 10:13 pm
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It's been a weird but ultimately productive day. I started the cleaning - make my test - edited my story pilgrimage that's taking the place of me going and having fun.

1. Test got done. Huzzah. I think it's pretty fair.

2. The short story was BLANK. Thank god someone was on the editorial end and resent it. It's done and back to them already.

3. Katimac called to see if I wanted to make good on my whine about wanting to see It with friends as horror is better in groups. I appreciate it but points to the opening sentence. Up to my eyeballs in work.

4. The cleaning was...strange. I got more books in another container. I need to see if I can get the plastic totes into a plastic garbage bag. There are so many mice in my storage that the boxes end up covered in mouse shit. Then I dragged out this storage container that's been in my computer room for 13 years. It's designed to hold file folders etc in an office. It's ugly by handy. But it's also filled with SHIT. I dragged it out to the living room so I could watch the Star Trek marathon and sort it into recyclables, Good Will, keep and organize and trash bin piles.

Kanda was NOT amused by this giant mess. I was unamused to find two bag fulls of notes from year 1 of teaching (i.e. 13 years ago) some for classes I no longer even teach. I THINK I might have been keeping it as scrap paper but it was so dusty and I have SO MUCH scrap paper that it's going to be recycled. I found photos. I found handwritten bits of story that I kept just to see what it is. I found printed out fan fic and story editing for friends, a full copy of a novel printed out.

And then I found a blue velvet journal with a silver unicorn on it. I thought it was empty, something a friend had given to me. It was full. It's the journal from my first year in college. That has been set aside to be read. It's time to be reacquainted with 18 year old me. Hold me, I'm scared.

In spite of me wearing gloves and a mask my face is covered in massive hives from my allergies.

My rainbow snippet is teaching people about foxes. cool.

As I said I've been watching ST most of the day. One summer I need to sit down and watch it all because since BBCAmerica has brought it back, I've noticed something. In the first year, year and a half, Uhura, Sulu and Yeoman Rand, had more to do. The alternative Factor is on and there's an African female science/engineering officer. And I noticed in later episodes, Uhura and Sulu are welded to their bridge chairs and aren't seen as much. I know what happened to Rand (sexual harrassment) but what changed? Is it as benign as the writers deciding to concentrate on the big three or more malignant with the censors and producers demanding minorities and women having less to do? I know that WAS an issue.

I injected trulicity for the first time, a diabetic med that is made of gila monster spit but only injected once a week (and it's a fairly hefty dose). I've had issues with the earlier drug in this class (byetta) wish me luck.

Catalina + Sazka

Sep. 23rd, 2017 09:30 am
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So, you might recall that Ana, my cat of nearly 19 years, passed away in Feb. 2016, and I have since been personally cat-less, fine with just enjoying the company of other cats in my household. However, I ‘took the plunge’ so to speak and adopted two kittens this past Sunday…! For a long time my mom and I have thought it would be nice to adopt siblings and now that finally came to pass...

Catalina is the calico and Sazka is the tabby+white one. Wow, did you know I hadn't named a cat since I adopted Ana 18 years ago?? Anyway, this picture (above) is from that very first day they came home with me.

And this photo is about 2 days later... All the cats we've adopted from the local cat rescue have been really well-adjusted (because of the fostering and such, I imagine), but no one settles in like a kitten...!

And Jojo (not quite 4 yet), the tortie, is the one watching from the railing in the 3rd picture- I think we have a friend here~
My sister bought the pink collapsible 'cat cube' fort/toy with Catalina + Sazka in mind because one of the same type of thing is really popular with the cats/kittens at the Petsmart where she volunteers, but obviously Jojo likes it too, which is neat.

Jojo is pretty interested in the kittens. Unsurprisingly, Lily and Angel don't like them. Boy is kind of in between? Or unsure, maybe.

Thus, we again wound up with six cats, ha ha

Bingo: Diagonal Line (Pirate Fest)

Sep. 22nd, 2017 10:48 pm
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[personal profile] ladyofleithian posting in [community profile] allbingo
Creator Name: ladyofleithian
Fandoms: Star Wars, Episode VII: The Force Awakens
List of Prompts: Abandon Ship!, Buried Treasure, Wild Card -- Ghost, Lolling, Hurricane/Typhoon/Monsoon
Link to Card: http://ladyofleithian.dreamwidth.org/993026.html

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I can't believe it's fall. It feels like my life is flashing by so fast I can't catch my breath. Of course I can't catch my breath because it's NINETY damn degrees out there. I'm so sad about that because I've been looking forward to the steampunk train ride all year but I've decided to not go. The heat is a huge part of it. But I'm also so slammed with work and cleaning AND I just got the final edits of my steampunk CHristmas story and it's on a super short turn around. I'll go to the ball next week. That'll be more fun anyhow.

I did pick up some Mothman rootbeer at the winery. Sadly the Mothman wine was a dry red. Gross.

I also have edited thru my Cassadaga novella and need to finish changing how they handle the Lianesidhe and probably need to find another beta reader. I really only need THAT scene looked at because it's been edited thru a few times now (even though I did find some mistakes that were pretty bad). (also am reminded I need to go read some of the original fic [profile] kiramaru posted).

I think my plot for that middle grade short story I'm trying to write is too dark. I think I might need to leave it as the kids see the bad guys sneaking 'contraband' into Aurelia's Mom's cargo and one of them gets kidnapped and she has to rescue him. My original idea would work better for older teens than the target so.... Now to keep it short. HOW I don't know?

A real joy for today was the review I got on Candy From Strangers It reminded me why I write. It made me happy. You cane see it here

And Happy 80th anniversary to The Hobbit. This version of the song gives me chills every time.

Apple Festival

Sep. 21st, 2017 11:06 pm
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Every year I go to the Apple Festival to support the town even though I hate the fest. It's the worst small town fest that I've seen. But I'm getting the idea that it's bigger than I know. Every year I do what I did today, I stroll main street and broadway and all it is are midway games, terrifyingly unanchored rides and the cheap food trucks (funnelcakes 7$? Um...no) But one of my students found a crafter with crystals. I have NO idea where. I know the bands play somewhere else and that the quilt show is in the library. So maybe that means the vendors are elsewhere too. God knows where.

So I wandered, didn't buy a damn thing, went to Arch & Eddies for some boom boom shrimp and a beer. Then I did go to a local place I've always meant to go to, Michael's ice cream and have this famous bubble. I was a bit underwhelmed by the prosiac choices and a bubble is just a sundae really BUT it was pretty tasty as I got a baby cinnabon which came covered in marshmallow sauce. Oh I'm paying for it now, thanks lactose intolerance.

I have my edits back from [personal profile] evil_little_dog on Blood Red. I hope to slap that out of here by the first. That way I can be rejected by Christmas. (yeah thinking positively here).

L'Shanah Tovah

Sep. 20th, 2017 11:56 pm
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Happy Rosh Hashanah to all my friends who celebrate Have a sweet year.

I got my schedule for next semester and it's odd. Usually the spring semester I'm all early morning. this year three days a week I'm not there until afternoon but wednesday sucks at 8-4.

I got my income based repayment reassessment for that big student loan. I'm making SO MUCH less than the year before they dropped my payment 100$. God I have no money so much so that the rapacious loan is like fuck this, we can't get blood from a stone.

Trying to get a handle on my characters, I'm doing ALL the b.s. character development stuff now so I don't waste time during nano. Let me know what you think

Meet Joshua )


Sep. 19th, 2017 11:13 pm
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It's not just an Arrr for talk like a pirate day, it's an arrr for my students. Yesterday I gave two tests, one went well, the other went okay but at my office hour one of the wanna be allied health students drops in because she can't get online (I only showed them 5 weeks ago) so I help her Then she asks, 'so what did I miss in class today?' Um the EXAM. She proceeds to argue with me about it. I'm like not only did I say it was monday I sent an EMAIL. I can't text you so you HAVE to look at those emails, send them to your fucking phone. I was nice enough to let her make it up (she failed, she also failed the homework and wrote me an email to tell me none of it was in my notes. Um do you want the page numbers?)

I got my [personal profile] spook_me prompts. they're exciting. I just wish I could focus on writing. It's getting worse and worse. I feel like soon I won't be writing at all. I don't know what's happening to me.

Some people are discovering some of my old fanfic which is nice at least.

Today was the Jackson Apple festival. I didn't go because it's raining (maybe later this week) but I did take a bag of books to the library and came home with two bags. I fail at getting rid of my books. :)

I did get to see the H.S. band marching. They were good and I am jealous. They got to march in shorts and t-shirts because it's summer. I asked mom 'remember what I had to march in in spite of the heat?' Mom: the full wool uniform Dad: with the Q Tip hat. Yeah. I had to do it in a woolen oven

Writerly Ways

Sep. 17th, 2017 04:18 pm
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I guess now would be the time to talk about what I had planned for last week (read: I'm trying to avoid cleaning). I know a few people won't agree with me but given how small the blog is these days, I doubt I'll be unfriended.

Anyhow in the last month the topic of mpreg has come up in two different professional m/m communities (though with a lot of cross over one would imagine). Both ended up either being locked or deleted and apologies offered by the moderators because members of the community felt unsafe and/or marginalized. To me this is appalling. I don't even understand why this is even necessary to discuss. Mpreg belongs in fanfic. Just leave it there (I suppose if you're writing SF and the males carry the baby that's different but that's not most of M/M romance in the professional setting.

I have never liked Mpreg, that's no secret, not even in fandom. To me, it's a way of fetishizing gay men and not really honoring their reality. And basically the giant arguments were to that end, many gay men saying PLEASE don't do this. They shouldn't have had to say it more than once but naturally they did. I see this as the women writing gay men confirming their worst fears, that we have no respect for them, have no idea what it's like to be a gay man and are just profiting from them. There are enough voices decrying women writing gay men without adding fuel to the fire.

Here's the thing: if people within the community you're trying to write about are telling you it's offensive and insulting, IT IS offensive and insulting, end of story. This is just widening the gap between groups. We're expected now to write diversely. (I just read an article and damn I should have bookmarked it that said if you don't have a gay and minority character your story is inherently homophobic and racist. Obviously that's moronic, swinging too far to one side). But we're hit on both sides, told we're prejudice if we aren't diverse and told we're doing it wrong and our writing it is unwanted because we're not in the community. Trying to force Mpreg into mainstream writing just reconfirms how wrong we are.

And oh, yeah, I stayed out of the arguments in both communities because I knew how it would end. Be respectful. If you want a baby in the story, adopt, find a surrogate, something a gay man could feasibly do.

As always have some writing links

From others besides Betty: Flying without a Net

Writing 3-D characters I used to do this ALL the time. I need to get back to it. I find it helpful because I'll be the one who forgets details (like seriously couldn't remember which arm Aaron lost when it came time to talk to my cover artist).

the importance of reviews and how to handle them

And thanks to Betty we have: 6 problems with long series I don't always agree with Mythcreants (often I feel their writers are very young and miss the point half the time) but this one is pretty good.

marketing cheat sheet

what’s a bisac code?

Novel plan

social media vs author website

creating an eclectic magic system This is very good

surviving a confidence crisis I feel that using friends too often thing.

Yearly Word Count -

25768 / 100000 words. 26% done!

Splinters of Silver - editing nothing

Blood Red - waiting for edits

editing 3 novellas - edited 2/3rds of Cassadaga

Behind Blue Eyes - nothing

Haunted Hocking -

10215 / 60000 words. 17% done!

Steampunk Deadwood - planning stages


Sep. 16th, 2017 10:28 pm
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It was my annual trek to the mothman festival. I met my friend, Rain there, a bit on the late side but I made it. And they finally have a shuttle/parking service. 10$ but it was worth it. On the negative, Point Pleasant is even MORE depressing than the last time I went but on the whole we had a blast.

Rain had bought me a TNT tour bus ticket for my 50th. I know the story (the TNT explosive compound IS government) because this is where the first sighting of the mothman was. It was fun. They told the various legends as we drove out there then set us loose in one of the igloos that were used and took us home with more stories. It was neat but a tiny bit pricey for what it was. But they DID give us Mothman back packs as a souvenier. I had fun and I will say outside of the depressing downtown, there were some really nice residential areas.

I got to hear almost NONE of the talks. I had wanted to listen to Cornstalk's descendant but her talk was when we were on the tour. Rosemary Ellen Guilley was there and I heard the last half of her talk but it was SRO. Usually it's not that packed (and the State Theater is mildewy, ancient and hotter than balls) but one of the guys from TAPS (GHost Hunter) was there. I could have stayed but I was also meeting Kati and frankly I couldn't have stood being crushed into those hot assed seats that long.

So after Rain left, Kati and her friends arrived and we hung out for a little while but I'd been there going on five hours by then and I was tired.

At one point, I heard gothy music and was familiar. Rain said it's right over there and OMG it was someone selling Nox Arcana CDS. I had two have a couple! (Gothic and Blackthorn Asylum)

I got a birthday gift for a friend and a Christmas gift for another. I got one of Rosemary's books for me and two pieces of wall art even after saying NO WALL ART because I have so much of it. I couldn't resist Mothman as a shinigami and planned to put it in my office (until I noticed after the fact) that there was such a large suggestion off peen.... And I bought the one of a dullahan driving a carriage. I loved it.

I got some roasted candied pecans that had been soaked in blackberry moonshine. So now I must try this for myself because damn they're good (and expensive). I also splurged on a set of glass earrings that look like a full moon in a night sky (gorgeous stuff). I covet her wire tree over a glass bauble necklaces but they're very expensive.

Once Rain gets some pictures up (I forgot my camera and my money. I could fix one with an ATM but not the other) I'll share. I have some on my phone but my phone takes shit pictures in the dark.

I also did get to talk a little with Rosemary and with Sheri Brake (another ghost hunter). TOmorrow my university library is sponsoring a ghost hunter talk but I don't think I'll be going back for that.

WHen I'm not exhausted I'll link to some of the artists as well.

As for yesterday, let's just say the work drama continues

This week is a dumpster fire

Sep. 14th, 2017 09:40 pm
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Even more work drama. I think it's all fixed now but seriously there are people I could have gleefully throttled today.

I feel BAD that the new hires are caught up in this nonsense. Also no one listens. I had to explain things like 6 times before it sank in. Between them and people not listening to instructions on the test I could have sworn i was speaking Klingon.

But they did WELL on the test. THen again this is my senior level class and they usually did.

Today was the RU Okay event for mental healthat the university. I went and not a soul was there. Um what? I even wore the stupid ass yellow shirt (I own ONE. A Star Trek T-shirt because everyone looks like shit in yellow. (my chair's words, not mine) and someone else said they were across campus from where they were meant to be and in turquoise. Head desk.)

This week blows

Sep. 13th, 2017 10:42 pm
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I forgot to mention that I fell yesterday too. Over Kanda who got trampled (and we're all lucky everything didn't get pissed on as I was trying to get to the toilet at the moment.

I aspirated stomach acid again today.

The meeting at work was very frustrating and I'm a bit hurt. For some reason L tried to hand off two of my classes to someone else and I was having none of it. I THINK she thought she was doing me a favor but it didn't come across that way.

Came home to a letter from the IRS. Thank god it was just student loan crap but that didn't negate the stopped heart when I saw it.

Still feeling like persona non grata as Jana.

The good? a) I got a color graphic of my DNA breakdown that I'm rather in love with. I have like this one sub-saharan gene and it's on chromosome 6. So I looked it up because back when I took genetics the Human Chromosome Project didn't exist. Turns out that stupid gene is responsible for half my medical issues. Have to say I'm not a fan and b) my 50th birthday gift for my BFF came from the UK and it's wonderful. It's a haypenny from 1967. I'm betting it's from the same person my friend bought MY gift from (which were irish penny earrings also from then). I'm really in love with the pendant.

I'm also annoyed that Midnight Texas has some 'for the blind' thing going on with someone narrating every action (and ahead of them). I have no idea why this is happening. It's not on any other channel so it's nothing I've done. whimpers.

I think it's still Monday

Sep. 12th, 2017 11:17 pm
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So Tuesday started out badly at 130 when I took a fall...okay so I had updated my computer and nearly 2 hours later it was STILL updating so I came to check on it sans glasses and missed the couch when I sat down (well I can't see....) Banged up my left arm, pulled the muscles in my right and either that's a bruise or a clot in my left leg. Sigh.

Then today I had to go in and sit in my office because my lab was canceled for a school function but i still had to be there. Then I forgot when my office hours ended and was there an hour over. WTF is wrong my brain.

I did go to the faculty/staff picnic. There were hundreds of dollars of gift giveaways. I won nothing but our two new hires both won so that was very cool.

I've kind of worked out the particulars of my MG story but it still might be too dark. Wonders what I should do.

ETA -That faulty valve between stomach and esophagus just gave me a lung-full of acid and caprese salad.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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First it started with a weird dream. I was at my apartment complex which is shaped like a U and everyone was in their windows (which looked more like a public high school set up). Instead of being the rednecks I live with, they were all Asians. We all had penis water pistols and were shooting each other. Yep, my subconscious is on crack.

I woke up feeling like butt either from my allergies or fibro fog. I got half way to work and realized I forgot my purse which has my office keys and my slide advancer/laser pointer. Turned around to get it. Sleep walked through the entire day. Realized I hadn't put up a homework I needed to, wasn't ready for a test this week so I just moved it. I came home without my folder and my flashdrive so I couldn't work on my lectures.

Whimpers. But I DID get more done on grading and test making from 5-9:30 (taking out time for both cooking dinner and talking to mom for 45 minutes) than I did all weekend.

As for Florida, most of my friends are okay. No word from my family.

Writerly Ways

Sep. 10th, 2017 10:11 pm
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I had one planned but it's a touchy topic and frankly I am too worn out this week to deal with it. I'm trying to decompress a bit (not helped by the fact that my cousin's uber-right husband is on FB pretending to pray for the Floridians in spite of the fact they were 'told to get out.' Obviously he has no idea the realities of evacuation (and I'm glad some people on his FB are calling his ass out. For a nuclear engineer he can be very 'dumb' about things.)

Anyhow instead of that post (which I'll still make it) let me give us something fun. Check out Dreaming Robot's Young Explorer’s anthology! I love the idea of this. I think several of us might enjoy trying to write a middle grade short story. I'm thinking steampunk with another amputee MC (this time a young lady). I wanted to have two male characters but I'm being hesitant. Hear me out:

I can make things more diverse (and far less racist 1890s) by doing a bit of alt history where the Native Americans and European settlers have more of an uneasy if more equal relationship. There would still be some division but not drowning a MG book in racism. It would take place over Deadwood (mostly because I know the place and won't have time for extensive research). I figured the other MC would be a young Lakota boy, maybe orphaned in the Deadwood fire of 76. (as opposed to the ugly slaughter at Wounded Knee).I was thinking of a young Chinese boy as well as there were plenty of Chinese in Deadwood. But in a very subservient role that would be inappropriate for this anthology (I should think). So I might leave him out but more so because this is TRULY a short story only 3-6K.

Now to come up with a plot. I figure in the end, the boy joins the girl's airship (Her mom is the captain) But what that plot could be that's not too dark for younger readers (well Voldemort was fairly dark...) but more importantly short.

Then decide do I want my pen name to be D.M. and my surname or Dana.

I do have a few lings for you. From Chuck Wendig Self Promoting (including having to do it when the news is a total shit show like it is right now)

how to write when the world is burning Another timely one. Granted we ALL have to deal with this and in different ways, this one resonated a bit with me.

silencing your inner critic I need to buy mine a ball gag.

Your book’s engine

Narrative Structure: It’s okay to stray

Let's all write something!!


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