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 Let me set this up, because I don't think I had a miscarriage, but other people are telling me I did.

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I took half of a 10 mg Lexapro because I was terrified to take it.  I actually sat here playing with it for about five minutes before I swallowed it, talking myself into taking it and reminding myself how it was when I began my blood pressure medicine and how I was afraid to take it too at first.  I kept a detailed journal of when I took it and every little thing I experienced (in case of an adverse reaction, and just in case I forgot something or couldn't talk- isn't panic wonderful?). By the time I went to bed, it felt like a switch had been activated, and all the anger and sadness I'd been dealing with for the past week was gone. When I woke up this morning, things were not as irritating to me as they'd been all week- Joey's loudness, Walter's bullshit, the dogs, the weather, etc.  I felt like I was smiling more and worrying a whole lot less- and that's really really great.  So what if I can't drink?  So what if I can't take ibuprofen?  So what if I lose my sex drive? Like I was getting any anyhow! This is much better than I was before and that was only half the dose.  Now that it's been almost 20 hours since I took it, I'm starting to come down a little, but I'm really pleased with the results so far. Nothing as terrifying as I'd made it out to be.  Even had the motivation and energy to do the laundry and really clean the kitchen, though I'm still dealing with some sleepiness from just getting over a sinus infection.  Now if I could just get a job, things would really be on the up and up.

My mom surprised me with paying the other half of the money so I could get a compressor for my van.  My mechanic told me not to say anything because Mom wanted it to be a complete surprise.  Joey's Godmother paid most of it, when we thought it was an alternator I needed.  I go Saturday to get that all fixed- so excited!

Joey's reading like crazy!  I was in 1st grade before I learned to read as good as he's reading.  He says he hates school but his teachers say otherwise, and his grades prove it too.

Snow everywhere jesus! But it's gonna be in the 60's by Thursday.  All I can think of is Chris Farley as El Niño.

Happy Valentines Day to all!
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AKA Lexapro.

I was reading what side effects can happen during the adjustment period. Some of them are nausea, dizziness, feelings of nervousness and increased heartrate- all the reasons I wanted to take a pill in the first place.  Right now, those feelings come and go and aren't usually constant. Once I start these, it's gonna be constant for at least a week and possibly longer.  I don't know if I can deal with that.  The psychiatrist told me taking them at night might help with side effects, but another side effect is sleeplessness!  Jumpin Jehosephat I just want to feel normal again and NOT have to go through hell in order to do it!!!

Still no job. I have since applied to be a school crossing guard and an appointment setter for one of the hospitals. Dropped my applications for Bath and Body Works off today.  I also got a hell of a deal- bought a hand sanitizer for under $2 and got a great big fragrance spray for free. $14.00 for free!

Kleptomania runnin' wild lately too (Lexapro treats that!).  Walked out of Kroger with Cliff's birthday cake.  Had no intention of ever paying for it.  Planned on stealing it when I ordered it the week before, after 'casing the joint'.  I am a bad person and it's a wonder I have any friends.

Speaking of friends, or lack thereof, I did a 'friends' taxes for her and she treats my husband and son to dinner without even asking if I wanted something to eat too.

Painted faces at Joey's Valentine's Day party. It was awful. 20 children swarmed me all at once and woudln't give me any space to work and I was practically sitting in the floor. The other moms looked like models for Macy's.  I looked like a model for Goodwill.

Just realized how awful this whole update sounds, maybe I should take the fucking pills and jsut deal with the side effects. I don't sound too well right now even to myself.
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officially started my 3rd month of unemployment 3 days ago.  Walter seems to think I enjoy scrounging for gas money and phone bill money.  But of course, everything is always about him and his issues, how I'm unsupportive and uncaring and unhelpful.  Meanwhile I've been putting in applications everywhere, doing surveys for amazon cards so HE can get his tiller for the garden growing season, and doing whatever I can for chump change.  He won't even help me get Joey to and from school so I can get a job at all. I'm not supposed to work unless school is in session, yet somehow I'm supposed to make money magically appear when we need it.

Saw a psychiatrist today. She put me on lexapro and told me I needed to find a way to cope with my anger issues.  I told her sometimes I punch holes in the walls and she said that's not healthy (which I knew but it's the only thing that helps sometimes). The reason I saw her was to get something to help with the anxiety issues. To be told I have something else on top of the anxiety makes me sad (and angry lol).

Got mardis gras stuff so me and Pea could celebrate the day. He loves jambalaya and I thought it would be fun to have a zydeco dance party and throw beads at each other.

I am proud co-mod of the FMA Big Bang community here on LJ and also on tumblr!  If you haven't participated in a while or are thinking about it and have questions, feel free to ask me! Details HERE

Commisions for both fics and arts are still open (help pay my phone bill? or tags on my van?). Details HERE
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god dammit. you tell an employer when you can work and it isn't good enough for them. you MUST be able to work nights, weekends, holidays, and everything in between. Flexible scheduling doesn't mean flexible at all. it means if you're restricted in what days and how long you can work, you're fucked. I can only work when Joey's in school apparently. I build that up when I get an interview, saying a high school student would need weekends only, whereas I can't work weekends at all, they would need nights only, where I can't do nights at all, and they'd need some days during summer break where I'd like a much lighter schedule in the summer. No one cares. My husband is determined to get me waiting tables so he can get a discount to go out to eat. That's all he cares about- getting my tips to pay bills and stuffing his face somewhere. I'd rather do retail or banking, but no one likes my schedule demands. Getting ready to take a stack of resumes and go to the damn mall, since they don't open until 10 and the earliest I'd have to be there is 9, which works great for me. Problem though is it's the mall. They never close for weather EVER and it is the same one that had the 'riot' the day after Christmas.  I sometimes have dark thoughts about cutting my own leg off so I can get disability. All I know is I've been so depressed since Christmas and waking up in a near panic every morning.  Something's gotta give, and soon.

I want to work on my novel, I need to work on the commission I sold, but at the same time all I want to do is curl up in a ball and cry myself to sleep.
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Since I have more friends online than offline, I'm sharing this here.  Joey's doing one of those fun run things at school, and asking $1 per lap he runs.  To make it simple, the organizers have set up a website so people can pledge with a credit card. While I'm worried about him running all the laps, he said he is excited about it, and whatever gets him excited about school is something I will support.  You can click the link below and do a flat donation (which is easier and cheaper).

Here's the link to donate if you can.


Oct. 11th, 2015 09:23 pm
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Was inspired by this pic I found on tumblr to make a new Stoner Series icon. The blog I got it from is hysterical- FMA texts from last night.

Seeing how he's the dealer there in the Stoner Series, I promptly laughed my fat ass off.

[ profile] seta_suzume yours is in the mail!

Still no job, but I got assistance all set up and ready to go, and I have applied at every sex shop in town simply because that is what I want to do right now.  Will update more when I know more!!
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I have a couch surfer crashing at my house. She didn't ASK if she could stay, 2 nights ago she shouted into my window that she needed some food and a shower. I gave her that.  Then gave her a jump so she could leave.  She left some stuff in my dryer and came back yesterday, and she's been sleeping on my fucking couch ever since. She's snoring her ass off over there right now, right next to me as I type this. And she's eaten way more than just 1 meal at this point.  This is one half of the pair of housemates who used to live here with us before Cliff arrived.  She and her boyfriend have been having some domestic problems lately (she went to jail for 14 days because they got in a fight and he told the cops he was afraid of her, even though she was the one covered in bruises).  I'm sorry she's homeless, but I am not a homeless shelter.  Gonna help her find the fuse to turn that light off that keeps draining her battery and tell her to get the fuck on down the line.  Joey's sick too and he hasn't been able to hang out in the living room ever since she got here.  I got shit to do I can't be dealing with her on top of everything else.
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Lost the really awesome paying job at Charter. Too many absences they said. Too sucky of an HR department I said.  After they finally approved my entire leave of absence, they called me down to speak with me about my attendance, which they included the time I was out due to medical reasons. Then they told me if I missed any more days I'd be given a second and final warning.  Because my eyes STILL aren't fully healed yet, I was still having some light sensitivity when I first started back. They counted the day I went home early because my eyes were tearing up so bad and feeling prickly that I just coudln't see.  They also counted the 2 days the doctor told me to stay in bed because of the triple crown of infection raging in my body, lest I wanted to end up in the hospital again.  With Joey being sick this weekend, it was a loss.  Call center work really isn't for me anyway.  Man I'm gonna miss that fat check though.

But losing my job doesn't mean I'm down and out.  I've got lots of ways to make money that don't involve slaving away for someone.  Got my mandolin out of hock and plan on working up a set with Walt to play music out at nursing homes.  Made good money doing that once before, I can make good money doing it again.  And Walt's gong to be growing hydroponic gardens in our garage for vegetables to take up to the farmers market even through the winter.  This will also give me time to finish my second book and get it published.  Trying to stay positive, that's the key.
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I had a nigthmare so terrible that when I wole up I thought I'd been abducted by aliens.  First, let me start with the dream.

I dream a lot about tornados. Usually it's because something's super stressing me out, and always always always they take place at my childhood home with my mom, dad or sister with me.  Anyway, I was trying to gather up all the animals that belonged to me out of the yard because I knew it was going to storm and I wanted to protect the dogs and cats.  My mom was helping me some as the clouds were rolling in, and things were okay, but there was an undercurrent of urgency to the whole thing.  All at once I see an almost jet black cloud looming on the horizon, like pretty damn close, maybe 1-2 blocks away, and it's churning in seven or eight places.  I yell at my mom that it's some kind of super tornado, bigger than anything I've seen before, and the little churning circles start grouping up into one giant circle.  Just then, I hear baby kittens mewling and I find them in the flower boxes by the sidewalk and I scramble out the door to save them and when I get back mom and I try to shut the door but it won't shut all the way, like there's a 8 inch gap between the edge of the door and the jamb, like the hinges got moved or something, and this tornado is coming right in the front door and it's starting to suck us off the floor and the kittens went flying out that gap SCREAMING-

When I woke up, I was shaking with fear.  You know that fealing you get in your chest when you're terrified? I had that feeling all over my body. Everything was trembling, I was scared all the way down to my toes (yet I wasn't having a panic attack, I was calm and collected mentally...)  I didn't want to open my eyes.  When I did and saw my room safely around me, I finally felt that fear begin to dissipate.  And then something else happened.

You know how when you look at something for a long time and then you close your eyes and you can still see it, jsut in negative?  When I closed my eyes again, I saw some very fractal imaages that looked nothing I have in my room.  It was like circles in loopy mathematical patterns, it felt very organic to me... Maybe I should put some sketches with this post just to show you what I saw.  Anyway, for a good five minutes or more, I lay in bed thinking 'Did I get abducted by aliens? Were they testing something on me?"  Because I have never been that frightened by a dream ever, I thoguht maybe they'd given me some kind of hallucinegen to study the effects, and I thought the sights behind my eyes were of the ceiling of the spaceship.

Now look- I do believe there is other life in this universe, it's arrogant to think humans are the only thing out there capabable of space travel and exploration when we live in a massive universe.  But do I think they are beaming people aboard their ships and experimenting with them? no.  But I have to admit, after last night I have 2 questions: why was I SO completely terrified, and what was I seeing behind my eyelids?  Who knows... (the Shadow knows!)

Work sucks and that's the truth. I came home early yesterday because of sinus infection and STILL DEALING WITH MY LEFT GODDAMNED EYE.  They don't care.  Stare at the glaring bright screen for ten hours please.  Oh, and let's open all the blinds and turn all the bright lights on too.  Oh, you're light sensitive today?  Won't stop you from answering a phone.  Can't see the screen because of all the brightness?  Here let me turn the monitor down for you, oh and wear your sunglasses.  What do you mean you can't wear your script lenses and your sunglasses at the same time?  I'm not gonna quit, they'll have to fire me, but I've got back up plans in case that happens.  (Likely, this is the reason I had the tornado dream in the first place)
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The funeral home did an amazing job with him, Uncle David looked like he was peacefully sleeping.  He wore a long sleeved Harley Davidson t-shirt and a new pair of blue jeans.  I kept hoping that it was still some kind of bad joke, but it wasn't. His skin was so cold, almost like he was frozen from the inside or something.

Got to see some of my cousins and some family that I haven't seen in literally decades.  My dad came and even though him and mom aren't married anymore everyone was still glad to see him.  I even got to see my mother's second husband Lenny. The last time I saw him was when mom told him he had to leave, that she was done dealing with him and his drug addictions.  I remember sitting on the couch with him that day as she yelled and screamed at cried at him that he needed to get better because it was breaking my mom's heart.  He had hugged me and thanked me for being such a kind person and then left, and I hadn't seen him again until today, so that's been about 12 years ago? Dang...  Anyway, he got clean and sober 7 years ago, met a woman and got his life right, he's really big into his faith and going to church and speaking about his life and the mistakes he made.  He apologized to me for all he'd put our family through, I told him how proud I was of him and we had a really nice discussion about things.

And of course it's not a funeral on this side of the family without drama. When my uncle died, he had a mustand a cadillac and a brand new motorcycle in his name.  His sister already has asked to get the cadillac and the bike, which my other uncle, the oldest brother who's been taking care of David's affairs and all said they were going to sell those two things, pay off the service we jsut had today, and then whatever was left was going to be divided among the siblings.  Then she said she wanted the ashes, when it had already been decided by 3 of the 5 siblings that they were going to scatter the ashes at Taylorsville Lake, his favorite place to fish.  An ex girlfriend of David's was telling everyone that his death was no accident it was murder because the kid who was involved in the wreck didn't wait for traffic to clear (that's not what happened).  Half of my cousins wouldn't talk to the other half because 'they're delinquents' or 'they're too stuck up'. At any rate, it's over and maybe the family can begin to heal. My mom and sister have been taking it really hard.  Lenny took it really hard too, he told me that David had been his ONLY friend at one time, at a point when his addictions were at their worst.

They had a nice fish tank but this blue fish was the jewel in it.

Guess who was on babysitting duty?  Yeah, for 3 hours. and these turds didn't want to sit still.
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Uncle David was riding on Dixie Highway, a 5 lane road (turning lane in the middle) going about 55 mph (about 88 kmph), not sitting stationary at a light like I thought at first from my sister's description.  There was a 4 door pick up truck, like THIS ONE on his right, and it turned right onto a side street.  He was kind of riding at the back wheel, sort of like in its shadow.  There was a kid at the side street wanting to turn left.  He didn't see my uncle at all, so when the truck turned right, he went ahead to turn left.  He wasn't going but maybe 10-15 coming off a complete stop, and my uncle locked his brakes and tried to angle the bike so he was skidding sideways, like his right leg would have been sidding on the pavement and the tires would have hit the car, but he coudln't maneuver it that quickly.  The kid tried to speed up to get out of his way, my uncle clipped the back of the car and it flipped him backward off the bike, and as he spun backward, the back of his head hit the place where the front door and windshield meet, instantly killing him.

My mom told me how the police took his driver's license and found his ex girlfriend's address there, the police went to her house, then found out that she wasn't family and didn't give any details, so she then called my uncle Bobby, whom uncle David lived with for a while after he left the girlfriend, then Bobby called my mom and that's how we all got word of this. His body is at the Hardin county memorial hospital morgue while we try to find out about any arrangements he might have made, though my mom said he was an organ donor and had told her previously that he wanted to be cremated.  The hospital couldnl't harvest any organs because of how long he was out at the accident scene without CPR and stuff, but they're looking into bone and skin donation, and right now she's hoping uncle Bobby will donate his body to University of Louisville hospital for medical research because that would eliminate having to make arrangements with a funeral home and crematorium.

It's all so sudden and everyone is shook up about it, even my husband, who didn't know David all that well, but knew what a great human being he was.  My sister is still pretty upset over it, and my mom is angry.  She has 4 brothers and 1 sister, and she told me over the phone if she had to lose one of her brothers why couldn't it have been Tony, who is a drug addict and a disability fraud and always doing something illegal and is a "waste of space".  She's hurt right now, and I think she's just lashing out.

Anyway, I just wanted to share the details since my sister's message didn't seem to make much sense when I first read it and then posted it here.  Hug your loved ones guys.  Everything can change in the blink of an eye.
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My Uncle David was in Hardin county riding today (beautiful weather for it) and because he didn't wear a helmet, he was killed instantly.  My sister wrote me a message on facebook with the details, I copied and pasted them here:

David was in the left lane and there was a big truck next to him in the right lane. There was an intersection in front of him. There was a guy getting ready to go through that intersection as the truck was making a right hand turn. Because the truck was so big, the guy didn't see David beside him and proceeded to go through the intersection. When he did he saw David and David saw him and tried slamming the brakes and laying the bike down. He had nowhere to go. He clipped the back tire of the car that was going through the intersection causing his bike to flip. The back of Davids head hit right where the front door meets the windshield. It killed him instantly. When the emts got there they tried to revive him but his eyes were already fixed and dilated.

He would've been 60 this December.  I remember him being very funny, very kind and friendly, not so bright at reading and writing but a whiz with cars and manual labor.  When I was a kid, he worked 3rd shift at the shell station not far from us, and in the summer he would bring me and my sister each a roll of Rolos and Sweetarts.  He always drank a little too much at family reunions and cookouts, well at least he did until he decided to stop.  He was once married to a woman named Zelda, and though he never had any children of his own, he was good with kids. He was a very sweet person who is going to be missed.

The moral of this story is to always wear a damn helmet when you're on a motorcycle.  No sense in making a tragic accident even worse by dying because of senselessness.
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No anime charachters were harmed in the making of this dream, at least not to my knowledge. Skip the cut if you don't want to read.

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Today was a pretty good day. Though my eye hurt much of the day, I wasn't dizzy and I got some good sleep in. I called the eye doc and asked what I could do for the eye pain nd she told me to use the drops I was originally prescribed and it did the trick. I actually got to play some world of warcraft for a long while so that was awesome. My legs feel pretty great. If the eye would straighten up I'd be at almost 100%!

Joey started Kindergarten on Wednesday and so far he hates everything about it. I told him making a friend would make it better, but he isn't interested. I'm sure things will get better for him soon.

Typing this on my new chromebook. Got it on Amazon for $150! pretty awesome for a little laptop. Time to shut these aching eyes for a bit.
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For those who are inclined to look at such things.

Don't say you haven't been warned, these are pretty graphic and gross, and there will be  a video of me draining them at the end.

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Pink eye is bad, m'kay?  Uggggggh.  There are not enough G's in the ugggggh there. So you guys know that I was in the hospital for a few days, but here's what's been going on since the last update.

That first night I was home, I had a swollen itchy eye.  I woke up to go pee at 3 in the morning, and it was swollen shut and matted with goopy crap, all gross.  I went to the ER again, they did another CT scan, this time on the eye, nothing came back, so the hospital sent me home with an antibiotic eye ointment abd made a same day appointment with an ophthalmologist, On my way there, my regular doctor calls me and says okay, 4 days in the hospital and another ER trip today, wtf is going on?  I explain everything to them, the open blisters, the pink eye all of it.  She says when you get done with the eye doc come see me right after.  So I drive from one side of town to the other with my eyes dilated, and she has a heart attack when she sees my leg.  She has one of the two nurses with her go down to the wound care center to see if they're still open. She is assessing the wounds and the remaining blister and thinks I was bit by a brown recluse. She tells me I should sue the hospital for sending me home before meeting with a wound care specialist.  She tells me that burst blister could get staph or something and that infection would be worse than the cellulitis I'm fighting now.

She apologized for scaring the bejesus out of me, then went on to say that it looks good despite having no professional dressings on it. She couldn't see any MRSA thank heavens,  Wound care was closed so I have to be back out at the doctor's office bright and early at 9am.  I'm supposed to keep the leg propped up and do nothing until then. She didn't seem very concerned about the pink eye, but when I tell her how much it hurts tomorrow that could change, I don't know.

I look like Zuko:

Same eye and everything lol. Well,  I was going to post some pictures but apparently my phone doesn't want to cooperate. You probably don't want to see it anyway, the biggest blister measured 10 inches in length, about 3 inches wide and 1.5 inches TALL. I named it Water Snake and when he burst, shit went everywhere. The other one is much smaller and I named him Sea Slug, after those Japanese cute bunny sea slugs they just discovered.  I even used the skin marker and drew on him so he looked like one lol. He is still instact though I did make a few pin holes in him so I could drain him some. Leg seems to be doing just fine, it's this eye that's pissing me off right now.  Anyone know of any pain meds that might kill this unkillable head/face ache?
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For the handful of friends who haven't shared their facebook info with me and haven't been watching the great septic seclusion, I just got home from being in the hospital for 4 days with septic cellulitis (and some eye thing that has yet to be identified yet).  I woke up on Monday, got dressed and ready for work, went #2 and made sure the kid was fed and Bruno had his pain meds, ready to sit down and eat as well, when my teeth began to chatter and I was super cold.  I knew right then it was chills because I never get cold unless its November or later in the year. I called out of work, got back into my PJs and climbed back into bed, planning on going to the little clinic at Kroger's when I woke up.  I dozed off and on for a few hours, wearing my hoodie and sweatpants over my pjs and and extra blanket on top of my quilt already on my bed.  I was freezing uggh.  When I woke up and took my temp around 1 (I think? I was out of it pretty bad by that point), the thermometer (a temporal artery one that pediatricians use) said my temp was 106.3.  I freaked the fuck out and rallied Cliff and Joey into getting me to the ER.

It took a while for the triage nurse to get to me, he said my temp was 100.5 (I thought he said 105). I couldn't walk, I had the worst headache, and by this point I was roasting.  I couldn't remember my middle name, it was very scary.  Finally we get to an exam bed and I notice the cellulitis is back when they get me into the stretcher, and they drew umpteen vials of blood, then came back and drew more, they misplaced my urine sample (which they asked me to give when I was stumbling everywhere and practically incoherent, and they didn't have that damn potty cup in place so I ended up spilling my own piss all over myself and the floor... uggh).  So they eventually come in and tell me that they're admitting me because my white blood cell count was 20,000 and high end normal is like 12,000.  Critical is 30,000.  And they didn't know what the hell was causing it and I wasn't presenting any symptoms other than the fever and chills, and the newly discovered cellulitis. So they wheel me up to the top floor (infectious disease) and do more labs and lots of heavy duty antibiotics.  I was not allowed to leave my room and was encouraged to stay in bed, they even gave me shots in my belly to prevent blood clots. And the first night, I didn't even want to get out of bed to pee, so I was happy to lie around in bed.  That night my blood pressure dropped real low and they woke me up in order to try and raise it naturally, but this was the point they declared me septic, because my heartrate also went up considerably.

The next day the cellulitis had spread around my entire right leg and climbing higher. They mark it off with a marker and tell me to mark new places as I notice them.  At this point I'm still feeling crappy as hell. They put me on a diabetic diet while I was up there, later I found out it wasn't because of blood sugar but for gallbladder reasons.  They said there was sludge in there when they did the ct scan.  (Oh yeah, day of admittance I had to drink this huge thing of aural dye and it was the grossest shit ever. They also did a chest xray and everything was normal there.)  I spoke the the infectious disease doc, he told me I was septic and they were pretty sure it was the cellulitis because nothing else was showing up. Another doctor from Syria never touched me, only looked at my leg and told it would still be a few days yet before I could go home. Another doc, a woman whose name I can't remember, was asking about my intake and symptos at time of contact etc. Another woman asked me too many personal questions.  Oh yeah, they also did a pelvic exam to rule out STDs, which I only agreed to because I don't trust my husband not to sleep with some dirty ho and then pass it on to me.  That came back negative though so no worries.

The next day the cellulitis is red and angry and beginning to blister.  By the end of the day, I had 2 new places on the borderline they'd drawn on me, and by the end of the night I had pushed the smaller blisters together to make some really big blisters (DON'T DO THIS! It's the biggest goddamned mess ever when it pops!). They got so big I gave them names- Water Snake and Sea Slug. Water Snake was approximately 10 inches long!!! and 3 inches wide, 2 inches tall off the surface of my shin!  Sea Slug was considerably smaller- 3 inches long, about 2 wide and an inch tall and was on the outside on my leg facing at like a 2 o' clock position if my foot is pointed at high noon. They are popped but still refilling with fluids.

The eye thing is weird- I am on enough meds to kill an army of bacteria, not sure how it even infiltrated me.  I woke up with the outside corner of my left eye itching. I got a lot of sleep goobers out, didn't think anything of it, thought maybe I'd irritated it in my sleep with the weird sleep patterns and flat pillows. Then I noticed some swelling under my eye, and some pus caught up in the lashes.  Been getting more stickiness out of it today than I'd like of course, probably going to the ophthalmologist in the morning if I can. Trying not to mess with it but it is itchy and irritated and really bugging me.  The nurse said they couldn't do anything about it there anyway, that I'd just be referred to an eye doc upon discharge, which happened today blessedly around 5:30.

So I'm waiting for my meds to ready so someone can go get them for me, and I'm pretty sure I'm staying home from work again tomorrow, I had half a day of vacation planned anyhow. Was supposed to go to my mom's company picnic on Saturday, but with two open and weeping blisters, I don't think traipsing around the Indiana countryside is something I want to chance at this point, especially since my right leg is so swollen and my foot is the size of a softball.  Gonna miss that free country dinner though- fried chicken and home smoked beef brisket, homemade cherry barbeque sauce and peach cobbler for dessert.

So. That's why I was MIA for a bit, and still kind of on the sidelines.  Not sure what to do about all this swelling, other than just keep my foot propped up and encourage the blisters to drain. As always, I value the opinion of both [ profile] cornerofmadness and [ profile] missyquill regarding any care, and I will be following up with my doctor once the antibiotics are gone.  In the meantime, enjoy this pic, my favorite of the shit I reblogged on tumblr while I was out.

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For my friends who were not with me when I was pregnant, I had an unusual amount of dreams featuring Miroku from InuYasha, where he insisting that he was the father of my child.  He went on to tell me in my dreams that when he would be born, his eyes would be the same violet blue like his own.  The posts are up here somewhere (go back to end of 2009-2010).  Anyway, Took this picture of Joey in the bathtub last night because it made me think of my anime husband.

The bangs and the little rat tail- apart from the hell hole missing from his hand, he is his father's son lol.  And while Joey doesn't have the same love of rumps as Miroku, he adores boobs and is a crafty little swindler.

In other news, once the endless rain finally stopped, a heatwave took its place.  While the tomatoes are loving the heat and sunshine, I would rather go back to the endless rain.  At least it was cooler and the humidity wasn't nearly as bad believe it or not.

Vet bills are expensive. I go to the cheapest vet in town and they're still expensive.  Bruno needs blood work because they put him on a pain reliever for his arthritis and they need to check his liver levels. Can't do that til Tuesday, but he runs out of pills tomorrow... thankfully they worked out something with me so that's good. Still have 3 animals that need to go to the vet and still haven't made it there because of dealing with Bruno so much.

Can't wait for school to start so I can finally start getting some stuff accomplished regarding big bang. Joey is such a handful when he's home it's awful. August 12th is on its way though soon, I just need to hang in there a bit longer!
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If you find a comment to a fic you posted to the [ profile] fmagiftexchange back in oh... 2012 or so, that it recently may have gotten a comment. I have a simple explanation!

Work is sometimes really slow. I can't access too many websites (nothing that can be considered social networking or personal email, and nothign 'adult' in nature' but I can access LJ! well, at least most parts of it....) so today I was reading some fics that I had forgotten about (and in some cases forgot to read!) and I discovered ALL KINDS OF GREAT FIC TODAY!  So much good FMA stuff that I haven't read to death.  So if you find an oddball comment on somethign, that's just me perusing old ficage and enjoying the talented writers who contribute to that comm.  Yall are giving me some pretty good ideas too.  There was a team Mustang fic I read that had the most awesome Braeda in it- how did I miss that???  Some of these things are finding their way to my memories tab too, so don't be surprised.

In other news, I have already given up on the July meme (see, it's this lack of commitment as to why I'm still morbidly obese).  Also I had a panic attack that lasted just about all day on the 4th, called out of work and got my ass chewed for it today. Probably gonna get written up for it.  Also almost lost my cool on two customers who had to be the thickest skulled idiots. ugggh.

Tuesday I'm going with my mom, my sister's kids and Joey to Cincinnati.  We're gonig to the aquarium and the zoo and spending the night at the rotating hotel in Newport just across the river.  I'm really excited, it'll be Joey's first time staying overnight at a hotel.  And the kids get free admission to the aquarium if we go after 4. Double bonus.

[ profile] binaryalchemist sent me some Shin Chan BUTT PUDDING!!!! and CANDY BEER!!! and it was amazing. Me and Joey had a blast trying it all out.

Anime recs- Ore Monogatari!! is a shojo series about a giant boy and a petite girl who fall in love with each other after the former rescues the latter from a pervy groper on the train. Really super cute series kinda like Tora Dora without all the Tsundere.  Also check out Gangsta- It just started! It's about a guy with 1 eye and a deaf soldier who are partners for hire who sort of help out/work with a crooked police chief in a dirty scummy city.  It's a lot like Black Lagoon if you've seen that.

Skip the Free dub it's a disaster.  I want to watch Arslan Senki but I'm waiting on the dub- which Funimation didn't seem to fuck up (unlike Free).

OH YEAH- Last week was pretty epic health wise. I started out on Sunday feeling achy and a little lightheaded. Monday I was dizzy and nauseated. By Tuesday the world was spinning so bad I called out of work, then Wednesday I broke down and went to the little clinic at Krogers. Ear infection.  Friday I noticed what I thoguht was a spider bite, Saturday morning it was all swollen and much redder, so I went to the immediate care center.  They give me a different antibiotic than the z pack, but I couldn't get the meds til the next day.  So Sunday while at breakfast with my mom Granny and sister, I notice the leg is twice its size and super red and hot to the touch, also mega tender, so after breakfast I went to the ER and they told me I had cellulitis and it was starting in the other leg.  Super antibiotics prescribed and I'm just now coming off all the medication.  I missed over a week of work.  Craziness!!!


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