Apr. 22nd, 2017

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 In 2014, I signed up to have weight loss surgery. I was on track to have it around March/April of 2015, because medicaid makes you do 6 months of supervised weight loss with your doctor before approving the surgery, and you have to be checked by the doctor every month for a consecutive 6 months (literally every 30 days). In December, my doctor had something come up, and medicaid said I could see anyone in her office, but they wouldn't see me. So after 3 months, I had to start all over again at the beginning, and I said fuck it, I'll just keep doing the diet the surgeon put me on, I'm doing pretty well with that.

Then I started the job at Charter, and everything got all off track, and here I am in 2017 and I just sent the paperwork in yesterday by mail to get back into the program, which will put me on track for surgery sometime between the end of November and early January. I think the Zoloft helped me make that decision, because before I was so scared and terrified, even about having the endoscopy to see what's causing my GERD and if they will have to surgically fix that while they're in there. Not scared anymore. I think that goof up happened for a reason, even though I'm bigger now than I was when I was going to have it done initially. 

I weigh 373 lbs (168 kilos), am 5' 3" (160 cm), and my BMI is 66, completely and horribly awful. I am literally as big around as I am tall (63 inch waist, 63 inches tall). It's time for this, and I'm ready now- ready to make changes and work harder than I've ever worked before. 

Still feeling better and better with the Zoloft. I can't believe how much better everything in the house feels too. The whole atmosphere in here has transformed. If I could get back to work, my life would be pretty freakin good.

Made the jump to DW (obviously). Got the FMA Big Bang community updated and ready to go in case anyone's interested. I may use an old schedule since were' going to be separate from Tumblr (but I also may make a master post of the Tumblr fics when they're published)


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