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Pea: Mom I can't decide if I wanna make babies with Alice Angel or Bendy (cartoon characters from a game called Bendy and the Ink Machine). But Bendy's a boy so I guess I can't make babies with him.
Me: (Knowing he means he can't decide to have a committed relationship with a boy or a girl) Honey you can make babies with whoever you want, boy or girl. I like both boys and girls, I just happened to marry Daddy because he's who I fell in love with.
Pea: So you have to make babies with someone you love?
Me: Well yeah! If you don't love each other, the baby wouldn't know what love is. So it's important to save that special time for someone you love.
Pea: I guess that makes me gay then.
Me: No, you can like both boys and girls, you don't have to choose. You're only gay if you like ONLY boys. And besides, it's going to be a long time still before you try to make babies with anyone, you don't have to worry about it right now.
Pea: Well then, I like girls AND boys!

So. There's that. I never imagined having a talk with my almost 7 year old about his sexuality. But I'm glad he's comfortable enough to tell me something like that. 


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