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 She asked all the expected questions: How's the depression? How's the anxiety? Any weird sensations or side effects bothering you? After the progress I've made this past month and how much better things are, she decided not to up the dosage at this time. I mentioned some insomnia from time to time and she told me to start taking it in the morning instead of at bedtime. So everything's looking good and she is pleased and so I am I!

Went to a grand opening of a new Goodwill store. I didn't mean to get there just before opening the doors, but I was one of the first people in. Got a set of pajama bottoms (capris and shorts!) both featuring pink flamingos, got a tiny red jade little Buddha figure, a little wooden treasure chest I thought Joey might like (he didn't), a gameboy game but now I can't find the gameboy grrr, and 2 shirts for Joey. He asked me for a white 'wife beater' and he needed a plain white t-shirt for his 50's concert at school on Thursday. They were also handing out free pens and post-it notes and stress balls so got that too. Oh and one of the Dark Tower books by Stephen King. I used to have the whole series but had to sell them at some point in my joblessness. This is #2, the Drawing of the Three. I read while in the line to pick up Joey from school for about an hour everyday.

Still having a really hard time finding a job AGAIN... Hoping something comes along soon. In the meantime, I'm playing World of Warcraft again. Wish I could finish my FMA Big Bang fic, and I'm sure I will eventually, just really wish I could get that spark of creativity back sooner rather than later.

To end on a high note, the weather was absolutely beautiful today, I wish I could trap days like this in a bottle.

Date: April 25th, 2017 09:00 pm (UTC)
suzume: This is a parody of Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind featuring Sasarai from the Suikoden series (Reeve and Cait Sith)
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It's good to hear that things are continuing on well with the medication!

Not in place of a more regular sort of job, but in the meantime, have you checked out Amazon Turk? It starts sort of slow with only certain tasks available to you, but gradually more open up if you work at it. It's not a lot, but I like that I can reliably count on it (and no commute!).


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