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So over the course of the years, I've been scanning and saving every doctor's note I ever gotten, whether its from the dentist, the doctor, the hospital, poediatrician, etc. I use photoshop to lift the signatures and clean up the forms themselves so I have blank ones. My husband thinks I'm stupid. I think I'm brilliant because I just sold 4 forged dr notes at work and made enough for gas money for the week! 2 were for absences and 2 were false diuretic prescriptions (so our breaks aren't so closely monitored).  I've also got a great spot on the call center floor, and I can hear the private conversations of 2 supervisors almost every time if they shut the little sliding door on their cubicles, I think because of the glass panels over the front of my desk. Anyway, I am an information broker part time too lol. I knew about the firing of 2 people before anyone else on the floor did. And my coworker who sits next to me told me she's a professional pickpocket. Up until recently, she was homeless, and she used a combination of magic tricks that she learned as a kid and over the top acting to take watches, rings, wallets and anything else she could get her hands on. She said she hasn't done it lately because she's making money now (with a real job!) and isn't homeless anymore, but she said sometimes people still pay her sometimes for special jobs, like stealing a boyfriend's phone or snatching back a ring that an ex gave to someone. I feel right at home in my little cluster of girls. One of them stabbed her husband!! But it was because he was threatening to hurt their kid. The other is a pot dealer. Seriously, debauchery reigns in that little 10'x8' square.

I still hate the call center life. The only thing saving me is that this job doesn't monitor hang ups. I don't normally hang up on people, even here. But I hung up *5* today. ugh.

Joey's strict ass school sent home a letter about him possibly being kicked out because he's "not meeting the academic expectations of the traditional program." Excuse me, he jsut got his report card and there was only 1 kind of bad grade on it, it wasn't even a failing grade, and you're telling me he's going to be kicked out? I almost WANT it to happen. Not because I want that on Joey's record, but because they're so strict about stupid shit and get so freaked out by the littlest variance from their almost militaristic routine. We'll see what happens. Otherwise I am just waiting for my three day weekend and for the election to be OVER.
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