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Bruno was born on Halloween of 2002. We got him from the Kentucky Humane Society inside the local Feeder's Supply pet store on June 23, 2008 after my husband had been up to visit him everyday for a week. It was Walt's birthday present and he couldn't be happier to have his brindle colored buddy home with him, even though we already had two other dogs at the time. We were told Bruno was a Plott hound mix, but I think he was more of a shepherd mix.  He looked just like a Dutch shepard without pinned ears.  We were told that the previous owners had him until he was six years old, and couldn't afford to feed him anymore because he had a bad food allergy and his food was expensive.  We discovered his allergy wasn't as bad as it was made out to be, and we know sometimes people will say anything to get rid of a dog they can't keep.

Bruno was the dog embodiment of a sleepy, laid-back country town.  He was very sweet, could say 'Mama', and was adorably cantankerous in his playful growls.  We had only had him 2 weeks when we had to put one of our other dogs to sleep, my 18 yr old german shorthair pointer that I'd had since 6th grade, Bud.  So for a long time, it was just Bruno and our jack russell, Ellie. The two of them were snuggle buddies and playful pals, Bruno always staying near Walt's elderly mother when she was home and then close to Walt when she wasn't.

He never stole food off your plate, never bit or growled with any intent, hated bathtime and LOVED popcorn.  He had a pinched nerve in his back that he didn't need meds for all the time, and this past week he needed it.  Last night I looked at him from above as I was coming back from the bathroom and thought he was looking a little skinny in the waist.  When Walt got up he yelled for me to come quick and look at his belly again- he looked like he was ready to deliver puppies.  In the span of about 3 hours something very wrong had developed, so we worked to get him into the car and I practically flew to the 24 hr vet hospital. Of course when we got there they wanted to do x-rays and blood work and probably surgery- but we're poverty level right now and couldn't do any of that.  We coudln't even afford to bring his ashes home with us. The doctor said that just by looking and palpating his belly, his stomach was distended and likely his guts had twisted somehow.  At 3:55 am, the doctor came in after we'd said our goodbyes.  We wanted to spend more time with him , but he was in miserable agony with his belly all blown up.  She gave him a sedative to ease his pain, and then I watched him lay his head down on his left paw.  When she injected the 'death shot', his head slipped down with a thud on the metal gurney and I put my hand in front of his nose.  He'd been breathing kind of hard up until she came in, and then there was nothing.

Walt and I sobbed in the waiting family room while they wheeled our boy off to make an imprint of his paw, and then we left.  In less than an hour he was gone.  Everything was so sudden. The ride home was awful.  Bruno had some kind of awful smell coming out of him and it was all in the car and on our clothes.  Our other dogs are feeling it now, but last night the only one who seemed to sense anything was wrong was Koga, who alerted Walt to something wrong, and then loved all over me while I baked the clay imprint in the oven.  Today, my jack russell has been depressed and listless, seemingly looking for friend.  Despite all our fur babies we still have, it definitely feels grey in here on this sunny day.

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