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 Let me set this up, because I don't think I had a miscarriage, but other people are telling me I did.

Before March 1st, my last period was around December 6/7 2015.  I've had irregular periods before, and I've gone longer than that before.  I expect clots when I finally do start bleeding, but these clots were BIG.  The one I passed tonight was bigger than the one I had earlier in the week, and it was about the size of a baseball (if it were flat of course).  My mom said it sounded like a miscarriage to her, but to my knowledge she hasn't ever had one.  My husband saw both of them and thinks it was a miscarriage.  I retreived the second one from the toilet and put it in the bathroom sink and picked through it some.  I didn't see any tissue, it jsut looked and felt like jelly (clot). But if I were pregnant, it would have been maybe 1-2 weeks along, apparently not far enough along to have much tissue in the first place, so I'm not sure what is actually going on, and I'm still bleeding quite heavily.

I had very little cramping, though a week or so before I started bleeding, I had some sharp pains on the right side near where I assume my ovary is.  I haven't had much pain or cramping at all since I started bleeding.  At first the bleeding was super light and now it's super heavy, soaking through super tampons about once an hour at one point yesterday, today was much better.  Now that I've passed the big mass of clot like stuff, I'm bleeding hard again.

So.  Any ideas?  Does it warrant calling the doctor yet?  Right now I've only been bleeding for one day more than I normally would on a regular period.  Any help is greatly appreciated!!
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