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I took half of a 10 mg Lexapro because I was terrified to take it.  I actually sat here playing with it for about five minutes before I swallowed it, talking myself into taking it and reminding myself how it was when I began my blood pressure medicine and how I was afraid to take it too at first.  I kept a detailed journal of when I took it and every little thing I experienced (in case of an adverse reaction, and just in case I forgot something or couldn't talk- isn't panic wonderful?). By the time I went to bed, it felt like a switch had been activated, and all the anger and sadness I'd been dealing with for the past week was gone. When I woke up this morning, things were not as irritating to me as they'd been all week- Joey's loudness, Walter's bullshit, the dogs, the weather, etc.  I felt like I was smiling more and worrying a whole lot less- and that's really really great.  So what if I can't drink?  So what if I can't take ibuprofen?  So what if I lose my sex drive? Like I was getting any anyhow! This is much better than I was before and that was only half the dose.  Now that it's been almost 20 hours since I took it, I'm starting to come down a little, but I'm really pleased with the results so far. Nothing as terrifying as I'd made it out to be.  Even had the motivation and energy to do the laundry and really clean the kitchen, though I'm still dealing with some sleepiness from just getting over a sinus infection.  Now if I could just get a job, things would really be on the up and up.

My mom surprised me with paying the other half of the money so I could get a compressor for my van.  My mechanic told me not to say anything because Mom wanted it to be a complete surprise.  Joey's Godmother paid most of it, when we thought it was an alternator I needed.  I go Saturday to get that all fixed- so excited!

Joey's reading like crazy!  I was in 1st grade before I learned to read as good as he's reading.  He says he hates school but his teachers say otherwise, and his grades prove it too.

Snow everywhere jesus! But it's gonna be in the 60's by Thursday.  All I can think of is Chris Farley as El Niño.

Happy Valentines Day to all!

Date: February 17th, 2016 04:36 am (UTC)
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That's really encouraging about the lexapro. Reducing stress and anxiety will really make a world of difference in many things.


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