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AKA Lexapro.

I was reading what side effects can happen during the adjustment period. Some of them are nausea, dizziness, feelings of nervousness and increased heartrate- all the reasons I wanted to take a pill in the first place.  Right now, those feelings come and go and aren't usually constant. Once I start these, it's gonna be constant for at least a week and possibly longer.  I don't know if I can deal with that.  The psychiatrist told me taking them at night might help with side effects, but another side effect is sleeplessness!  Jumpin Jehosephat I just want to feel normal again and NOT have to go through hell in order to do it!!!

Still no job. I have since applied to be a school crossing guard and an appointment setter for one of the hospitals. Dropped my applications for Bath and Body Works off today.  I also got a hell of a deal- bought a hand sanitizer for under $2 and got a great big fragrance spray for free. $14.00 for free!

Kleptomania runnin' wild lately too (Lexapro treats that!).  Walked out of Kroger with Cliff's birthday cake.  Had no intention of ever paying for it.  Planned on stealing it when I ordered it the week before, after 'casing the joint'.  I am a bad person and it's a wonder I have any friends.

Speaking of friends, or lack thereof, I did a 'friends' taxes for her and she treats my husband and son to dinner without even asking if I wanted something to eat too.

Painted faces at Joey's Valentine's Day party. It was awful. 20 children swarmed me all at once and woudln't give me any space to work and I was practically sitting in the floor. The other moms looked like models for Macy's.  I looked like a model for Goodwill.

Just realized how awful this whole update sounds, maybe I should take the fucking pills and jsut deal with the side effects. I don't sound too well right now even to myself.
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